Old Secrets, New Secrets (On Hold)

Emily thinks that her dreams are coming true as her best friend's brother, and long term boy friend, asks her to marry him. All of a sudden though, all she has left is her best friend as her fiancé goes missing the day after their engagement.
Finally, two years later she is cleaning up all of his old stuff because she doesn't feel the pain as bad, now she is dating again. But she finds a letter in his stuff with her name on it. When she reads it, she realizes that there are more than just humans out there. Her best friend disappears before she can tell her though. She now has no one.


2. Two Years Later

***Chapter Two- Two Years Later***

          "Hazen?" Emily asks as she walks through the apartment, into the kitchen. Her best friend had a bigger apartment than she did, but they basically lived at each other's houses. After Brandon went missing when Hazen was told that there was an engagement between her brother and best friend, they had grown closer. Brandon went out to tell Hazen about the engagement, but never made it to her apartment.

          Hazen came out of the laundry room beside the kitchen, "Yes?"

          "I just stopped by to see you! What else would I be doing?" Emily asked in an innocent yet noticeable smile, while giggling a little.

          "Well, I assume you didn't forget."

          "Not of either," Emily said looking down without a smile suddenly. The anniversary for Brandon's disappearance was tomorrow. Sadly, that was her best friend's birthday as well. "Today I take you out for your birthday. Tomorrow, we do whatever you want to do. But today, I take you wherever I want to for your birthday. You have always said that your birthday was a day that you did whatever you wanted, and I had to come along with it."

          "Fine," she then looked at the ground, "But tomorrow, we are walking in the woods. We always loved that.... He always loved that too." Both girls thought back on the first time Emily came over and they walked through the woods. Then Emily thought of how Brandon always wanted to go for walks in the woods at night, but it scared her, so he didn't go without her. They walked for hours one day, getting lost in the woods, but Brandon found the way out. The girls went out every six months, walking through the woods, every half anniversary of Brandon disappearing.

          There was a silence between them. Then Hazen grabbed her shoes from the top of the washer. She was already wearing a tank top that was blue, and shorts that were dark blue. She sat in a chair in the kitchen, put on her flat black shoes, showing the tops of her feet, with a black bow and glow in the dark green stars.

          "Come on. Where are we going?" slipping on her shoes Hazen asks. She puts on her purse and stands up.

          "To the limo!"

          Hazen's blue eyes bulge, her hair seems to know this, and blonde curls fall over her pale face. She stopped in the hall right in front of her door, with her mouth open too. "We are taking a... a...," she gasps for air a little, "limo??"

          Laughing, Emily pulls a freaked Hazen out into the parking lot of her building. Right across from them, taking up three parking spaces, was a small, coal black, shiny limo.

          "You are the most amazing friend ever. Final word. No arguments. Best. Ever," every word was exasperated from Hazen.

          Emily doubled over laughing, and kept laughing as her friend stared at her, and she tried to explain, "You... that is... oh my... gosh... that isn't ours. I would... oh... you fell for it... No... Just... Go get in the... my truck...."

          With a shocked expression, Hazen stomped off with a still giggling Emily behind her. They got in Emily's truck, which was a small, white, Ford Ranger. They rode in silence for a few minutes as Emily kept driving past all of their familiar places.

          Finally, Hazen broke the silence, "Where are we going?"

          Emily smirked and kept driving.


          "To the wood," there was a dullness in Emily's voice, yet she smiled over at her best friend, knowing that she did not expect to be heading out for their walk in the woods this early.

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