When Opposites Attract

Scarlett Johansen was a normal 18 year old girl. Well it depends on how you define normal. She's not very popular, she's very shy, and does not like to draw attention to herself. One thing that does make her different is, Scarlett loves to sing. She would love to go pro but the only thing holding her back is her shyness and insecurities but that all changes when she meets her complete opposite. He's known as the funny guy with an outgoing personality of her favorite band, One Direction. When she tries out for a singing competition with her best friend, Aislyn, she meets them but will her self issues cause some trouble for herself in the future? Read on to find out(:


11. Chapter 11

"Okay now let's try it one more time," Simon clasped his hands together, "5, 6, 7, 8.."

"Used to be your baby, used to be your lady. Thought I was your perfect lover." we sang.

"We have pizza!" I heard the familiar Irish accent scream. The girls and I stopped singing and turned our heads to find each of the boys carrying three boxes of pizza.

"Food!" Aislyn screamed. She dropped her mic on the floor, jumped off the stage, and ran toward the boys.

"I'm guessing we'll continue this later..." Brooklyn looked over at Simon who sighed, "Yeah. Just hurry girls."

Gently placing our mics on the floor, unlike Aislyn, we hopped off the stage and joined the others. Aislyn and Niall were already stuffing their faces with their second slice of pizza.

"Mmmmm." Aislyn moaned with her eyes closed.

"This is soooo good...mmm" Niall moaned along.

I eyed them weirdly before opening one of the pizza boxes. I was about to grab a slice when Liam called me over.

"I got you pizza already love! Over here!"

I made my way over toward him with a smile forming on my face. That was sweet of him. I regrettably cast a look in Louis' direction to see him glaring at Liam. I felt a pang of pain in my stomach. I wish I could just go over and sit next to him like our argument didn't happen.

"Here you go love." Liam said while he handed me a paper plate with two slices of pepperoni pizza on top. I mumbled a quick thank you before devouring the first half of the pizza. It was hot but I was too hungry to care.

"You guys were right," I looked over at Niall and Aislyn, "this pizza isss good."

They nodded as they took another bite of their third slice. I finished off my first pizza and placed the crust back on my plate. I wasn't really a fan of pizza crusts, I usually gave them to my mom to eat or sometimes Aislyn.

"You gonna eat that?" Liam asked with a mouthful of pizza. Pizza sauce was slowly making it's way down his chin.

I looked down at my plate before holding it out to him, " No, I don't like crusts so you can have it."

He looked at my plate then at his hands. One hand was holding his pizza while the other was holding his Coca-Cola soda can. I giggled before picking up the crust myself, "Here, I got it."

I held it out in front of Liam who took a bite. He wasn't able to rip it so I had to pull the crust  as he shook his head. Finally it ripped causing us both to corrupt in laughter.

"Way to go Liam, getting the girls to feed you." Niall laughed. He turned to Aislyn as he wiggled his eyebrows. She chuckled before putting on a straight face, "How about you feed me?"

Niall shrugged as he grabbed his crust off his plate. Aislyn was about to bite into it before Chandler came around and snatched it.

"It's mine now! Ha ha suckers!" she shoved the breadstick into her mouth causing her cheeks to puff up.

We all burst out laughing making Chandler almost spit out her food. Still laughing, I walked over to get another slice. Opening the box, I saw there was only one slice left.

So, we meet again pizza

I go to reach it but I quickly pull back my hand as it makes contact with flesh. I look over to see a wide-eyed Louis.

"Oh, sorry. You can have it."

"No no. It's fine." I said, my eyes not leaving his, "You saw it first."

He didn't speak but just looked at me as if he wanted to say something. We stayed like this until we were snapped out of our trance but a loud sound.

"Let's get back to rehearsing now ladies." Harry announced as he clasped his hands together.

I looked at the ground and so did Louis. Could this get any more awkward?

"I'm sorry for what I said earliar..."

"No, I am. I should've just came out with the truth."

Louis looked up from the floor with an emotion I couldn't place.

