Old Secrets, New Secrets (On Hold)

Emily thinks that her dreams are coming true as her best friend's brother, and long term boy friend, asks her to marry him. All of a sudden though, all she has left is her best friend as her fiancé goes missing the day after their engagement.
Finally, two years later she is cleaning up all of his old stuff because she doesn't feel the pain as bad, now she is dating again. But she finds a letter in his stuff with her name on it. When she reads it, she realizes that there are more than just humans out there. Her best friend disappears before she can tell her though. She now has no one.


3. Remembering the Beginning

***Chapter Three-   Remembering the Beginning***


          When the girls got to the woods, it was almost two, and Hazen looked around for stuff to unpack for their camping trip. All she saw was a Wal-Mart sack sitting behind their seats. Emily pulled it out, and took out a pair of size six hiking boots for Hazen. Then she started putting on her own size nine old paint splattered hiking boots.

          Hazen just stared at her friend bewildered, then silently thought to herself, "Right. This is Emily. She always has everything perfect. Why would I even guess that we will have no supplies?" Then she kept thinking after a few minutes, "Well, she never has everything planned, apparently. She doesn't know what happened to Brandon."

          Then Hazen spoke, "So, are we going on a diet? No food to eat at all?"

          "You know you need to lose weight, I am just trying to help you!" Emily said smiling to her best friend.

          "Gasp! I didn't know you felt like this about me! You have been hiding this all along from me?"

          "Well, I didn't want to tell you, but it is getting pretty bad. Sorry."

           "You are not sorry," Hazen begins to fake cry, "You meany!!"

          "Well, you just gotta suck it up honey, because we need to get going. Come on."

          Both girls get out of the truck, smiling. They have been best friends since second grade when Hazen started riding the same bus as Emily, bus forty-two. Hazen moved to Oklahoma, a state over from where Emily was in Arkansas, in fourth grade. It was a two hour drive, and Hazen's grandma went to church with Emily, so she got to see her about twice a year until their freshman year in high school. Hazen and her family came back to live in Northwest Arkansas, in the small town of Huntsville, population 2,396, but it was growing. Both girls remembered all the good times they had, forgetting about all the fights they used to get into. They became friends again, except not as close because they had no classes together. Hazen was more interested in not going to school, while Emily loved learning.

          Hazen invited Emily to her house anyway for a sleep over, and she needed help with math or she would fail her sophomore year. That is the day Brandon remembered Emily. He saw her and he remembered the day she came over for Hazen's birthday when he was in fifth grade and she was only in third. Her red hair was bright and she was full of laughter when he had "saved" her from the evil farmer. She dropped her shoes, and he picked them up, but she kept running through the field. They had so much fun. She never told him then that she liked him. He then didn't look at her as anything other than a friend that was two years younger. But, he saw her his senior year and the first thing he thought was that she was beautiful. That is also when she remembered how she used to have the biggest crush on him. They started talking, and her and Hazen became closer as Emily became a full time tutor.

          As the girls got closer together in their sophomore year, Emily and Brandon got even closer, and started dating. Brandon eventually knew more about Emily than Hazen did. Every spare minute they had, between Brandon planning to go to college and Emily working to be valedictorian of her class and tutoring people, was spent together. When Brandon moved out for college, he still got to visit a lot because the University of Arkansas was only an forty-five minutes away from Huntsville, and only thirty minutes away from Emily's house. Brandon and Emily dated for two and a half years before he asked her to marry him.

          Emily remembered this all as they came towards the path leading to the forest. She thought back on how everyone always said that they would never make it, and they didn't. Some people even said that Brandon never wanted her, and nothing bad happened, he just left to be away from her. Emily knew other wise. She knew that Brandon would never do that to her.


           Hazen's voice has concern, and snaps Emily back to reality, "Hazen?"

          "You are thinking about him. Aren't you?"

          "How do you know?" then Emily realizes that her throat is dry, and she becomes aware that her face is wet with tears. "Oh," is all she has so say.

          "Come on, lets get going before it gets dark," so both girls enter the Ozark National Forest.

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