Save Me

What happens to a young high school girl when she uncovers the true identity of her replacement teacher...Will she be in total danger or will she even die for the one she truely disires and loves the most. Lies will be told, Hearts will be tested, lives could be at stake and people she love will be in danger forever.
Save me...


6. Chapter 6

I walked away from the set of drawers towards the bathroom.

When I walked in I nearly started to drool.

The bathroom was lined with a deep blue and gold style with a big spa looking bath and hanging off the edge of the bath was a white towel waiting to be used.

I walked over to the spa bath and picked up the towel looking at the fine stitching and softness.

I traced the side of the bath and gave off a little smile.

I reached over and turned the taps to bring the water pouring into the spa bath.

The water felt warm and clean in my hands, i walked ovet to a shelf and pulled of some rose scented bath gel.

I smiled because this is what I used when I was living with my dad.

Bejin knew me so well and thats what i really loved about him, him always thinking about others in the most romantic ways.

I walked back of to the bath spa and poured the liquid into the already foaming water.

I paced myself back over to the shelf and put the bottle back and then started to pull the dirty, ripped dress off my body.

It clanged to my body so it took effort to rip the clothing off me.

I threw the dres onto the floor and started to unclip my bra which was also wet.

I finally got the bra off, also throwing it onto the dirty pile of clothing.

I slip out of my knickers and added them to the pile.

I kicked the dirty clothing pile and walked over to the bath spa and turned off the taps.

I carefully I hoped into the warm, steamy water and sank down covering up my bits.

I closed my eyes and let the steam hit my face.

The water felt so good and the scented rose made it feel like heaven.

I was enjoying my soak when than there was a soft tap at the door.

"Come in Bejin baby" I said sweetly.

Bejin opened the door a crack and spoke softly "Honey dinner's ready, come down when your ready".

I nodded and and spoke quietly "Bejin, thank you for the rose scented bath gel".

"No problem, I just wanted you feel at home again" He said smiling shutting the door leaving me to get dressed.

I grabbed a face washer and quickly scrabbed up and down my body.

I than grabbed my razor and started to remove any long hairs on my legs and under my arms.

I than quickly washed myself again.

I carefully hopped out of the spa bath, pulling out the plug as I went.

Grabbing my towel I drapped it around my skinny body and went over to the large mirror hanging on the oppsite wall.

I looked at my face andsaw that it looked a lot more cleaner.

I walked out into the bedroom and over to the set of drawers and opened the third draw pulling out a  short, silky lacy nighty.

I loved the feel of silky things, plus this would be easy to pull off, i thought chucking the nighty onto the bed.

I than went back up to the first draw and pulled out a pair of lacy knickers and chucked them onto the bed also.

I walked over to the bed and began to dry myself down with the towel.

After I had fully dried my skin I threw the towel onto the ground and picked up the lacy knickers.

After pulling them on i slipped into the nighty and letting it fall down my body.

The nighty ended really short but it made my legs look sexy and thats what i was going for.

I bent down and picked the towel and threw it into the dirty basket.

I walked over to the door and grabbed a night gown pulling it onto my body tying it up as I opened the door.

I headed down the stairs and into the dining room where Bejin stood with a bottle of wine and i wide grin on his gorgeous face.

"Bejin what, what is this?" I asked startled.

"He ha ha I knew you would like it babe, it's a little gift" Bejin said puting the bottle down and pulling out a chair for me.

I sat down without hesitation, and waited for him to push me in.

He pushed me in gently and poured some wine in my cup.

I took a sip of my wine that was poured out for me, the taste was sweet, and it hit the spot.

Bejin than placed my meal infront of me and kissed me on the head, "Enjoy baby" Bejin said happily.

I smiled and picked up my fork and spun the spagetti on the fork and put it in my mouth.

The taste just melted in my mouth, it was so delcious and I wanted more.

I began to shove more food into my mouth.

Bejin smiled, leaning over the table to wipe my mouth.

I started to blush and Bejin just smiled and whispered "I'm excited for tonight".

I nodded and giggled, slightly embrassed as well as nervous.

Bejin knew perfectly well that I was nervous, and well he did know he was going to my first.

I smiled while I continued to eat and sip on my wine.

After I had finished I wiped my mouth and thanked Bejin, and excused myself from the table.

"Hey babe, I'm gonna shower up and than we can have some fun" Bejin said smiling.

I nodded and walked into the lounge room, grabbing the remote and flicking the TV on.

I sat down on the lounge and flicked through the TV shows until I found one I liked.

After fifteen minutes Bejin was down stairs banging around the kitchen.

"Bejin, what you looking for beautiful?" I called out to him.

"Nothing I was just grabbing a drink of water, thats all baby girl" Bejin cried back out to me.

Bejin walked into the lounge room rubbing his hair with a towel.

"You ready?" Bejjin asked me smiling.

"Yes, I am"  I said in whispers.

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