Save Me

What happens to a young high school girl when she uncovers the true identity of her replacement teacher...Will she be in total danger or will she even die for the one she truely disires and loves the most. Lies will be told, Hearts will be tested, lives could be at stake and people she love will be in danger forever.
Save me...


7. Chapter 7

Bejin smiled as he walked over and grabbed my hand.

He pulled me up and lightly tugged on my arm, for me to follow him.

we reached the stairs when Bejin playfully picked me up in his arms.

I hugged him closely giggling into his chest.

Bejin stopped at the top of the stairs and put me down kissing the top of my head.

I stared at him wondering what he was going to do next.

Bejin just laughed and nodded towards the opened door.

I nodded back and lead the way into the room knowing he would follow me.

Bejin did follow and he walked over to the bed and sat down smiling.

I knew I had to turn him on now, and luckily I knew his turn on spots otherwise this would be harder for me.

I grabbed the rope thing that tired the robe together and untied it quickly.

I than flicked open the robe to expose my body and the short nighty.

I heard Bejin say oooh and I knew that this was sort of turning him on.

I pulled the robe off my shoulders slowly, dropping low and swinging back up just as slowly.

Bejin practically screamed when I did this.

I smiled as I threw the robe onto the ground and walked towards him.

I pushed him back into the bed and hopped on top of him.

He grinned and put his arms back as though he was chained up.

I brought my head closer to his face and lightly pecked his lips.

Bejin closed his eyes when I went to his neck.

I found his turn on spot and began to suck his skin in my mouth.

I than added my teeth, I could feel his warm flesh inbetween my teeth.

Bejin groaned the harder I bit him and thats what I hoping would happen.

"My turn now" Bejin said through a groan.

I go off him and sat next to him, while he got up.

Bejin started to unbotton his white shirt, than after he had, Bejin walked over to me.

He pushed me back and that sat on top of my torso.

He began to kiss my neck and than brought in his teeth, it felt great and I couldn't help but moan.

He than lifted the nighty over my arms and threw it onto the ground.

I grinned knowing what he was about to do next.

Bejin grabbed both my breast in his hands and began to lightly move them around.

I couldn't help but have an orgasim, which surprised me a lot.

Bejin than began to suck on my left breast while he continued to feel the other one.

It felt great, I wanted him closer to me so I wrapped my arms around his back gripping him and pulling him in closer.

My left breast began to tingle and I which meant Bejin found one of the sensitive parts on my breast.

Bejin stopped sucking my left breast and moved his hands down my body.

He moved off my torso gently and continued going down my body until he reached my knickers.

He moved his head down to my vagina and pulled the knickers off with his teeth.

Than he inserted to fingers into my vagina and moved them around slowly to begin with.

I was groaning so loudly that  I recon anyone could hear me.

Bejin pulled his fingers out and moved up to my face as he began to kiss me with a lot of passion.

I continued to let him lead, when I felt him slip his tongue into my mouth.

I love the feel of his tongue in my mouth adn the way he moved it in there.

He tasted like strawberries, my favourite fruit.

He had his hands rested around my waist and my hands were rested around his pants.

I began to undo his belt, than moved down to his fly.

I tugged on his pants, and they slipped right down his legs.

Bejin let me go and stepped carefully out of his pants kicking them aside.

He was left in his undies after he threw his shirt with his pants and I was left there naked on the bed.

Bejin went back to kissing me and I had my fingers tangled in his black, silky hair.

He began to finger me again as wel continued to kiss.

Groaning inbetween kisses Bejin somehow managed to pull his undies off.

Suddenly Bejin pulled away and looked me in the eyes as he said "Are you totally sure you want to do this? and if so do you want protection or unprotected sex?".

I looked away from his eyes and thought for a minute.

Did I want unsafe sex and get pregeant with his child or did I want protection and  wait till all this danger is over I thought to myself worried.

I finally made my mind up with safe sex because i was worried if i brought his and my child into this danger, someone would get terribly hurt.

" I want protection please" I whispered.

Bejin nodded as he pulled a condom fromunder the covers.

"Do you want to put it on?" Bejin asked smiling, holding out the condom.

"Umm okay" I said giggling.

I ripped open the condom packet with my teeth and pulled out the light blue condom.

I pulled it from being folded up and opened it up.

I than asked Bejin to move closer so I could slip it onto his penis.

When he did I couldn't help and stare at how large his penis was, it almost made me feel really worried to how much pain I would be in.

I pulled the condom onto his penis making sure there was a little room at the end of the plastic.

Bejin moaned when I touched him on the penis.

Than he mumbled "Feel me, make me groan loudly". 

I wasn't too sure how to do so, but I began to touch his testicles which made him groan incredibly loud.

He was enjoying me touching his penis, so to show how much he enjoyed it he pushed me down onto the bed.

He looked me in the eyes and whispered "This will hurt but once the pain is gone I promise it will be enjoyable".

I nodded, knowing the pain would hurt like hell.

Bejin moved in closer and I could feel him inserting his penis into my vagina.

Than he began to move slowly.

"Aghhh" I screamed feeling the tears stream down my face.

After a few minutes of horrible pain, i began to enjoy this a lot.

Bejin grabbed hold of my right breast and began to move it around lightly.

I was already moaning like hell but the more pleasure he made the moan I groaned and moaned.

I grabbed hold of Bejin's gorgeous face and began to kiss him gently on the lips.

I thought he'd like it more if I sucked on his bottom lip, and I knew I was right, because he began to moan and groan even louder too.

Bejin than started to go faster, and it felt so right.

Bejin still attached to my breast, stopped and pulled his penis out of my vagina and whispered while smiling "You just lost your vaginity to me".

"I know it was the best thing, I really enjoyed it so much Bejin" I said sitting up and hgging his naked body.

Whispering in my ear Bejin said "I love you Tessie Vale".

I closed my eyes and whispered back "I love you too Bejin, I never want to be without you"

"I will never leave you Tessie and I promise on my life that that is true" Bejin said softly while playing with my hair.

"I believe you Bejin, I will never leave you either and thats a promise as well" I said kissing him on the neck.

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