A Dream Come True

Nikki Torres is entering junior year in high school. She's on the schools cheerleading team. She's kind, spirited and a joy to be around. She's in love with the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. Her biggest dream was to meet them. The boys are taking a break from their busy schedules and plan on going back to high school in California. Will the boys end up at the same school as Nikki? Will the boys find love ?


7. Friday

Zayn's P.O.V.

It was finally friday which meant both Nikki and Becca are coming over tonight. "Hey Mate" Harry says walking into my room. "Whats up ?" I ask. "Do you think Becca likes me?" he looks at me. "Yeah mate you should go for her" I say encouraging. "Really well you should go for Nikki she seems to fancy you" he says. "You think so?" I ask smirking. "Haha yeah. See you in a bit I have to finish getting ready for school" He walks out to his room. I get up and take a shower. I quickly wash my hair and my body and let the warm water hit me. After 15 minutes I get out and dry myself. I walk over to my closet and grabbed my grey Nike sweater and a pair of jeans with my high top converse. I grab my glasses and my bag and go to the living room.

Zayns outfit (:

I see the lads already waiting for me. "About time mate" Louis says impatiently. We all head for the bus. We enter the school and go look for the girls. We find them in the usual spot. They notice us and walk towards us. "Hey guys" they say. "Hello loves" I say while we all give them hugs. "You two ready for tonight?" I ask the girls. "Yes! What time should we come by ?" Becca asked. "Err 'round 7ish" I answered.

**Skip to end of day**

The final bell rang. Finally. "Hey Zayn so we will see you at 7?" Nikki asks while walking towards me. "Yeah and dress comfortable" I say. "Okay see you later" she says. "See you then" I wave goodbye to her. I leave to go find the boys. I walk towards the front of the school to find them waiting at the bus bench. I walk up to them and out of nowhere a couple of vans pull up infront of us. We were suddenly surrounded by...Paparazzi. Crap they found  us. Some of the girls from school must have tweeted we go here. 'Honkk Honk' a white Range Rover pulls up. "Get in" I look up to see Nikki sitting in the passenger seat. Me and the lads hurry into the car. "Thank you so much Nikki" I told her out of breath. "No problem you guys were getting eaten alive out there" shes says giggling. Shes so cute that she cared to help us. "Oh this is my mom Maria, and mom this is Harry, Niall, Louis, Liam, and Zayn from One Direction." shes says pointing to each of us. "Hello Mrs. Torres thank you for helping us" Liam says. "Nice to meet you boys and no problem" she says smiling. "So where are we off to? and call me Maria. You will make me feel old calling me Mrs. Torres" we all laughed. "Go straight for 3 lights then make a right then a left" Liam told her. We pull up to the flat. "Wow you live in Naples? This house is huge!" Nikki says while admiring the place. "Thank you Maria for the lift we really appreciate it" I said while me and the lads pile out of the car. "See you and Becca tonight" I waved to Nikki and her mum. "See you later" shes says while driving away.

Authors Note:

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