Old Secrets, New Secrets (On Hold)

Emily thinks that her dreams are coming true as her best friend's brother, and long term boy friend, asks her to marry him. All of a sudden though, all she has left is her best friend as her fiancé goes missing the day after their engagement.
Finally, two years later she is cleaning up all of his old stuff because she doesn't feel the pain as bad, now she is dating again. But she finds a letter in his stuff with her name on it. When she reads it, she realizes that there are more than just humans out there. Her best friend disappears before she can tell her though. She now has no one.


5. Waking Up

Beep. Beep. Beep.

All she heard was the beeping. She opened her eyes and saw bright lights all around her. Emily's eyes started to adjust as she started to see figures in the room with her and feel a numbing pain.

"Oh good! You are awake! How are you feeling?" a woman in all white stood directly above Emily, making her nervous.

"I feel weird. Where am I? Why am I in a hospital?" a croaky voice came out that did not sound like her own.

The nurse looked at her for a minute, contemplating. Something was not right with the picture Emily was seeing in front of her.

"Well, I am not the one to tell you. At least not yet anyway. You really need to rest. Please do not worry. Someone will be here when you wake up to explain," and with that the nurse that never gave her name left.

Well aren't you helpful, Emily thought to herself, realizing that the nurse was correct about her needing the rest. Her eyes stung with sleep as she closed them to allow them relief.

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