"I do like you Louis. I really do." I said sincerely trying to put all my feelings into it. Louis' face lit up and he smiled. I blushed as he slowly leaned forward.

"Okay, now let's continue this!" Simon's voice hollered making Louis' and I both groan in annoyance.

"We will do this. One day." Louis chuckled.

I blushed as I nodded. We both walked back to the stage. I joined the girls while the boys sat where the audience would be sitting.

"Now let's try this again, okay girls?" Simon clasped his hands together and cued the man at the stereo booth.

"Used to be your baby, used to be your lady, thought you were the perfect lover." we sang again.

"Wait wait hold on." Simon cued the stereo man to cut off the music and looked at us thoughtfully.

"Is something wrong?" Cece asked clearly annoyed.

"I think the first verse should be a solo." Harry called out.

"Yeah, that is what I was thinking but what I'm trying to figure out is who would be perfect to take it on."

"I could." Cece raised her hand.

Even though Cece always gets the lead role and some parts may not be for her, this one actually seems suited to her.

"I agree, she would be perfect." I throw out there.

Simon continues to think until finally sighing, "I guess, let's try it out."

"Used to be your baby, used to be your lady, thought you were the perfect lover." Cece sang.

Simon nodded and started to clap. "There we go."


We finished rehearsal in less than 4 hours. Simon had to leave a bit early due to a conference meeting he totally forgot about. The boys and us girls decided to go out for dinner. We decided to walk since it was such a beautiful night. We ended up getting lost into a deeper part of town but nobody seemed afraid because we had each other. Us girls were walking up in the front while the boys were a bit behind though.

"So where do you guys want to eat?" Cece called out behind her.

"Anywhere but Olive Garden." Niall yelled back laughing.

Us girls were in a deep conversation of who would look the weirdest, out of the boys, with a bald head when I was the first one to notice the group of four to five boys standing at the corner of the street.

"Hey guys let's cut to the other side of the street." I quickly suggested.

"Why?" Brooklyn asked. I nodded toward the group of guys and she shrugged.

"They're not going to bother us. Maybe a few disturbing comments here and there but that's it. I dealt with boys like these all the time in Brooklyn."

I looked at the girl's faces and they all seemed fine with Brooklyn's reassurance except for Chandler.

"I think Scarlett's right. I'm going to stay here and wait for the boys." Chandler crossed her arms and leaned up against a brick wall beside us. I decided to stay with her. The girls went on ahead though.

I swear, you could hear my heart slamming against my chest as the three girls walked past the group of guys. You could hear there disgusting comments and whistles from here.

"God, I feel bad for Cece. She shouldn't have worn that tight skirt." Chandler said putting her feet up against the wall behind her and biting her lip.

"That's Cece for you." I rolled my eyes. I looked back to see the boys were quite far away.

"When did the boys put that much distance between us?" I asked Chandler.

She took her focus away from the group of guys and looked at our boys. She shrugged but then returned back to what she was focused on before.

I started to say, "I hope they hurry--"

"Oh dear God.."

My heart literally leaped out of my chest as I jumped to conclusions, looking over at the group of guys.

Oh no...

Two of them started walking toward us while three of them stayed back.

"Don't pay attention to them, like Brooklyn said." I whispered intently.

Chandler and I kept our heads down, hoping they were just passing but of course they weren't. They stopped right in front of us. I slowly looked up to examine our new company. It was sad that the two guys in front of us were actually good-looking.

The one in front of me seemed seventeen and was tall. Like Harry tall and he had short brown hair. What intrigued me was his hazel eyes.

The guy who stood in front of Chandler who looked about eighteen was dirty blonde and had the bieber-do. Or the used-to-be-bieber-do. He flipped it out of his eyes and smiled down at Chandler.

If these boys weren't so scary-looking and hanging out around the street at night, I would've considered them hot if I saw them at the mall.

"What's you girls' names?" the blonde one asked with a flip of his hair. I don't understand how he didn't get whiplash from that.

"I-I'm Chandler and this is my friend S-Scarlett." Chandler spoke. Way to go Chandler, make us seem scared and weak.

