Im in love with a vampire

Dylan and her friends Nichol avie faith and lexzi, all live in London. they just graduated from high school and moved in to a house together. they all love one direction, and they get one direction concert tickets they also get front row seats. they have the best night of all time and it gets weirder funnier and scarier........what will happen next.....


1. Dalyn (capter 1)

HI!!!! My name is Dalyn. I have brown hair with blond high lights. I LOVE food, and my fav colors  are green and blue. I LOVE L-O-V-E ONE DIRECTION. I love Niall the most hes just so cute and his personality :) you cant find any one like that. I have two sisters one is in the united states, and the other one died when I was younger. only my BFF's (Nichol, Avie, Faith, Lexzi) and my family know about it. I loved her so much she helped me with every thing aand when I found out she was gone I started cutting becase 1. I was getting bullied when I was in school and 2. I missed her, I still cut my self, no one knows about it not even my friends......... ANY WHY THATS ME! <3 <3

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