When Opposites Attract

Scarlett Johansen was a normal 18 year old girl. Well it depends on how you define normal. She's not very popular, she's very shy, and does not like to draw attention to herself. One thing that does make her different is, Scarlett loves to sing. She would love to go pro but the only thing holding her back is her shyness and insecurities but that all changes when she meets her complete opposite. He's known as the funny guy with an outgoing personality of her favorite band, One Direction. When she tries out for a singing competition with her best friend, Aislyn, she meets them but will her self issues cause some trouble for herself in the future? Read on to find out(:


4. Opposites Do Attract

Well it seemed nobody liked or favorite but I'm gonna update anyway(':





"On a count of three!," Harry yelled.

"Harry don't you dare!" I screamed at him.



"2....." Niall joined in.

"Don't you dare Niall!" Aislyn screamed.

The boys stopped and Aislyn and I both looked up at them.

"3!" They both yelled in unison.

We both screamed until we plummeted into the water. I kicked and paddled to the surface with Aislyn right next to me.

"You guys are so going down!" Aislyn stated confidently with a hint of laughter.

I swam to the edge of the pool and was helped up by Harry.

"Sorry love, I regretted it once I threw you in but, not so much now.."

I was confused at first but it wasn't until I examined myself and my completely wet clothes. The see through white tee was stuck to me along with my shorts. My hair was drenched and was already curling at the ends.

I blushed as he continued to look me up and down. Suddenly Harry collided with me and we both fell into the pool. It was so unexpected that I didn't even have time to hold my breath. I quickly kicked as hard as I could, fear taking hold of me.

Luckily, I reached the surface and started coughing like crazy. Harry rose next to me flicking the wet hair out of his eyes.

"Oh my god, I'm so sorry love. It wasn't me, I swear." he apologized looking worriedly at me.

I nodded accepting his apology while I still took in deep breaths, grateful for oxygen. Harry and I both looked toward the edge of the pool to see a hysterically laughing Louis.

"Bulls eye!" Niall threw his head back laughing while giving Louis a high five.

I swam towards the edge, once more, disgusted by Louis' mean act.

"Sorry love, I meant to get Harry." Louis held out his hand for me.

"And you got double the points!" Niall slapped him on the back still laughing.

Anger and embarrassment flared up inside me. An idea popped into my head as I grabbed onto Louis' hand.

"No but I'm serious. I'm really sor--"

With all my strength I pulled Louis into the pool. Niall hollered, falling onto the floor clutching his stomach. Harry, who already got out of the pool, pointed at Louis while throwing his head back, laughing.


Louis' head popped up beside mine with a goofy smile.

"I can't believe you did that." I huffed still trying to stay afloat.

"Okay, maybe it was intentional but it was hilarious!"

I gasped and splashed him with water. "No it was not!"

He splashed back and automatically began a splash war between the boys and the girls.

After it seemed like an hour, Harry got out pushing his hair to the side with his thumb and said, "I'm kind of tired so I'm gonna head in."

"Me too!" Cece spoke a little too fast. She quickly got out of the pool and pulled on her skirt.

When the splash war first started she took off her skirt. I was disgusted until I noticed she had shorts under. Thank goodness.

"Yeah, same here." Brooklyn said, streaming the water out of her hair.

Chandler followed and so did the rest of the boys leaving Louis' and I alone in the pool.

"I'm guessing we should go..." I quietly spoke before paddling toward the entrance steps of the pool.

"Wait, Scarlett." Louis called after me.

I turned around to see him right behind me, "Hmm?"

His hand went to my face and pushed a strand of hair out of the way," Sorry it was bothering me."

I giggled yet inside I was disappointed. A part of me hoped he would kiss me yet another part didn't I can't like a guy who's always playing around. They need to know when to be serious.

Without another word I exited the pool streaming out my hair and walking inside leaving Louis to once again stare after me.


"Do you girls always take this long in the bathroom?" Liam called behind the bathroom door.

All us girls burst into a fit of giggles. We just needed a little touch up which turned into a tiny gossip moment.

"We'll be out in a minute." Brooklyn sing-songed.

We continued to giggle as Liam groaned but walked away.

"Okay so, what's up with you and Liam, Brooklyn?" Cece asked.