"And what's your names?" I asked, crossing my arms. All you have to do is seem tough and maybe they'll leave us alone.

"My names Erick and this is Danny." the dirty blonde one introduced.

"So what are a couple of pretty ladies like you two, walking around these streets at night?" the one in front me, named Danny, said, "It's dangerous at this time of night."

"Very dangerous." Erick chirped in.

The way these boys were staring at us made a shiver go up my spine. I watched Danny took a stepped forward toward me as his dirty but beautiful hazel eyes raked my body. I cast a glance just in time to see Erick do the same toward Chandler while licking his lips.

"Look guys, we were just passing through. We weren't planning on being sluts tonight." Chandler smiled while gently pushing Erick.

I wanted to give Chandler the biggest high-five ever. Way to be brave girl!

Erick only gave a deep chuckle before gently pushing Chandler against the wall. "Well, we could always change your schedule, right babe?"

I felt disgusted at the way he used 'babe'. It didn't feel right. Usually if a boy would say 'babe' I would turn red or feel all mushy but hearing Erick say, made me want to gag.

"Come on Scarlett, let's leave." Chandler grabbed my wrist and started to pull me away from our new friends but I was easily yanked back.

"Woah woah woah," it was Erick who had grabbed my other wrist, "that's a nice name you got there, Scarlett." he dragged out my name and I felt like throwing up.

"Look Erick, why don't you and your little friend Danny just go back to your little posse or whatever." Chandler tried to push him away from me and he roughly pushed her back. I was too scared to move. I was completely frozen. That brave Scarlett was gone.

"Look, why don't you leave and just leave Scarlett here, I'm sure she wants to stay." Erick gave another deep chuckle and leaned his body against mine leaning in for a kiss.

"Ew gross, get away." I pushed him against his chest. This must be a routine for him because once I pushed him, he seemed to have expected it.

He grabbed both of my wrists and pinned them above my head, against the brick wall behind us. "Now, don't be a naughty girl Scarlett."

"Get away from her!" Chandler lunged at Erick only to be grabbed mid air by Danny.

Where are the girls?

Where are the boys?

Erick laughed at the struggling Chandler and so did Danny.

"Can you just leave us alone." I spit finally finding my own voice.

"And why can't you just have a little bit of fun?" I didn't expect him to lean in so fast. His kiss was a sloppy mess. He basically shoved his tongue down my throat! I guess it was a good thing because it gave me the most wonderful idea.

"Ouch! What the fu-- what the?" Erick touched his tongue with his hand and noticed the blood on his fingers.

"What'd she do?" Danny asked.

"She bit me!" Erick exclaimed wildly. He looked over at me with dark eyes, "Now you're really gonna get it."

"Run Scar! Run!" Chandler screamed.

Erick reached for my hands but I took off in a sprint before he could grab me. I made sure to run the opposite of where Erick and Danny's gang were standing.

I could hear Chandler's scream which made me run faster.


I ran straight into someone and was about to scream until I realized who it was.

"Omg Harry!" I leaped into his arms. I buried my face into his neck and started to cry.

"Scarlett, what's wrong?" he pushed me away but held me at my shoulders, looking me in the eyes.

"Told ya mate, scaring her was a bad idea-- woah Scarlett, are you okay?" Niall asked. The boys followed behind them.

Louis rushed to my side, pushing an annoyed looking Harry away. "Scar, what's wrong?"

I tried to speak but all that came out were heaved breathes.

"Come on Scarlett, talk to me." Louis urged.

"There's th-- these group of gu-- guys. They-y got me-- an-- and Ch--Chandler." I stuttered with breathes in between.

Just then Niall took off running toward the direction I came from with Harry and Zayn following shortly.

"Babe, are you okay?" Liam came over to me.

"Liam, I think you should go help the mates, she said there was a group." Louis spoke sternly.

Liam's mouth formed a straight line before nodding and taking off toward the boys.

"Scarlett, love are you okay?"

