A Dream Come True

Nikki Torres is entering junior year in high school. She's on the schools cheerleading team. She's kind, spirited and a joy to be around. She's in love with the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. Her biggest dream was to meet them. The boys are taking a break from their busy schedules and plan on going back to high school in California. Will the boys end up at the same school as Nikki? Will the boys find love ?


8. Movie Night

Nikki's P.O.V.

Me and my mom just got home from taking the boys home. It was almost 4 and me and Becca are meeting the boys in about 3 hours. I was laying on my bed to take a nap when 'Bzz' My phone vibrated. I grabbed my phone to check to see who it was from. Becca.

From: BeccaBoo<3 : Hey girl im coming over in about an hour so be ready (:

Great. So much for my nap. 

To: BeccaBoo<3 : Okay see you in a bit (:

I should start getting ready before she gets here. I grab my stuff to get ready to take a shower. I walked to the bathroom and turned the water on. When it was warm enough I stripped my clothes off and jumped into the shower. I shampooed and conditioned my hair, washed my body and after 20 minutes I was done. I wrapped a towel around my body and when I was about to walk back to my room I decided to look in the mirror. "Oh my gosh !" I yelled. I looked like a racoon. I quickly grabbed my makeup remover and cleaned myself up and reapplied my mascara. I has finally finished getting ready and it was now 5:30, all I had to do was wait for Becca. Around 30 minutes later she got there. To stall time we just watched Jenna Marbles videos on Youtube. "Aha Oh my gosh she is just so great!" Becca said laughing. It was almost 7 I ran downstairs to ask my mom if I could borrow the car. Fingers crossed. "Mom, Can I borrow the car? Me and Becca are going to the boys house" I asked. "Yeah sure sweetie just be careful please" she said. "Yay thanks mom" I hugged her and ran upstairs to get Becca. We got to the car and drove off. 

15 Minutes Later...

We pulled up to the front of the house. "Omg this house is gorgeous!" Becca says. "I know right but your way more gorgeous" we turned to see Harry standing at the end of the drive way. "Thanks" Becca says blushing. "Come on girls lets go inside" he says leading us in. When we walked through the door we were greeted by big hugs. Wow there huggers I could definitly get used to this. Then Louis comes running down the hall screaming "Supermaaaaaaaaaan !!!"and grabs me and spins me around running around the living room. "Louis! Let me down !" I yell laughing trying to get away from him. He finally put me down. Me, Becca, and the boys sat on the couch infront of a huge Tv. Of course Becca and Harry are sitting next to each other and I was sitting between Niall, Louis and Liam next to him. "Where's Zayn?" I asked just noticing he was missing. "Oh yeah he was up in his room sleeping" Niall said. "You should go wake him up. Im sure he would be happy with you waking him" "Yeah go do it" everyone said. Then my phone vibrated. 

From: BeccaBoo<3 : Nows your chance to be alone with him Nik ! Go get him ! (;

I look up to her and she smiled and nodded her head. "Okay wheres his room?" I asked the boys. "Up the stairs last door to the right" Harry answers grinning. I get up and walk up the stairs and down the hall to his door. I hesitated a bit to open the door. I finally got the courage and slowly opened it. I walk in and there he was sleeping. Aww he looks so cute. I took out my phone and took a picture.


 I put my phone back in my pocket. I shake Zayn to see if he would wake up. Nothing. I poke his cheek. Still nothing. "Zayn" I whispered. "Mmm" he mumbled still sleeping. I grab his pillow and hit him softly with it. "Go away Harry im trying to sleep" he snapped. "Aha Zayn its me Nikki everyone is downstairs, they sent me to come get you" I said giggling. He sits up a bit embarrassed. "Hey Nikki sorry I snapped at you" he said. "its fine" I say smiling at him. "Come lay with me for a bit" he says laying back down patting the spot next to him. I walked over and sat next to him on the bed. "Cute bear" I said grabbing it. He grabs my wrist and pulls me down to face him. "A fan gave it to me" He said wrapping his arm around my waist and pulls me closer. Our faces are just inches apart. He looks in my eyes then my lips. He grabs my chin and his lips crash into mine. He licks my lips asking permission to enter. I accept, our lips move in sync then after a few seconds we pull apart for air. "Wow" he said smiling. "Lets go down we wouldnt want to keep them waiting" he said. He gets up grabbing my hand and we walk downstairs hand in hand. "About time lovebirds" Harry said smiling along with the other boys and Becca. "Oh shush lets just watch a movie already" I said blushing trying to change the subject. It worked, "Okay what kind of movie?" Louis asked. "How about a horror film" Zayn suggested. "Yeah sounds good to me" Harry says with a cheeky grin. Aha That's just getting creepy. "If you get scared dont be afraid to cuddle" Zayn says looking at me. "Yeah same here" Harry says to Becca. Throughout the movie me and Becca screamed and I hit my face in Zayn's chest. All the guys just laughed at us. At one point Louis got scared and threw popcorn everywhere. "Heeey dont waste the popcorn !" Niall yelled at him. We just laughed. "Eww get at room !" Liam tells Harry and Becca. They were in the corner of the couch kissing. Becca hides her face in Harrys chest blushing. About halfway through the movie we all fell asleep. I was awaken by my phone vibrating. It was my mom I quietly got up and walked to the hallway so i wont wake anyone. "Hello" I answered. "Nikki where are you? its 3 am." she asked worried. "Mom im so sorry we were watching a movie and we must have fallen asleep" "Okay well let me know next time I was worried sick" she said. "Call me in the morning love you" "Okay mom love you too" I said hanging up. I walked back to the living room to find Zayn sitting there. "Is everything alright?" he asked. "Yeah just my mom. She got worried" "Oh okay do you have to leave now ?" "No I just have to call her in the morning" "Yay now come back over here and go to sleep before you wake somebody else" he motioned for me to come to him smiling.  "She already did" Louis sleepily sassed. "Sorry" I said walking over to lay with Zayn. Soon we were fast asleep.

Authors Note: 

Hey guys sorry I havnt updated lately I just got back from cheer camp and the whole team including me was sick. Other than that we did really good we got awarded Superior on our routines ! <3 At camp VidCon was going on outside and i seen 5 Seconds of Summer !<3 I saw Jenna Marbles ex bf Max! And alot of other YouTube famous people! It was AmaZayn!!  OMG im super excited tonight im going to the ONE DIRECTION CONCERT !!!! Ahhhh i cant wait to see Zayn !! <33

Heres a longer chapter than usual! I hope you like it.


I will really appreciate it! 

Love ~DominiqueLauryn<3

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