I Knew It Then

*Shortlisted as one of Movellas top 10 1D fanfictions* "I promise you, I will be worthy of you one day". One day. ︱Isla never believed in love. Much less that it would come to her, a size eighteen curly headed nervous wreck. So when Harry Styles enters her life abruptly, a true believer in love and its beauty, Isla must learn to accept all the things love entails, but the journey is not easy. Along the way she must learn to overcome the venomous voices in her head telling her that she is not worthy. In this vicious cycle of finding an even ground in the battle that is her self image, Isla must learn to love herself again. This is love story yes, but not only about the love between two people, Harry and Isla, but the love she must regain for herself. Because before she can love him entirely, she must learn to love herself.
©Ohhipstaplease 201


3. Damn It Isla.


Damn It Isla

Harry's P.O.V

"Everyone, this is Isla."

The boys turn towards us and wave to her. She blushes slightly and I rub her back gently. It only makes it worse, but it makes me chuckle. I love the fact that I can make her so nervous, when she seems to be so confident. 

As Isla becomes increasingly flushed, our stylist Lou gets up from her perch with her baby Lux and walks over to us, slapping my hand away from Isla's back.

"Hello darling, I'm Lou." she extends a hand to Isla and she shyly takes it. 

"This is Lux." I say picking up the toddler in my arms.

"Hello Lux." she says happily, Lux giggles and extends a hand towards her, making us all chuckle. "I've seen some of your work Lou, i'm in love with your makeup skills." Isla says without making direct eye contact. 

"Come then, I'll show you some things." Lou says excitedly grabbing Isla's hand. Isla's face lights up, and Lou drags her to the other side of the room, leaving me with a talkative Lux.

"She pretty." Lux says looking directly at me.

"I know baby." I say kissing her forehead.

She was beautiful.


She sits in the corner talking to Lou. I watch her discretely as a precaution. I know she'll become a wreck if she catches me. Certainly a change from the sarcastic Isla I met last night. 

"Harry mate, we're going to get something to eat, do you want to join?" I wave Zayn away and he rolls his eyes.

The girls laugh loudly and I decide to walk over and join in. The moment Isla sees me she excuses herself.

"I'll be right back." She says to Lou, squeezing her hand. Lou nods and Isla walks across the room, closing the door behind her.


She turns and faces me. Her petite face looking intently at me, "What's up love?"

I run a hand through my thick hair and sigh loudly, "What do you think of Isla?" 

"Harry, she's absolutely amazing" 


She nods, smiling, "Five minutes with her and it feels as if she's known me her entire life. We get on so well. Where did you find her?" I chuckle

"In her pickup truck, under the stars."

Lou laughs, "Of course, ever the romantic aren't you?" I laugh loudly and turn to make sure Isla hasn't come back yet.

I lean in towards Lou and whisper, "Do you think I have a chance?"

Lou smiles knowingly, pushing a strand of pastel colored hair back, "Harry, do you really need to ask that? It's not that hard to tell dickhead." She runs a hand through my hair and laughs, "Oh Harry, you are truly something else."

We both turn when we hear the door open. Isla walks back towards us and I signal for her to come stand by me. She walks over hesitantly.

"Oh my it's that late already? I'm going to get the boys ready. It was nice meeting you, love." Lou says to Isla as she gets up and collects Lux from her playpen.

"Bye Lou, thanks for everything."

"Anytime beautiful." She says closing the door.

I motion for her to sit next to me on the sofa and she does surprisingly.



"What are your plans for tonight?"


Isla's P.O.V

"There's no fucking way." I mutter to myself as I find myself backstage staring at what feels like a million faces. How did I end up backstage at the biggest concert of the year. This couldn't be possibly be happening.

"Alright boys, stage right! Stage right please!"

I turn to see them getting ready to go on stage, Harry smiles at me widely giving me a thumbs up. I smile back, still a bit in shock at the scene in front of me.

I was sitting backstage waiting for Harry Styles to go on and perform. 

What is my life?


"That's what makes you beautiful!" I sing along unintentionally. Somehow baby Lux has made her way into my lap and has been clapping and singing along to every beat. The song reaches it's end and we watch as the boys take their uncoordinated bows. The fans go crazy as they say their final goodbyes and finally make their way back backstage.