Louis' words seemed muffled and distant even though he was right there beside me. Then I felt my body become heavy and I feel myself fall to the floor but I don't feel the cold hard ground. I feel warmness and the softness of skin.

"I got you babe."

Louis grunted as he slowly laid me down, with my head on his shoulder.

"I knew you girls needed your space but dammit, I didn't think this would happen." Louis grumbled as he looked out toward the darkened street.

"It's not your fault Louis--" I started out but he cut me off.

"Yes it is! It's me own damn fault for letting you guys walk up there alone," he looked down at me, his blue eyes looking as if he's looking through my soul, "I wouldn't be able to live with myself if something would have happened to you."

We sat there for a few moments, staring into each other's eyes until we heard a scream. Without thinking I quickly stood up only to have Louis catch me again.

"Let me help you." He put my arm around his shoulder to help support me as his arm wrapped around my waist.

Slowly walking, we made our way to a group of people. We started to walk faster until we saw two of the figures start running to us. We both tensed up until we noticed it was Chandler and Niall.

"Oh my gosh, Scarlett!" She screamed running into my open arms.

"Chandler, I thought something bad was going to happen to you!" I cry. The tears were coming again at the thought of losing Chandler.

"Harry came in first and punched Erick, then Zayn came in and punched Danny. Niall quickly took off running with me in tow because we saw you two."

We both pull away and I gasp, "Chandler what happened to your face?" I exclaimed.

"What do you mean? Is there something wrong with her face?" Niall butts in.

Chandler looks at her feet but Niall lifts her chin up toward the dim light casting from an old streetlamp.

"Oh my God..." Niall exclaimed...

"It's not that bad--"

"Did he slap you?" Niall asked in a soft tone.

"It's fine Niall--"

"I swear to God if he laid a hand on you!" Niall screamed, "Chandler, which one of them slapped you?"


"God dammit Chandler! Which one of them slapped you?"

"Erick!" she screamed, "The blonde one!"

"Oh hell no." with that Niall took off running.

With all the yelling I felt myself boost up from the adrenaline. Erick touched Chandler. Erick slapped Chandler. Erick touched my freaking Chandler.

Erick's going to die.

"Louis watch over Chandler." With that I took off running, ignoring his and Chandler's protests.

When I come to the group of guys fighting I feel myself smile. Harry is holding two guys against a wall while Zayn is punching them. I see Liam kick one that's already on the floor and now it's just him and another guy who looks rather familiar.


But where's Niall?

I looked around frantically through the group of sweaty fighting men and finally found him. He was on top of somebody, most likely Erick, punching the daylights out of him.

I maneuvered my way around the guys and found myself excluded with only Niall and Erick.

With the way Niall was punching Erick, it seemed as if Erick was going to pass out any moment but he didn't as he pushed Niall off and quickly stood up. With a swift movement Erick kicked Niall right in the stomach. Niall let out a grunt and a cough from the rough impact but that wasn't all. Erick kept on kicking him.

Come on Scarlett!

Do something!

Don't just stand there!

I took off and tackled Erick. It clearly took him off guard because we both fell to the ground.

"Look who it is." Erick laughed, "Sad I was beating up your boy friend?"

"Scarlett, get out of here!" Niall grunted trying to get up.

"You can stay where you are." Erick kicked Niall again with a laugh,

That's it.

"Hey Erick." I called out.

He turned around amused that I actually talked.

"Why don't you come over here and actually fight me? You too scared?" I taunted.

Erick smirked and turned completely around to face me. I looked at Niall who gave me a look of horror.

"What are you doing?" he mouthed but I ignored him.

"Look sweetie, I don't want to hurt you. I wouldn't want that sexy body of yours getting messed up." he came over and touched my face.

With that I kicked him in the crotch making him bend down making it an open opportunity to punch him upwards. He flew backwards holding his chin.


By then Niall tackled him to the ground. After being securely on top of him, he threw punches. One right after another. Suddenly the pain came rushing to my hand and held on to it with dear life. God, this is why I never fought in high school.

