When Opposites Attract

Scarlett Johansen was a normal 18 year old girl. Well it depends on how you define normal. She's not very popular, she's very shy, and does not like to draw attention to herself. One thing that does make her different is, Scarlett loves to sing. She would love to go pro but the only thing holding her back is her shyness and insecurities but that all changes when she meets her complete opposite. He's known as the funny guy with an outgoing personality of her favorite band, One Direction. When she tries out for a singing competition with her best friend, Aislyn, she meets them but will her self issues cause some trouble for herself in the future? Read on to find out(:


1. Big News

"Scarlett Johansen, Aislyn Jorge, Brooklyn Joy, and Cecelia.... uh..."

"It's Cece." a blonde girl rose from a chair on the opposite side of the room.

"Can you spell Slut?" Aislyn whispered to me.

"Um, C-E-C-E?" I answered.

This so called girl named Cece was wearing a tight white blouse with a very short pink skirt. She had straight beach blonde hair, similar to Aislyn's. What stood out was her eyes. Her character may look snotty, but her eyes were a beautiful and innocent bluish green.

She sent Aislyn and I a glare as we stood up and giggled.

As we walked up to the man who called our names, I looked around for the other two girls who were called. I instantly spotted them, they were the only ones standing up and making their way toward us. One had dark brown curly hair with blue eyes. She wore a plaid, long sleeve shirt. The sleeves were rolled up right before her elbows. She wore navy blue shorts with the same color toms. She was super pretty. The other girl who was right behind her had a smile on her face. She has long beach blonde curly hair with blue eyes. She looked like she was sixteen. A little too young for this competition in my opinion. All in all, I think she is adorable. She had on turquoise shorts with a pink top and a turquoise bow.

"Okay girls we had a slight problem. It seems Simon is getting very disappointed with only solo acts. He demanded at least one group of girls to be together, even if that means I have to make one myself. I randomly chose all of you to be that one group. That is why you're all here."

On cue, we all examined our new band mates. I half smiled at all of them, except Cece. The bubbly girl plastered a smile on her face and said, "Hey guys!"

"Now you guys are going to go last so you guys could pick your new song and arrangements and what not. Sound good?"

We all nodded.

"Great. Follow me please."

We all, silently, followed. We went through a maze of hallways before stopping at a gray door.

"Here you go ladies."

We thanked him and walked inside. Already placed in a circle were five chairs. Cece quickly took the biggest chair, leaving the remaining boring four for us.

Aislyn and I sat next to each other. The brown haired girl sat next to me and sadly the bubbly girl sat next to her, leaving Aislyn to sit next to Cece.

"Well I guess I'll start," the bubbly girl spoke, " Hi guys, my name is Chandler Pop. I am originally from Tennesse and I'm 17 at the moment but I will be turning 18 in two months."

When nobody went next, the brown haired girl who sat next to me stood up, "Hey guys. My name is Brooklyn Joy. I'm from, and I'm not joking, Brooklyn, New York. I'm currently 19 and yeah that's about it."

She sat back down and ran her hand through her hair, pushing it back.

"Okay guys," I said standing up, " My name is Scarlett Johansen. I'm 18 years old and I'm originally from California."

Aislyn then stood up, "Hi guys. My name is Aislyn Forge. I just turned 18 a month ago and I'm also from California. Scarlett and I are best friends so yeah."

We all looked at Cece waiting for her. She sighed, taking her time, standing up.

"My name is Cece. I just turned 19 last month and I'm originally from Florida."

We sat silently for about five minutes before Chandler spoke, "Hey so since we are now in a band, shouldn't we come up for a song and like rehearse?"

"She's right," Brooklyn spoke up, "We need to see how each other sing and find the main voices and the back ones."

"Also we need a leader and since I'm the oldest, I say I should be." Cece stated standing up.

Aislyn and I both stood up.

"Okay, first off let's all sing a few verses of a song." Cece instructed.

