A Dream Come True

Nikki Torres is entering junior year in high school. She's on the schools cheerleading team. She's kind, spirited and a joy to be around. She's in love with the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. Her biggest dream was to meet them. The boys are taking a break from their busy schedules and plan on going back to high school in California. Will the boys end up at the same school as Nikki? Will the boys find love ?


9. The Next Day/ Beach Day

Louis' P.O.V.

I woke up yo everyone asleep. I look around to see Harry and Becca together and Zayn and Nikki. There so cute they both need to go out already. Seeing them makes me miss my El. Since everyone was still asleep I decided to go on twitter. When i logged on I saw #1DMysteryGirl trending. I bet its about Becca and Nikki. I click to see. I couldnt beleive what I saw. People were writing things like Who is this slut? Shes probably using the boys for their money and fame. I was beyond pissed at seeing that. Becca and Nikki are nothing like that they are the sweetest girls ever. I scrolled down more through my news feed when I seen a couple links to articles from online magazine sources.


Who's 1D's New Mystery Girl?

                        Source: Celebrity Teen Scoop                    9 Saturday Sept. 2013 8:05 AM

Friday September 8, the boys of famous boy band One Direction were found waiting for a bus outside of Los Angeles High School. Reporter: Tania Ho stated: "We were trying to find out why the boys decided to go back to school and why in California instead of back home." While we were trying to get answers a white 2010 Range Rover pulls up and the boys jumped in the car. It was driven by a women and there was a girl around the boys age inside. Could she be the reason why the boys wanted to stay in California? Who is this Mystery Girl?

Linked to the article was a picture of us getting into Nikki's car. I click onto another article.

One Direction Goes To School

                                   Source: HollywoodTv                       9 Saturday Sept. 2013

British/ Irish boy band One Direction just finished their North American Tour, Take Me Home. It ended at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. After performing Sunday August 11 at the Teen Choice Awards, the boys stayed in California instead of going back home. But what everyone didnt know is that they went back to school. A student from Los Angeles High School posted a photo of the boys at school. Why did they want to go back to school? Why in California? Why did they keep it a secret?

"Ughhhh!" I groaned loudly. "What the hell Lou!" Harry says sleepily. Whoops forgot they were sleeping. Everyone started getting up. "Why did you yell?" Zayn asks rubbing his eyes. "Everyone knows now that we go to school and there trying to find out who Nikki is !" I said. "Dammit ! I knew they were going to do this ! The reporters are pathetic." Zayn yells mad. Nikki hugs him comforting him, he instantly calms down. "Twitter is trending #1DMysteryGirl ! There going to do whatever it takes to find out who Nikki is and then there going to go for Becca!" I said. "Nikki, Becca, there is going to be hate towards you from many fans. Dont listen to them we will protect you i promise." "Thanks we should get going now" Nikki says standing up along with Becca. "Noooooo!" Harry yells grabbing Becca by the waist and pulling her into him. "Harry !" Becca yells laughing. "Do you guys really have to go?" I asked pouting. "Yeah sorry guys we have cheer practice at 12 and its already 10:30" Nikki says checking her phone. "On a Saturday?" Zayn asks. "Yeah competition season is in about a month so we need all the practice we can get if we want to go to Nationals in December." Nikki explains. "Uh what are you guys doing after practice?" Zayn asks. "Um I dont think anything how about you Becca?" she asks. "Nothing for me either why whats up guys?" Becca answers. "Do you guys want to go to the beach?" Zayn asks. "Yeah" the girls say in unison. "Great !" Zayn says smiling. Hes been 10x more smiley ever since he met Nikki its so cute ! "What time does your practice finish?" "2:30" "Okay then you guys want to go around 3:30?" Zayn asks. "Yeah thats fine" "Okay we will pick you up at 3:30 then" he says. The girls got up and gave all of us a hug.

Nikki's P.O.V.

Me and Becca gave all the boys a hug and when it came to Zayn he gave me a huge hug and kissed me on the cheek. "Bye beautiful see you later" he says. We turn to the door and catch Harry and Becca making out. "Becca!" I yell at her. "Lets go! Were going to be late if we stay any longer" She shot me a death glare and pecked Harry on the lips and walked towards the door. We all step outside and we were attacked by alot of flashing lights. Me and Becca just froze. "Who are you guys?"  "Why are you here with the boys?" "Are you guys dating?" Thoughs were some of the stuff asked. Harry and Zayn grabbed us and pulled us back in. "That was scary!" I yelled while hugging Zayn. "Sorry about that" he said. "C'mon I will drive you guys home. We can sneak out back" Me and Becca just nod and follow him to the back. "Bye Haz" Becca says kissing him before we leave. 


Thanks for taking us home" me and Becca said getting out of the car. "No problem lovlies" Zayn said. We walked in the house and got ready for practice. "Becca!" I yell. "What ?" she answered. "We forgot the car how did we expect to get to practice!" I said freaking out. I quickly grabbed my phone and called Zayn. He picked up after 2 rings. "Vas Happenin' Nikki" Zayn said answering. I giggled. I love when he does that. "Zaynie I forgot the car at the house do you think you can bring it ?" I asked. "Yeah thats fine" "Yay thanks" "No problem love see you in a bit" he said. "Bye" I said and hung up. In 10 minutes they all showed up wearing there swim trunks a tank and flip flops. They looked so hot ! "Becca! Nikki! We missed you" Louis yelled hugging us and spinning us around. We got in the car and left. Me and Becca got out of the car when we got to the park where we practice.

**Skip Practice**

After practice me and Becca walked back to the car where the boys were waiting for us. "Wow you guys are amazing!" Zayn said and everyone else nodded in agreement. "Really thanks" Me and Becca said smiling. We all got in the car and drove to the beach. We got to the beach and we all piled out. "Perfect day to be here theres barley anyone here" Liam said while looking at the half empty beach. "Me and Becca will be back were going to the bathroom to change" I said while walking away. We quickly changed and walked back. The boys found a spot on the sand and were already setting up. I sat on my towel next to Zayn and went on twitter.

LovlieNikkiTorres: Fun in the sun with the boys and my best friend!<3 @ZaynMalik @Real_Liam_Payne @NiallOfficial @Louis_Tomlinson @Harry_Styles @BeccaZavala #beachday

I put my phone down and lay in my bikini tanning with Becca while the boys swam in the ocean. Out of no where I was lifted off the towel and got thrown over a shoulder. "Zayn!" I screamed. "Put me down!" "Okay" he said dropping me in the cold water. Him and the boys went into a fit of laughter. "Oh boy your going to regret doing that!" I said trying to sound mad but a giggle came out. "Oh yeah? What are you going to do about it ?" he said still laughing. Without hesitation I jumped on his back, tackling him in the water. We both started splashing each other cracking up then he pulls me in and starts kissing me. "Jump" he whispered in between the kiss. I did what he said and wrapped my legs around his waist not breaking the kiss. Our lips moved perfectly in sync. He moves his hands to my butt and mine up his nicely toned abs then to his hair. "Ew get a room!" Louis yells. We break the kiss and I blush burying my face into Zayn's chest. "You want to go for a walk?" Zayn asks.

Authors Note: 

Hey guys sorry I havnt updated hope you like the chapter. I just want to thank @Mrs.JMalik93 for encouraging me to continue writing!<3 Without you I wouldve probably deleted the book. So thank you love <3 :D

Please: Let me know what you guys think about the book<3

Love ~DominiqueLauryn<3



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