Too busy clutching my hand, I didn't notice Danny come up from behind me and tackle me to the ground.

"Scarlett!" Niall screamed. He gave one last punch to Erick who seemed knocked out and ran over to where I was being held captive.

"Woah woah, not so fast, blondie. One more step and I'll slit her throat." I was confused by Danny's choice of words until I felt the sharp cool metal against my neck.

"Niall what the--" Harry came around panting until he saw Danny and I.

"Scarlett.." he whispered, "oh god, please don't hurt her."

Danny laughed and spit before talking, "You are so pathetic."

Liam, Zayn, and Louis with Chandler then came over and gasped.

"I swear to God if you don't let her go, we'll make sure we'll be the last thing you'll ever see." Zayn threatens.

Even with my life on the lines, I couldn't help but smile. These boys care so much for me they'll do anything.

"I'd like to see you guys try." Danny laughs.

Liam takes a step forward but that only makes things worse. I feel the knife against my neck pierce my skin even more and could feel the line of blood trickle down my neck.

"No!" Chandler lunges for the man but gets held back by Niall.

"Let me go Niall!" she screams but Niall doesn't budge.

Danny laughs obviously satisfied at his power over them.

"Oh what's this?" Danny asks looking over at my neck, "there's seems to be a bit blood, let me get that for you."

He takes his slimy tongue and wipes it across my neck.

I close my eyes but then his tongue is no longer there, as well as the knife and the warmness of his body. I look around frantically until I find Danny on the ground pinned by Louis. It seems Louis barely cares how he hits as long as he hits Danny due to his rapid but messy punches. It's quite a scary site. I feel like I'm watching my hero turn into a monster.

"That's enough Louis, you're going to kill him." Liam calls out but Louis doesn't stop.

"You bastard!" Louis screams at him continuing to punch.

"Louis!" Liam shouts now.

This time Louis does stop and turns to face us. His eyes lock with mine and I literally feel scared. I know I shouldn't be because he did this to save me but I've never seen this side of Louis and it scares me a lot.

Harry walks over to Louis and helps him off Danny who is now moaning and motionless on the floor.

"Liam?" I ask.

Liam looks down at me and raises his eyebrows.

"Can we please go home now. I seem to have lost my appetite."

He gives a small smile before nodding, "Course love."






"Where the bloody hell have you guys been?" Lou greets us when Chandler, the boys, and I walk in. I called Aislyn and told her and the girls to meet us back home and that I'll explain everything when they get here.

"We were walking around town, enjoying the night." Liam spoke for us.

Lou crossed her arms and tapped her foot in thought, "Alright then, up to bed. I have to go home to Lux now. I feel so bad for the babysitter, having her stay till one in the morning."

One in the morning!? Is that the time?

"You guys behave now." With that Lou gave us all kisses and went out the door. Thank goodness only one dim light came from the lamp in the living room or Lou, for sure, would've questioned our ragged clothes and bruised faces.

We all went upstairs, Chandler and I to her room, and the boys to theirs. We agreed to meet in Liam's in ten minutes.

"I'm sorry Scarlett." Chandler spoke after five minutes of sitting on her bed in silence.

"For what?" I scoffed.

"For suggesting to stay behind, if we only would've agreed with Brooklyn--"

"Shut up." I cut her off. She looks up at me with tears stained eyes and a confused face.


"Shut up," I repeat, "this wasn't your fault. It was none of our faults. Just bad timing."

She sniffled and gave a little nod. I scooted closer to her and pulled her into a hug.

"Are you going to tell me what happened after I left?" I asked.

"Only if you tell me what happened when you left after Niall." she giggled a bit making a small laugh come out of me.

"Let's just wait till Liam's rooms." I decided and she nodded, agreeing.

Suddenly all three girls, Cece, Brooklyn, and Aislyn, came into the room laughing.

They all looked at us and choked on their last laugh.

"Oh my god!" Cece screamed.

"What happened to you guys!" Aislyn exclaimed.

They all ran over to us trying to take in what they see before them.