It was so weird having bonding time with the girls. Especially Cece! When I came into the house she practically jumped on me. She said Harry was coming to flirt with me again. She fixed my hair and wiped the mascara from underneath my eyes. She gave me a thumbs up right before Harry came into the room and she was right. He told me I looked hot wet. I found it to be extremely dirty but thank goodness Chandler came and pulled me away.

"What do you mean?" Brooklyn asked, tucking her hair behind her right ear.

"Oh come on Brook," Aislyn chuckled, "You totally have the hots for him!"

"I do not!" she protested which caused us to burst into another round of giggles.

"How about you Cece? What's going on with you an Harry?" I asked.

"Well uh I honestly don't know. One minute he's flirting with me, the next minute he's flirting with Scarlett." she nodded her head at me.

I looked down before I could meet any of the girls' gaze. I started to twirl my hair. I couldn't believe Harry Styles liked me or at least showed he did. I remember kissing his poster on my wall and almost dying when I heard his solo at one of their concerts last year but I can't believe that same guy is flirting with me. Especially in such a weird and dirty way. Does all boys flirt that way?

"It's so awkward when Harry flirts with me. It's always in a dirty way and I don't even know how to respond." I add to the conversation.

"Well how do you respond to Louis then?" Aislyn poked a finger in my cheek.

My eyes went wide, "What do you mean?"

"Oh come on Scarlett," Chandler jumped in, "don't you see the way he looks at you?"

I shrugged, "Well yeah but we just happen to lock eyes every time we look at each other, no big deal."

Brooklyn scoffed, "Mhm sure but you guys would look cute together! The goofball and the..."

"Mime!" Chandler squealed.

We all laughed, "So I'm a mime now? Thanks guys, thanks a lot."

I pretended to be trapped in a box then put an imaginary rope around Aislyn and pretended to pull her. Playing along we lurched forward making me throw my head back and laugh.

"No but seriously Louis and I are complete opposites. It'll never work."

The girls looked left to right mysteriously. "You guys could be like a magnet. The only way it could work if each side is opposite, then it'll attract." Brooklyn gave a little wink.

Suddenly a loud banging came from the door making us all jump. I clutched my hand to my chest.

"Okay girls, you've been in there wayyy to long." we heard Zayn's voice as he dragged the 'y'.

We all sat up from our small circle, checked our self in the mirror before opening the door revealing a ruffled up Zayn, mouth-full of chips Niall, groggily Harry, annoyed Liam, and wide-eyed Louis.

"Oh god, you girls look terrible." Louis spoke.

"Well thanks Louis, you don't look that bad yourself." I rolled my eyes.

Cece elbowed me before giving me a stern look. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. God, he probably hates me.

"Sorry." I mumbled.

"No worries." he said smiling.

How could he be smiling? I just insulted him?

"Anyways, the lads and I were gonna go out for dinner at this Olive Garden down town, you girls wanna join?" Liam asked.

We all nodded. This would be a perfect chance to apologize to Louis formally.

"But wait, we look horrible and we don't even have stuff like our personal stuff." Chandler said proving a point.

Since we were living here now, we needed to bring our living needs. Oh gosh, I didn't even call mom. She's probably freaking out.

I go to grab my phone out of my back pocket before my mouth opened wide.

"Oh. My. God." I froze with my hand still in my back pocket.

"What?" the boys and girls both asked in unison.

I slowly pulled out my dripping phone from my back pocket. "I forgot to take it out before..." I slowly glared at Harry, "...before Harry threw me into the pool."

Harry looked at my dripping white Iphone before meekly smiling, "Um, I'll buy you a new one after we stop at your girls' place."

I frowned but shrugged. "Thanks Harry."

I walked over and slowly gave him a hug, "I didn't mean to glare at you."

His arms instantly went around me, "It's okay love, it happens."

I pulled back blushing. I never hugged a boy before and my first hug comes from the one and only Harry Styles.

"Come on, let's go so we won't be late." Louis harshly spoke before brushing past us and down the stairs.

Harry frowned before running after him. I turned around and looked at the girls. Cece had her head in her hands, Brooklyn and Chandler looked down shaking their heads while Aislyn just stood at me shaking her head from side to side.

