Save Me

What happens to a young high school girl when she uncovers the true identity of her replacement teacher...Will she be in total danger or will she even die for the one she truely disires and loves the most. Lies will be told, Hearts will be tested, lives could be at stake and people she love will be in danger forever.
Save me...


4. Chapter 4

Bejin grabbed my hand and rested it on his cheek.

I closed my eyes and concerntrated on his soft skin.

"Hmm why are you shaking my love?" Bejin said softly taking my hand off his cheek.

"I just uh was thinking about the danger we are now in" I said quietly.

"Yeah i'm sorry about that baby girl, I should of told you what I had gotten you into" Bejin said annoyed.

I nodded and grabbed his hands and squeezed them in my own.

I felt so safe and yet like I belonged the feeling were mixed but still who cared.

Bejin suddenly grabbed my face and pulled me into another kiss.

I felt his tongue slip into my mouth and and I knew that i wanted more so I slipped my hands underneath his shirt and began to feel his abs.

He moved in closer, pulling me into him more.

I went down his chest and than down to his belt that sat at his hips.

I undid his belt and went back up his perfect chest.

He let me go and broke the kiss and whispered "Hey you sure?".

I nodded and we went back to kissing i could feel Bejin pull me closer again.

I was crushed up against his body and it felt good no wait it felt great.

Suddenly there was a tapping at the door.

Bejin got up groaning in protest and opened the door to reveal his father who stood there with his head down.

"Hello son, I would like to say i'm sorry to your girl, I didn't mean to make you cry" Ohtep said and smiled slightly.

I nodded confused to what was going on.

Ohtep looked at me than back at Bejin than turned and walked off.

"Umm what just happened?" I asked confused.

"I think my father has now excepted you as part of the family" bejin said slowly.

"Shall we continue from when we last kicked off" Bejin said with a cheeky smile.

"As much as I want to Bejin my love but i'm really tired and I need to really sleep because my head hurts" I said upsetly.

"Okay than" Bejin said nodding.

I moved to the top of the bed pulled the sheets and blankets back and hope undernearth.

Bejin joins me after he pulls off his pants and shirt, so that he is only left with his undies left on.

I can't help but gawk over his beautiful, sexy body standing before me.

He noticed me smiling at him and he smiles back as he jumps under the covers as well.

He places his index finger on my lips and traces than slowly while he speaks slowly "Hmmm you were gawking over my body were you not Tessie".

I nod and he smirks a little before taking his finger away.

I close my eyes and think about the past two days,when i feel Bejin wrap his arms around me.

I felt safe and secure in his firm yet soft grip.

I soon drift off to sleep thing about how lucky I am.

I was awaken by a sudden noise.

I fluttered my eyes open to see Bejing on the ground laughing quietly to himself.

"Morning Beautiful" Bejin said as he stood up and straighten himself out again.

"Morning to yourself too, sexy" i said winking at him.

Bejin smiled and walked over to the bed where i laid.

He sat down on the bed and kissed me lightly on the top of my head.

I grabbed hold of his pockets and pulled him down on top me and crushed my lips into his.

Bejin was smiling through out the kiss.

I than could feel Bejin's hands go under the sheets and blankets and underneath my shirt.

As much as I wanted him to go there I just feel like it at the moment, so I gently grabbed his hands and broke the kiss and whispered "Hey not at the moment please".

Bejin nodded and pulled his hands out from under there.

He smiled and kissed me on the top of my head.

Than he pulled on a plain tee and walked out of the room.

I hoped out of bed and grabbed my gown and pulled it on.

I opened the door and headed down the long stairs and headed for the dining room.

When I walked in Ohtep smiled and winked at me.

I didn't want was going on but I felt like I was in a dream, but I wasn't because this is the reality and Bejin and I were in danger.

Bejin smiled as he pulled my chair out and waited for me to sit.

I thanked him with a small smile and waited for my meal to be served.

The butler came out with my meal and placed it infront of me.

I had eggs on toast and bacon and to wash it all down was some fresh orange juice.

I was so hungry and I knew I loved this type of food, so I dug in straight away.

After I had finished my meal I excused myself from the table and went to get dressed.

I walked up the stairs and was suddenly joined by Bejin who scared me when he had caught up to me.

"Hey Bejin babe, you just scared me" I said laughing and holding my chest.

He smiled and hugged me around the waist while we both walked up the stairs.

When we reached our room he let me in first and than quickly headed to te bathroom to grab something.

I just walked over to the large, wooden carboard and pulled out a white silk dress.

I threw it onto the bed and than went to the set of drawers and pulled out a clean pair of knickers and bra, which i also threw onto the bed.

I had everything so I walked over to the bed and started to pull the tank top I had on off.

I was standing in the middle of the room naked when Bejin returned.

He scared me when he did walk in but i knew he was very sexually attracted to me because he walked right over to me and wrapped his arms around my naked body.

He started to kiss me and I kissed him back letting my fingers tangle around in his hair.

Than Bejin started to kiss me down the neck until he stopped at my left breast.

He grabbed it in his hands and squeezed it gently, smiling when I moaned.

He than began to suck on my nipple while he felt the other breast.

I was moaning so much, it felt so good and I wanted to take it further.

I grabbed his hand off my left breast while he was still sucking my nipple and placed it near my vagina.

Bejin was so surprised at this move than he stopped sucking my nipple and looked at me and said "Do you feel comfortable Tessie?".
I nodded feeling sure at what I wanted.

Bejin smiled and began to kiss me again, slipping his tongue in to add more passion.

I felt his fingers trace the opening to my vagina when he suddenly inserted on or two fingers.

He moved them around gently.

I began to moan really loudly when i grabbed his shirt and gripped it hard in my hands.

I could feel my fangs come out.

I looked at his neck and decided to bite him.

I placed my hand on his neck and than traced my hand down his body and go back up.

Bejin continued to finger me when I placed my hand on his neck and bring myself closer to him.

He mumbled for me not move too much as he was enjoying this as much as i was.

I placed my lips on his neck and began to suck lightly on his skin.

He moaned slightly when i began to bite a little into his skin.

Bejin gently pulled his finger out of my vagina and wipe it on a bit of tissue he gathered.

Than with his plam he pushed my softly and i knew he wanted me to sink my teeth in further.

 I did so i pushed my fangs through the skin and let the blood flow into my mouth.

I began to drink little bits, but let some drip down my pale face.

Bejin started to groan he seemed to enjoy it when I bit him.

I stopped and pulled my fangs out from his neck.

Bejin grabbed my afce and pulled me into a kiss.

I felt his tongue slip into my mouth while his hands moved up and down my skinny frame.

Bejin pulled away and whispered in my ear "I love you Tessie".

I closed my eyes and could feel his sweet breath fan across my face.

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