Beneath your beautiful

Marcel, aka the school nerd.
Sienna, aka the school beauty. But it was only a simple Wednesday that could make them realize opposites attract.
(16+ please. If not, read at your own risk.)


2. Misunderstanding.

Chapter Two:






It was 8:24 p.m. when I arrived at my own house. I stepped out of my car and walked to the front door, trying to not make a sound while walking in. But before I could run to my room, my dad was sitting on the first step of the stairs. 

"Why weren't you at school?" He asked, his dark blue eyes gazing on me. 

"I-I don't know what you're talking about.." I mumbled, looking down at my boots. 

He stood up. "Don't play dumb with me Sienna, I got a phone call from your principal. Explain." He said sternly, crossing his arms across his chest. 

"They were beating a kid up, I dropped him off at his house." I said truthfully, leaving some other parts out. 

My dad walked closer to me, raising his hand up and the force stung my cheek, "Go to your room, now." 

I sighed and walked up the steps towards my room. This was really a regular schedule every night, I changed in a pair of sleep shorts and a black tanktop. I pulled out my phone and saw a text from Marcel. 

"Can you pick me up tomorrow? If not, it's okay. xx" 

I smiled to myself before replying, "No, it's fine! Be there at 6:45?" SEND. 

EAfter about five minutes he texted back, "Thanks love, see you then. x" 

I put my phone on the charger, turned off my lamp, and closed my eyes trying to sleep. 


I woke up at six o'clock in the morning. I took a quick shower & dressed in light blue skinny jeans, a white brandy Melville top, a blue long cardigan, and blue sandals. I put in short dangly earrings that my mother gave me before she died. I sighed heavily before brushing my teeth, my long hair, and applying light makeup. It was 6:30 by the time I finished. I shoved my bookbag on my back, I grabbed my phone and called Marcel. 

"Hello?" He asked. 

"Hey! Are you ready?" I cheered, stepping into my car, cranking it up. 

"Yes, yes, yes." He stuttered. 

"Okay, see you soon." And hung up. I drove to his house and lightly beeped the horn. He walked out, wearing his khaki pants and vests. I sighed as he stepped in the car. I turned off the car and stepped outside. I grabbed his hand and lead him inside and up to his room. "Why aren't you wearing your new clothes?" I asked. 

"B-Because, what if they think I'm a fake. Like a poser.." He said sadly, his emerald eyes becoming glazed over. 

"Most of the school is fake Marcel, you'll be fine." I smiled reassuringly. 

"Now, can I give you a quick makeover?" I asked and he nodded, "Just don't make me look terrifying, we have school in less than an hour." He teased. 

I started with his hair, rinsing it out quickly and blow drying it, which showed his natural wavy curls. I took off his glasses and inserted his contacts that he never wore. 

"It stings!" He shouted exaggeratedly. 

"No it doesn't you big baby." I joked. "Okay now strip." I said and his eyes widened. 

"Really?" He whispered. 

"Yes Marcel, c'mon school starts in thirty minutes!" 

He sighed before taking off his pants and vests, then slowly unbuttoning his button up. He slipped off his top and soon, he was only in his grey boxers. Marcel had really, toned abs and huge muscles, his veins an evidence that he worked out. I gulped, prying my eyes off of his body and walking toward his closet. I have him a light blue muscle tee and dark blue skinny jeans with his black Nikes. 

"Wow Marcel, you look hot." I said, looking stunned. 

He stared at himself in the mirror, "You don't look too bad yourself." He laughed and I laughed with him. 

I looked at my watch, "We better leave Marcel." He nodded in agreement and we rushed out to my car. I sped towards the school and I parked as we both ran to the hallways. Ten minutes till' the bell rang. We laughed at ourselves and began breathing heavy from being out of breath. The hallway was its usual crowded, but when they saw Marcel, everyone fell quiet. They made room for the both of us to walk to my locker and we could hear whispers and feel states burning holes into us. Marcel grabbed my hand, and judging from his sweaty palm, he was nervous. 

We made it to my locker when everyone went back to normal. I opened my locker, Marcel still holding my hand. I let go and grabbed my History book, leaning it against my chest, and shutting my locker. 

I saw a group if girls walk towards Marcel, feeling his arms up and down, giggling and twirling their hair. 

"Omg Marcel, you're sooooooo hot." They all kept repeating and he looked a little uncomfortable. 

"Hey girls, sorry but I have to talk to Marcel." I smiled at them and Marcel gave me a 'thank you' smile. 

They rolled their eyes and one of them mumbled, "skank." Before walking off. 

"Oh thank goodness they left," Marcel breathed. I smiled at him, rubbing his back. Before we saw Zachary and his two friends walk down the hallway. Marcel's jaw tensed and his knuckles turned white. I wrapped an arm around his waist, "It's fine, lets go okay?" I asked and he nodded. The bell rang and everyone left to there classrooms beside Marcel, Zachary, Dylan, James, & I. We walked casually to our classes, Marcel & I trying to not make eyes contact with them. 

"Well, well, if it isn't Marcel & Sienna?" Zachary chuckled, pushing Marcel hard against the lockers. 

"Hey, leave him alone!" I shouted, about to run towards Zachary until Dylan and James grabbed each of my arms, hold me back. "Let go of me!" I bean kicking their knee caps with the back of my foot, they wouldn't even budge. 

Zachary punched Marcel in the face, causing his lip to bust. He kneed Marcel in the in the gut as Marcel sucked in a breath and his face turned red. 

"Marcel, hit him back!" I exclaimed at him, becoming frustrated. 

Marcel didn't listen and just kept taking blow, after blow, after blow. I began wiggling trying to break free from they guys keeping a tight grip on my wrists. "Ow, you're hurting me." I mumbled, still wiggling. 

Zachary didn't even calm down or stop, kept punching and kicking repeatedly. Eventually, Marcel fell on his knees, crouching over. He kicked him in the chest and Zachary and his friends left to their classes, I'm guessing. 

I ran over to Marcel who was on the ground, wincing in pain. "Oh my God, Marcel, I'm so sorry." I said genuinely, my eyes watering a little. 

His green eyes opened and he looked at me, he had a look of hatred painted on his face. "Was this your plan?" He asked, hurt. Blood was still pouring from his nose and lip. 

"Wha- No? What are you talking about?" I asked, pulling my sleeve over my hand and wiped his nose. Marcel smacked my hand away. 

"You help me out, buy me clothes, give me advice, and I get jumped the next day? This is the first time you talked to me in a year, I knew it was too good to be true." He snapped, standing up, walking away. 

"Marcel!" I called out. He didn't stop walking. "I would never do that!" I shouted at him in anger. I was offended, who the hell does he think he is? 

He exited the school hallway, me; hot on his heels. 

"Listen to me Marcel-"

"No, you listen to me, I actually liked you Sienna. Like a lot, & I thought you were different. But, you're just as fucked up as everyone else in this town." Tears streamed down his face, as he tried blinking them away. 

"Marcel I-" I began, tears welling up. 

"Save it Sienna." He cursed and walked away, leaving me in the school parking lot, broken hearted. 

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