Chandler volunteered to sing first. She sang the chorus of 'Stay' by Rihanna. Her voice was so soft and perfect it was unbelievable. Once she started to sing, I think we could all feel the emotion she put into it. When she finished, a huge grin spread on her face and she took a bow. Aislyn, Brooklyn, and I clapped frantically while Cece clapped only twice.

"That was amazing!" Brooklyn complimented with her face in complete shock.

"Totally!" I agreed.

Chandler giggled before turning to Brooklyn, "Now you go."

Brooklyn once again ran her hand through hair and stood up straight. Her voice was absolutely wonderful. She sang Heart Attack by Demi Lovato. She hit the best part of the song, letting her voice fill the room.

"That was so much better than mine!" Chandler mused.

Brooklyn scoffed before turning to me and smiling, "Your turn Scarlett."

Nervously I started to twirl a strand of my hair. I always seem to twirl my hair when I'm nervous. I just can't help it.

"Tell them, tell them all I know now.
Shout it from the roof tops, write it on the sky light.
All we've had is gone now. Tell them I was happy
and my heart is broken, all my scars are open.
Tell them what I thought would be.."

When I sang 'Impossible' Brooklyn joined in with me, perfectly harmonizing. Chandler soon joined in and so did Aislyn. Cece, however, scolded us. We completely got lost in the song. We would've finished if Cece didn't get so angry.

"Okay, I only said a few verses." Cece interrupted angrily.

We all stared at her, confused. Why would she be so angry? We just found out we could harmonize.

"Now I didn't get to hear Scarlett's true voice so I don't know if she'll be able to handle a big solo."

"Oh I could sing agai--."

"Anyways," Cece continued leaving me to stare at her, "Aislyn, show us your voice."

Aislyn looked at me and I gave her the Go-On look. She stood up, pulling down her shorts a bit. Aislyn sang the chorus to Since U Been Gone by Kelli Clarkson. I can honestly say that I am jealous of my best friend. She's gorgeous and she has an amazing voice.

"That was good." Cece stated monotone when she finished.

"Your turn Cece!" Chandler said motioning her to stand up.

Flipping her hair back, she stood up. Her choice of song was Here's To Never Growing Up by Avril Lavigne. Sad to sad, she was good. Really good.

"Okay, I think Me, Aislyn, and Chandler should have the solo's and Scarlett and Brooklyn can sing the back and chorus."

Aislyn and Chandler frowned. Brooklyn crossed her arms while I just stared at the ground. Maybe I wasn't really a good singer. Maybe I should just quit this competition...

"Hey, imma get some water." I said before quickly walking out the room, trying to hold in the tears that threatened to fall.

"Yeah me two." I heard Aislyn say before she chased after me.

From the running to the fountain, I've sucked it up. I took a sip of water just in time to see Aislyn.... Brooklyn, and Chandler?

"Hey are you okay?" Brooklyn asked me with a concerned face.

"Huh? Oh yeah just got choked up." I lied.

"Yeah sure. Look I think you have the best voice in this group." Brooklyn smiled.

"Yeah definitely! I wanted you to get a solo, not Cece." Chandler chimed in.

Aislyn nodded along, "Yeah babe. Don't let it get to you. You are an amazing singer. I just hope whoever we're performing for see's the greatness in you." she patted me on the shoulder.

"Thanks guys." I said looking down with a smile.

I have a feeling these girls are going to become close.


"Okay so I already picked a song. We're singing Truly, Madly, Deeply by One Direction." Cece announced when we arrived back in the room.

"Why that song? I mean don't get me wrong, I loooove One Direction but why not Little Mix considering they're all girls?" Brooklyn asked.

"Omg! I love One Direction too!" Aislyn, Chandler, and I both squealed.

"Enough girls. Gosh, I swear you're all five years old." Cece said while rolling her eyes, "We're singing their song because that's who we're performing for."

My heart stopped and I froze. Instantly my hand went up to hair and started to twirl the first strand it found. Did she say what I think she said?

"Wh--what?," I stuttered, "who are we performing for?"

Cece smirked, " One. Direction."



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