Oh gosh, what did I do now....


"Come on Scarlett, Liam's getting annoyed again." Aislyn giggled onto the phone.

"Okay, okay. I'm coming." I said into the new Iphone Harry got me before ending the call.

I quickly grabbed the last of my clothes and shoved them in the bag.

"Reminder to self, make sure Lou transforms my ugly fashion taste into something better and at least decent." I spoke to myself as I examined one of my shirts that fell out of my suitcase.

I quickly shivered before throwing it into the garbage can.

"Hey, I bought you this shirt." My mom sadly spoke as she pulled the most disgusting excuse for a shirt out of the garbage can.

"Sorry mom, but I'm living in a house full of five amazingly hot boys and you want me to wear that?" I looked at her with my eyebrows raised.

She gave it one more look before throwing it back in the trashcan, "Yeah, you're right."

I laughed as my mom slowly walked over to my bed and sat down next to my overflowing suitcase.

"So you really moving there? I mean do you have to?" she asked laying a hand on my suitcase.

I groaned, "Oh mom, we've talked about this. It's the only way for me to finally pursue my dreams of singing."

"I know I know," she nodded, "but I'm just scared my little Scar is going to change."

I looked over at my mom and felt like bursting into tears. I walked over to her and sat next to her. I laid my hand on hers giving it a reassuring squeeze, "I promise I won't change."

I gave her a peck on the cheek before grabbing the clothes I laid out on the bed for dinner. I quickly ran into the bathroom and changed. I wore a dark pair of jeans with a nice peach blouse. I slipped on the exact same color flats. I already took a quick shower, washing the chlorine out of my hair, so I began to straighten it.

"Why don't you curl your hair instead? Show the boys that sexy side of you." my mom said giving a wink.

"The sexy side of Scarlett? Please tell me you're joking." I laughed as I continued to straighten.

She continued to watch me until she finally said, "Please call me if you need anything. Like boy advice or just someone to talk too."

By now I've already straightened half of my hair. I looked at my mom and a sincere smile. "Always and forever mommy." I blew her a kiss before going back to my hair.

In five minutes tops, my hairs finished, I'm fully dressed, I smell like strawberries and Victoria Secret perfume,  and I'm dragging my suitcases and bags out the front door. My mom quickly came to my rescue as one of the bags slip from my hold.

"I'll carry this, sweetheart." she grunted as she walked over to the car.

Everyone sooner or later piled out of the car. Aislyn instantly jumped in to my mother's arms.

"Aislyn honey! How've you been?" my mother asked.

Aislyn looked around at the boys and girls, "Pretty.... Awesome!"

"Let me take this from you ma'am." Liam offered.

She let him take the bag and then looks over at me giving me a slight wink.

"You must be Scarlett's sister." Harry held out his hand.

My mother shook it while laughing, "I approve of this one honey!" she called out to me.

I blushed as I continued to drag my suitcase to the car.

"Let me take it love." Louis reached for the bags. He quickly lifted my duffel bag over his shoulder and dragged both suitcases with one hand.

I quickly hurried over to the trunk to make room for my stuff.

"Thanks Louis." I smile at him.

He gently places it in the trunk before placing both hands on the truck lid above and stared at me.

"What are you always staring at me?" I giggled before twirling my hair.

"Why do you always twirl your hair?" he challenged.

"Because I'm nervous."

"Exactly my reason." he spoke before closing the trunk.

He turned around and leaned back crossing his arms over his chest.

"So you look at me when you're nervous?" I asked feeling the blush creep up to my cheeks.

"Yeah, I guess you could say that, " he said looking up at the stars in the sky, "just looking at you makes me feel calm."

I almost feel the urge to kiss him before the voice in my head screams at me.

No having physical relationships with any of the boy members.

Louis and I are complete opposites.

We'll never work.

"Hey, you okay." Louis placed a hand on my shoulder and looked at me worriedly.

I always laughed when I read a book or watched a movie and the main character always said, "And when we touched, sparks flew." I did until now anyways. I felt the sparks. I felt the energy flow between Louis and I and I know he felt it to cause he smiled at me.

You guys could be like a magnet. The only way it could work if each side is opposite, then it'll attract.

What do you know.

Opposites do attract.

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