Old Secrets, New Secrets (On Hold)

Emily thinks that her dreams are coming true as her best friend's brother, and long term boy friend, asks her to marry him. All of a sudden though, all she has left is her best friend as her fiancé goes missing the day after their engagement.
Finally, two years later she is cleaning up all of his old stuff because she doesn't feel the pain as bad, now she is dating again. But she finds a letter in his stuff with her name on it. When she reads it, she realizes that there are more than just humans out there. Her best friend disappears before she can tell her though. She now has no one.


4. In The Woods

***Chapter Four-    In The Woods***


          The girls had been out in the woods all day. Emily led the way to their camp site, and when Hazen got there she questioned how Emily somehow took her clothes and packed a bag full of them without her noticing. Hazen had at least four outfits and three pajama outfits, yet the girls were only spending the night then part of the next day. Camp had to be packed up by two the next day at the latest.

          It was night time already and the girls were in the small shack that Emily and Brandon had found one day. It seemed like no one else had been in there for a long time when they came across it the day they had gotten lost. They had found it every time after that when they went walking, and Emily always led the way to it. She didn't know why, but she felt drawn to the little shack with old dark cedar wood walls, no windows, and a hard packed dirt floor. If Emily was lost in these woods, she knew one thing for sure, this little shack could easily be found, and her way out from there was built in by memory.

         "So, where were you yesterday? You didn't come over right after work, which is fine, but I just wanted to make sure you were okay," Hazen began.

          "Well, I didn't want to tell you."

          "Were you crying again about Brandon? You can't do that. You stop breathing when you cry about him."

          "No. I wasn't," the reply from Emily was quick and snappy, "I went to the coffee shop."

          "Oh...," Emily's snappy tone made Hazen curious, "So, did you have a client meet you there or something?"

          "Well, no...," Emily's voice trailed off, "I... I met someone."

          "Emily, just tell me who!"

          "A guy I met. He is really nice and I like him."

          Hazen just stared at Emily with a blank expression, then that blank stare turned into a glare.

          "Don't you dare look at me like that. You know that I don't have hope that he is alive! I can't cheat on him if he is dead! Don't even bother telling me otherwise. I know he is dead! I felt it the night he went out! I felt him leave me. He isn't coming back," anger, rage, depression, and empathy were echoing off the walls of the small cabin. Emily then looked down, put her hands against her face, and began to cry. She hadn't cried in so long. She remembered crying the whole first two weeks Brandon was missing. Emily had fainted when she started crying too badly when her body shook, her lungs felt heavy, and her eyes looked like they were being splattered with a rainbow of paints. She had always seen splotches of colors whenever she fainted, then she didn't see blackness, but a deep dark brown wolf that had black tipped fur. Then she woke up. This was the first time Emily had cried in almost two years, and it felt good.

          Emily thought she heard Hazen whisper something when she first started crying. It had been thirty seconds from when Emily looked away from Hazen to when she looked back up at her to see all of her stuff already packed up on her shoulder. "What?" Emily asked looking up at her.

          "Haha. Oh nothing," then, before Emily could  blink, she was being held in the air by Hazen by the arm. She then felt air rushing past her and she looked around and realized she was outside in the darkness. Hazen could be seen no where, but there was a laugh that echoed off the trees. "Good luck. Have fun with the dark Emily," Hazen sounded distant, and had a determined voice.

          "HAZEN!!! HAZEN!!!" Emily screamed and screamed, then realized that she should get out of the dark woods and to somewhere safe, but before she could get up, she realized that her leg was covered in blood. The last thing she remembered was seeing the wolf she always saw once she fainted, but this time, there were no colors before she saw it and there was darkness that washed over her.

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