Ashley Bella Payne: New Family, New Life

Ashley parents died when she was only 8, now shes in a foster home being adopted by no other then One Direction! She starts a new life with her family, what could go wrong? Shes a nice girl and she gets good grades. She is a normal 15 year old girl. But what is she going to do when her family get kidnap? Will she risk her life? Or will she stay and panick? Find out here!


6. Shopping time! -Part 1

Ashley's P.O.V

 Laim took me up to my room where my 2 bags were. "Sorry if the room is not decorates, Paul told us to adopt really late so we didn't have the time to decorate". He said. "It's ok, i don't mind sleeping in a white room". I chuckle. "Well, it's only 1 now, so we can go shopping if you want to"? I nodded. "Ok, go grab the boys i need to change". I nodded then went to get the rest of the boys.

Zayn's P.O.V

  Am happy we adopt Ashley. Shes sweet and her acent is so cute. I cant wait for her to meet Perrie. Perrie will be like another mom to her. I was about to say something to Harry before Ashley walked in. "Hey guys, Um Laim said were going bedroom shopping. He said meet him in the car". We all nodded and headed to the car.

Ashley P.O.V

 Laim said we were going shopping for my bedroom and hes going to buy me some cloths. I told him i really don't need cloths. I don't want him wasting his money on me, but he insisted. Zayn, Louise, Harry, and Nial all went to the car. I waited in the living room for Laim. I wonder what taking him so long. I went up to his room and i heard him talking. Am not going to listen to his convestation because that will be rude. I knock on the door and waited for him. "Hey, I came here to get you. You were taking a long time." He nodded and smile. "Yea, sorry i was talking to my friend about you. She says she can't wait to meet you." He replied giving me a smile. I nodded then we head out to the door.

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