Guardian Angel

TJ is the outcast of the school. He eats and sits alone at lunch in a corner. No one every notices him in or out of school. And his alcoholic dad couldn't care less about him. There were only two people in TJ's life that meant a lot to him, and they are both dead. TJ just wants to get away from it all. That's why he cuts and smokes. To take away some of the pain even for brief periods of time. But TJ is about to meet his guardian angel that will change his whole life.


1. Lost

*TJ's POV*

I rolled down the street on my black petty board. I was gonna be late for school and all because my no good father. He used to be a great dad, until my mom past away about 2 years ago and he became an alcoholic. I guess after my mom died everything just went down hill. I didn't use to be some "emo scumbag". I used to be just some kid with long black hair, but I was happy. Now I was depressed all the time, and had the scars to prove it. Since my mom died, I didn't really have anyone to talk to. A few months before that my best friend Mikey died. Mikey and I had been best friends since birth. Literally. Our parents were friends. We were born like a month apart and ever since we had been best friends. About 3 years ago, Mikey got drunk and decided to go joy riding. He hit a semi and was in the ICU for a few months before he past away too. In that time period my mom had stage 4 cancer and past away.

I ran into school right before the bell rang and I ran up to my locker and opened it up and put my petty board in it. Then I shut it and headed off to class. Everyone assumed that I was stupid but to be honest, I love to learn. I was a strait A student, well almost. I usually managed a B or A- in science and math cause those were my worst subjects. I was the kind of student that as long as I wrote stuff down in my notebook, I would remember it. I never studied and I did pretty well on the tests.  Of coarse no one ever knew that except for Mikey and mom and well, they weren't here and no one at school bothered to talk to me. I didn't blame them. Who would want to hang out with some emo kid.

The lunch bell rang and I headed off to the 300 hall in the back of the school. The 300 hall was usually called "make-out hall" cause it was the only place in the school that didn't have camera's. I go there everyday to eat lunch. All the kids making out don't mind me just sitting there. I'm invisible to them. Usually after lunch I go out make by the Marilyn Monroe trailer to smoke. I don't think I really need to explain why its called the Marilyn Monroe trailer.

I pulled my pack of cigarettes out of my pocket and took one out and lit it. I accidentally breathed it in and started coughing. I had made that mistake the first few times I started. When I first started, I could almost hear my mom saying "Now TJ, you know that's not good for you. Just put them back and go play some basketball or something," I sighed at the thought as I tossed my cigarette in the trashcan and walked inside. I knew I shouldn't smoke. I'm sure every time I did my mom was having a fit up in heaven. I'm sure she tried to convince God to let her come back and save me. But no one could save me now. I was a lost cause.

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