"Is it that bad?" I chuckled trying to lighten the mood but it seemed I was the only one who laughed.

"Well considering your arm has a bruise and you have dried blood and a cut on your neck." Cece pointed out.

"And Chandler has a red mark on her cheek and a bruise forming on her right temple.." Brooklyn also throws in.

"Well, we have to meet in Liam's room now so I guess everything will be explained to you guys there." Chandler said getting up and walking out the room.

The girls looked between the door, me, and themselves before following Chandler. I got up myself and started to head out the room but something stopped me.

My own reflection.

I didn't recognize the girl in the mirror. Dirty, wrinkled clothes, hair all over the place, bruised face, and a bloody neck.

Maybe I'm destined to be a vampire I thought, making myself chuckle.

With one last glance I scurried out the room and into Liam's. I've never been In Liam's room but I see he shared it with Niall, unless Liam has a strange obsession with the Ireland flag.

All the boys were on Liam's bed including Chandler so I decided to sit with them, while Cece, Aislyn, and Brooklyn sat across on Niall's bed.

"So what happened after we left?" Brooklyn spoke up first.

"Well," Chandler replied before I could, "we decided to wait for the boys and after awhile two of the guys from that gang or whatever you want to call them, came over and started messing with Scarlett and I..."

"In what way?" Louis and Niall said at the same time.

Chandler seemed to overwhelmed so I spoke for her. "They kept trying to touch us and kiss us. It was rather horrid."

I could feel Louis tense up beside me as well as Niall. This is going to be a long night.

"Anyways, we tried to leave but that Erick dude kept trying to get with Scarlett.."

I felt Louis tense up once again. If only our knees weren't touching...

Oh please, don't continue.

"He tried to kiss her and he actually did one time--"

"God! I wish I would've killed that Bastard!" Louis yells scaring everyone.

My heart is beating out my chest as the one I know as Louis, the sensitive, funny, silly, random, sweet, prankster, turns into a angry monster once again.

"Calm down mate." Zayn pats his shoulder.

"Anyways, um, when he Erick tried to kiss her, she bit his tongue and took off running."

"Then what happened to you?" I asked, eager to know.

"Well," Chandler gulped, " Erick tried to kiss me but I spit in his face and we started to argue and eventually he slapped me."

"You know, I should've helped you murder that cunt." Niall says through his teeth.

"That's when I bit Danny's hand, the other guy, but Erick tackled me to the ground and that's when-"

"-We came, right?" Harry finished for her. She nodded.

Zayn explained the rest of beating up the other group of guys.

"We didn't kill them but the thought was there for sure."

I totally forgot the girls who sat across from us. They all were crying and had a look of horror on their faces.

"Now it's Scarlett's turn to tell us what happened after you went after Niall."

I looked at the group around me with their faces eager to know the story. So I told them.

I told them from when Niall was beating the crap out of Erick to me tackling him to me punching Erick causing a chuckle to go around the room. Then Niall told the rest of when Danny came and then Harry told the rest of what happened when everyone showed up.

"I'm so shocked, I don't even know what to say..." Cece whispered.

"I'm so sorry guys." Aislyn sniffled.

"It's all my fault!" Brooklyn yelled, while standing up from the bed, "If I only were to stay with you guys, none of this would've happened!" she drops to her knees and buries her face in her hands.

I'm the first one to rush over to her. "Stop saying that Brooklyn. If you were there or even if all us girls were there, there would be more than two girls here tonight that would be hurt and that's unacceptable."

She looks up at me and I wipe the tears from her eyes, "I'm just glad you guys are safe." I looked between her and Cece and Aislyn.

"Um guys.." Chandler squeaked out.

We all look toward her wondering if someone forgot to say something.

"Can I have a hug, please?"

Niall was the first to run to her and embrace her in a tight bear hug. The rest of us ran in afterwards, enjoying each other's company and touch.

"I don't know how I've lived eighteen years without you guys." I spoke making everyone go 'Awe'.

At this moment in time, I honestly wish it would freeze and we could all just hug each other knowing that we're safe in each others arms.




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