Blue Kool-Aid, Big Spoons, and Best friends

"Here." I hand him the large glass with blue liquid in it.
"What is this?" He chuckles.
"It's Blue Kool-Aid."
He nods and takes a drink. I see his eyes squint and he puckers his lips. "What did you put in that?" I laugh.

My mom hands me my bowl of cereal with a small spoon. I toss the spoon in the sink and grab one of the big ones. My mom looks at me weirdly.
"You know how I like it." I take a bite and she smiles shaking her head.

I sit with my head on Zelo's shoulder and his arm around me as we sit by the pond in the back yard.
"Zelo, you're my best friend."
"I'm gonna miss you."
"I'm gonna miss you too."


2. Hurricane

*Emily's POV*

"Em, wake up." I hear my dad say as he shakes my shoulder.

I groan. "What?"

"Me and mom are going to work and we need you to go through Mike's stuff and clean it up."

I nod and stand up. If my parents were to go through his stuff, they would throw a lot away and the rest would go in the attic, without another look. It's a good thing I get to do it.

"Zelo is going to be here tomorrow, so you have until then to have anything gone threw." I nod again and he finally walks out of my room.

I put on my black sweat pants and a Beatles Abbey Road t-shirt.

When I walk into the hallway I hear the front door close as my parents leave. I walk into Mike's room and turn on my Pandora. Ed Sheeran 'City' plays through it. I smile, I love this song. I start to sing to it.

I start by taking out some boxes he had stacked in his closet. I opened it up to find all of his medals and trophies from his Baseball tournaments and Track meets. I smile and put them all back. I don't think I am going to do anything with these. I grab another box and open it up to find his paints, pastels, etc... He is going to college for art. I close the box and set it by the door so I don't forget to bring it to my room when I'm done. I open his closet a little farther and see his guitar case. Why is that still here? Maybe he just took his guitar. I open it up and the guitar is still in it. He never goes anywhere without this, why is it still here? I take it out of it's case to find a note lying under it. I grab the note.

Dear, Em

Do you remember sitting by the pond when we were younger. I would always bring the guitar out and play you music. You would watch my fingers, trying to figure it out. I know you're wondering why this is still in my closet and I didn't bring it with me. Well, I left it for you. I can always get another one, I want you to have this one. When I come to visit we will sit by the pond and you will be able to play me a song. I love you Em. <3

I smile and wipe away the few tears that escaped my eyes. I carefully slide the guitar back in it's case and set it next to the box by the door. I grab another box and open it up. I immediately smile. Right on top was a picture of us sitting on the little bench by the pond in our back yard. I had my head on his shoulder as he strummed the guitar. Just as he said, I was staring at his fingers on the guitar strings. I laugh a little and set the box next to the door. I grab the boxes for the attic and take them up there, shutting it on the way down. That looks like it's it for the boxes in his closet. I reach to the top shelf of his closet just to make sure everything was out of it, when I feel something. I slide it out and it is a baseball card. His favorite. I put in the box with pictures and look around the room once more. I grab the few boxes by the door and take it to my room. I walk back, grab the guitar and shut the door with one last look.

I go back into my room and blare my Ed Sheeran CD again.


I hear a light tap on my door. I sit up and look to see my dad standing in the doorway.

"Did you finish in his room?" He asks. I nod.

He leaves my door open and walks into Mike's room. After a little bit of looking around he walks back into my room with a little tiny box.

"I think you missed something." He says handing it to me.

"Where did you find this?" I ask.

"It was in the dresser drawer." He hands me the box and leaves the room as I open it.

It is the necklace he got a long time ago on his trip to England. I always admired it. I pulled it out and clipped it around my neck. I look back down at the box to see a little note. I grab it out.

Dear Em,

I know I gave you the guitar already, but watching you over the years admire this necklace, I wanted you to have it. When I come to visit you better be wearing it. I love you Em. <3

I smile again and set the empty box on my nightstand. Today it was like a hurricane of memories came flooding back.

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