Blue Kool-Aid, Big Spoons, and Best friends

"Here." I hand him the large glass with blue liquid in it.
"What is this?" He chuckles.
"It's Blue Kool-Aid."
He nods and takes a drink. I see his eyes squint and he puckers his lips. "What did you put in that?" I laugh.

My mom hands me my bowl of cereal with a small spoon. I toss the spoon in the sink and grab one of the big ones. My mom looks at me weirdly.
"You know how I like it." I take a bite and she smiles shaking her head.

I sit with my head on Zelo's shoulder and his arm around me as we sit by the pond in the back yard.
"Zelo, you're my best friend."
"I'm gonna miss you."
"I'm gonna miss you too."


1. One Shot

*Emily's POV*

"Em, can you come down here please?" My mom yells from down stairs. I set the CD down on the desk and walk down the stairs.

My mom and dad are sitting formally on the couch. This can't be good. I start to walk slower eying them.

"Don't worry honey, you're not in trouble." I start to walk faster. "Why don't you sit down, we have to talk about something."

I sit on the couch across from them. "Why do you guys look so worried." I chuckle.

"We are having a foreign exchange student moving in with us for a year." My mother says. I don't say anything. "His name is Zelo and he is 17 just like you. He's from South Korea."

"Are you serious?" I ask.

"He will be moving into your brother's room."

"Where's all of Mike's stuff going to go?" I ask. Mike is my brother, he left the country to go to college.

"We are going to let Zelo use the bed and the dressers and stuff. Mike's belongings will be moved into the attic." I don't say anything. "We think it will be a great learning experience for you and it will be fun." I still don't say anything. "Plus." She adds. "Your growing up and this could be your one shot to do something like this." She finishes.

I half smile and walk up stairs. I put in my Ed Sheeran CD and lay on my bed, blaring my music.

A/N: Sorry it was so short, I was just trying to show you the idea. I will try to update tomorrow if I can. :) See ya, my Mini Gizmos. :D

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