"What'd you think Isla?" Niall says in his strong Irish accent.

I smile excitedly, "It was awesome."

"Yeah?" I nod

"Harry will be very happy to hear that."

I furrow my brow a bit, "Why?"

He chuckles to himself and lifts Lux out of my lap, "Come on baby, it's time for you to get to bed." He waves to me and makes his way off the stage entirely with Lux in his arms.

Harry sees me perched on my seat and walks over, "Isla!" He yells from across the room. I smile. "Isla, what did you think love?"

"It was amazing." I say sincerely.

"I'm glad you thought so." He says running a hand through his thick, curly hair. I can't help but smile at him. His eyes were so green and vibrant. "Isla are you alright?"

Damn it Isla, focus.

"What? Oh yes, sorry."

"Well would you like to do something?"

"Harry it's about eleven, don't you need some rest?"

"Rest is for the weak." He chuckles.


The warm summer breeze gently kisses my skin as we lay here we were once more, below the stars in the flatbed of my rusty pickup. He's being gently lulled to sleep by the music playing from the stereo, and I can't help but watch him as his eyelids slowly close. I try to move a bit further away from him so that he can have his space, but somehow he pulls me closer. I feel his strong arm wrapped around me, pulling me in.

"Isla?" He says in a throaty whisper.

"Hmm." I manage to utter. Very aware of his arm almost fitting around my thick waist. 

"What would you do if I kissed you right now?"

I quickly untangle myself from him.

"So i'm guessing you wouldn't take it so well."

I sit up and he instantly does as well.

"Harry, you can't possibly be feeling something for me."

He looks back at me confused

"And why would that be?" I sigh loudly and bury my face in my hands.

"Have you truly had a look at me Harry?" My hands flail around me wildly, as they usually do when i'm upset. "Would you like me to stand up and give you at least ten reasons why you shouldn't feel something for me?" He grabs my wrist roughly and I yelp a bit.

"Isla, I like you"

"No you don't Harry" He sighs loudly and pulls me closer to him, never loosening his grip on my wrist.

"Isla. What has you so convinced I don't have feelings for you?"

"You don't even know me!" He looks at me, his brow furrowed

"You've never heard of love at first sight?"

I sigh in frustration, "You don't know me!"

His normally gentle eyes become overtaken with anger, "Isla, why are you making so many excuses? Do you not like me?"

"That's not it." I say looking away from him.

He turns my head towards his roughly, "Then. What. Is. It" He says accentuating every word

"This can't happen Harry" I say pulling away from him. Yet, his grip only tightens.

"You're being utterly ridiculous you know that? I know you have feelings for me Isla, these aren't things you can explain. They just happen. That's how love works."

I look at him wide eyed, "No one said anything about love." He looks at me steadily. 

"I just did."

My heart becomes stuck in my throat. He couldn't be serious.

"Harry. Have you truly looked at me? I'm nothing like the girls you've dated before."

"I know."


"And perhaps that's what attracted me to you."


"You're real."

I look back at him, my mouth a bit agape, "Harry, I couldn't possibly be seen in public with you."

He looks at me his face reflecting confusion, "Why?"

"Seriously Harry? I'm at least a hundred pounds heavier than you! What would that do to your reputation?"

He looks at me, gently releasing my wrist, simultaneously running a hand across my cheek,"That's what's got you so worked up love?"

I nod gently, avoiding eye contact.

"Isla, if we have feelings for each other, than why should we answer to anyone else?"

I force myself not to cry. Do not cry Isla. His fingers untangle a bit of my hair in a calming motion and I feel tears welling in the back of my eyes.

"I don't care of you're a size zero or a size fifty love. Honestly, it's the last thing on my mind. What matters to me is this." He points to my heart and a tear escapes, damn it.

"This special connection. Don't you feel it Isla?" I nod lightly and he finally smiles,"I've felt it since the moment I met you. I knew it then love." I look up into his eyes

"Knew what?" 

He leans in close and his nose brushes mine gently. 

"I knew you'd forever be mine."

And in that moment, in that short lapse of judgement. 

I chose to believe him.

'Damn it Isla, you're in way over your head' I repeated over and over again in my mind, but somehow all I could focus on were his soft lips pressed against mine. 

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