Blue Kool-Aid, Big Spoons, and Best friends

"Here." I hand him the large glass with blue liquid in it.
"What is this?" He chuckles.
"It's Blue Kool-Aid."
He nods and takes a drink. I see his eyes squint and he puckers his lips. "What did you put in that?" I laugh.

My mom hands me my bowl of cereal with a small spoon. I toss the spoon in the sink and grab one of the big ones. My mom looks at me weirdly.
"You know how I like it." I take a bite and she smiles shaking her head.

I sit with my head on Zelo's shoulder and his arm around me as we sit by the pond in the back yard.
"Zelo, you're my best friend."
"I'm gonna miss you."
"I'm gonna miss you too."


6. Power

*Emily's POV*

For the past few weeks I haven't spoken many words to Zelo and I haven't really stepped out of my room either. I didn't want him to ask what that whole coffee shop thing was. But today I would have to when he came knocking on my door. I opened it to find him standing there looking at me the same way he had the first day I met him.

"Hey." I mumble.

"Hey. I was wondering if we could talk for a second."

"Uhh, sure." I move with the door out of the way so he could enter my room. I shut the door and turn around to find him already sitting down on my bed. I sit down next to him.

It got quiet for a while until he started to speak again. "You haven't really talked to me since that whole coffee shop thing...I was just wondering if you were okay. What happened?"

I sigh and take a deep breathe and let it out. "He...that boy...his name is Liam. I used to like him...and when he found out he told everyone then proceeded to tell me that I wasn't good enough. He just keeps making fun of me and it just hurts that's all." I finish telling him with my head down.

"Don't let him get to you. You are amazing. You are way better than he deserves and are way good enough." He smiles.

I smile back to him. "Thanks. That's really sweet."

He nods. "I hope we can start again and start hanging out more. You're really fun to hang out with." He says walking towards my door.

"Yeah..." I nod. "We can."

"Cool." He opens the door almost leaving when I stop him.


He turns back into the room. "Yeah?"

"I am inviting Olivia over so I was wondering if you wanted to hang out with us. She's staying the night."

"Yeah, sure. That sounds fun."

"Great." I smile and nod.



"Hey." I move out of the way to let Olivia in.


We go upstairs into my room. We passed Mike's old room and Zelo was sitting on the bed. I guess Olivia must have seen him already. I shut my door.

"Who was that?" She asks.

"That's Zelo, he's from South Korea. He is staying for the school year as an exchange student."

"He's cute." Her words took me back a bit.

"Yeah...I guess he kinda is."

"So when are we leaving for the fort?"

The fort is in the woods. I didn't know why I hadn't thought of it before, I could have shown it to Zelo. We call it the fort. It is a giant house like thing our parents made for us when we were little. It was always our little sanctuary as you could call it. It was cool inside and we had tons of stuff in it. It's like a cabin. We have been going there since it was finished.

"I invited Zelo to hang out with us, so anytime really."

"Well, aren't you going to introduce me first?"

"Uhh, yeah. Let's go."

We walk to Zelo's room where he is no longer sitting, so we walk to the living room where he is watching TV.

"Hey." I greet as I sit next to him.

"Hey." He looks over at me and smiles.

"I want you to meet, Olivia." I point to Olivia sitting next to me.

He smiles really big. "Hi, Olivia. Nice to meet you." He looks star struck. They stare at each other for a moment until I cough to interrupt. I don't know what came over me, I didn't like how he was looking at her.

"Ready?" I ask him.

"Ready for what?"

"You'll see."


"This is amazing." He says looking at the fort.

We unlock the lock we installed on the door and walk in. "Now have a look."

He walks around the fort in awww. "This place is so cool."

"Our parents made it for us when we were younger."

"I wish I had this behind my house."

"We have been coming here for years."

"What is this place anyway."

"The fort. It's like a sanctuary." I saw how he was looking at the place, like he could stay there forever. "Hey, Olivia. We should stay here over night."

"That sounds fine with me."

"Zelo, you want to join?"

"Sure." He says with no hesitation.


All night I watched as Zelo and Olivia flirted with each other and it kind of got on my nerves. I don't really know why. I mean, it's not like I like him or something. Pshhh. Right now they were flirting up a storm and I really didn't like being in the same room. Now I kind of wish I hadn't invited her tonight.

I cough interrupting the flirting once again. "So what do you guys want to do now?" I ask.

"I want to keep talking to Zelo, he is so cool." She says loudly, giggling, making Zelo laugh and blush.

I growl a little and stand up from the floor we were sitting on. "I'm going to get the blankets." I say but they just keep laughing. I storm out of the fort and out of the woods. When I finally get to the house, I decide that I might just stay for a while. I walk to my room and lay on my bed, going on Twitter.


I had my earbuds in blaring my music loudly, trying to take my mind off of what could be happening in the fort as I just sit here.

Next I feel my earbud being ripped out of my ear along with Zelo yelling my name.

"What?" I snap.

"Where did you go?" He asks.

"Where is Olivia?"

"Back at the fort, where did you go?"

"I came here to get our stuff, but it seemed like you two didn't really care." I put the earbud back in my ear and started my music again. I guess I could have said that a little nicer, but at the time I really didn't care.

"Why are you so mad?" He asks gently while taking my earbud back out.

"I'm not mad."

"Yes you are. Tell me what's wrong."

"Nothings wrong. You can just go back and hang out with Olivia, ask her out, heck even marry her."

"What?" He sounds astonished. "I don't like Olivia...well, not in that way."

"Why, nothings wrong with Olivia. You seemed to have been getting along very well with her. You knew she was flirting with her the whole time." I roll my eyes. By this time, we are both on our feet standing only inches apart yelling at each other. "She likes you, you must lik her t-"

"Listen." His voice rises causing me to flinch. "I could never like her."

"Oh, sure. And why would that be?" I hiss.

"Because I like you."

His words catch me off guards. "What?" My voice is now gentle.

"Because I like you." He says with his voice not as loud as it was but still flustered.

I stare at him for a moment as does he. I quickly lean in and kiss him. It was short but it had so much effect.

"I'm sorry." I say turning away with my hand on my forehead. "I didn't mean to. I don't know what came over me. I'm sorry." I am about to run out of the room when he catches my wrist behind him and pulls me back to him, connecting our lips once again.

I pull away and smile. He had no idea the power he had over me.


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