Save Me

What happens to a young high school girl when she uncovers the true identity of her replacement teacher...Will she be in total danger or will she even die for the one she truely disires and loves the most. Lies will be told, Hearts will be tested, lives could be at stake and people she love will be in danger forever.
Save me...


3. Chapter 3

I don't know for how long I had been out but when i finally awoke I felt strangely different.

I looked around the darken room and I could see everything perfectly which scared me a lot.

But Isuddenly remembered that Bejin had changed me from human to his kind.

In instinct I placed my hand on my neck and felt the two hole that remaind there.

I looked down at my hands and cold see that i was no longer as tan as I was when I was human.

I was still tanned but not as much.

I placed my index and middle fingers on my wrist to feel for a pulse but I found that i couldn't feel my pulse.

"Hmmmm" I said aloud feeling completely worried that Bejin had left me.

Suddenly the door opened and the bright light hit my new eyes.

"Arggghh close the god damn door, my eyes hurt" i cried out in protest.

"Whoops totally forgot about that" Bejin said quietly.

"How do you feel Tessie babe?" Bejin added lightly.

"Umm i feel different and a lot stronger as well as more closer to you my true lover" I whispered.

Bejin took two steps and was next to me on the bed.

"Good because I was worried you would hate me for changing you" Bejin said as he placed his cool hand on my chest.

"What, wh-at are you doing Bejin" I asked slightly scared.

"Please dont be afraid Tessie, this is how i show affection for the one i love" Bejin said proudly.

I nodded confused but if thats his way i must show him my way.

I grabbed Bejin's face and pulled him into a kiss.

Bejin didn't expect it but he went along with it.

I could feel his hands go down to my waist as he put my emotion into every second of the kiss.

When suddenly his slid his warm, soft tongue into my mouth and everything went to good to great.

I let him lead for the moment while we kissed.

The next thng i knew i was lying down on the bed kissing Bejin still.

I could taste him still in my mouth as he started to kiss down my neck stopping at a certain part of my neck he began to suck lightly on the skin.

I groaned as i knew he had found my weak spot.

He looked up and smiled his greeky grin knowing he had found my weak spot than returned to sucking slightly.

I contiued to groan as he sucked than i suddenly felt some teeth bitng into my neck.

I could feel the flesh on my neck lift slightly than come back.

I shifted slightly when I felt Bejin's weight on top of my stomach.

He was now on top of my body and I knew what he wanted but i didn't feel ready.

I tried to tell him but he knew I wasn't ready as he gently said "Tessie i know your not ready quite yet but that not what i was going to do".

I nodded and let him carry on what he was planing.

He grabbed my breast in his hands and slightly rubbed on them which made me moan a lot.

He smiled and giggled slightly but contiued.

He lifted my shirt and placed his cold hands on my stomach when suddenly the door swang open.

"Bejin! Get the hell off her you disgusting, foul boy" Ohtep's voice boomed.

Bejin took his hands out from under my shirt and gave his father a low snarl.

"Don't you dare snarl at me boy, this girl poison son she will eat you up and spit you back out, she is no good" Ohtep yelled pointing his boney, long finger at me.

"Father this girl is the love of my life and if this how I choose to express my love to her than so be it, but I don't need you telling me what i can and can't do!" Bejin yelled back while getting off my body.

I sat up feeling quite awkward all of a sudden knowing that i was in the same room while these two agured about me.

Bejin finally gave in rolling his eyes he helped me up and walked us both out of the room.

We walked down the winding stairs towards the dining room to eat our meal.

When i walked over to the seat Bejin quickly pulled it out for me.

I blushed while I took my seat and Bejin quickly pushed me in.

He than swifty took two steps and sat down himself.

We waited for our meals to be brought to us.

Tonight we are eating roast vegetables, roast Pork and some gravy.

I looked at my full plate thinking if i was even able to consume so much food.

One of the butlers poured some wine for me and Bejin.

I took the wine glass hin my cold hand and took a sip.

It actually tasted nice and i figured that this was one of the finest wines in the world.

Bejin was very quiet and so was Ohtep.

"Umm i would like to apoligize for our inaporiate behaviour earlier" I said looking at Ohtep who had his head down.

"Hmmm so now you show nice manners missy" Ohtep said crossly.

"Father! She is saying sorry and your being immature towards her"  Bejin said spitting out some wine.

I could feel tears forming in my eyes.

"Umm  excuse me from the table" I said standing up from the table.

"Uh okay, you okay baby girl" Bejin said worried.

"Umm yeah i just need to use the toilet, thats all" I said forcing a smile.

I walked back up the stairs and let the tears slip down my face.

I had never had such disrespect from a man.

I wiped away a tear that had slide down to my chin.

I didn't realize that Bejin was standing directly behind me.

"Tessie, baby girl you okay?" Bejin said wrapping his arms around my waist.

"It's just that your father is soo, soo mean to me and I-I i couldn't contiue i was soo upset.

"Hey, Hey Tessie it's okay baby, your gonna be fine" Bejin said.

I let the tears spill from my wet eyes and had my head in Bejin's shoulder.

Bejin lead me up to our room and sat me down on the bed.

I sat down and wipped away the wetness from my nose and eyes.

Bejin sat beside me and hugged me closely.

"It's just that i hate feeling like i have done something wrong Bejin" I said sniffling.

"Hmmm you just need to ignore my Father he is an asshole sometimes, most of the time" Bejin said annoyed a liitle.

I nodded and felt something a little warm on my hand.

I looked down and saw blood stained on my hand.

I looked up and saw that Bejin had used his nail to slit his neck open a little.

I knew he wanted me to suck his blood again.

I bared my fangs and sank them into Bejin's flesh.

I could feel his blood run down my throat and it tasted really nice and i knew i had to stop but i couldn't.

"Okay Tessie stop, i know i'm addictive but you have to stop before you kill me" Bejin said calmly.

I forced my fangs out of his neck ripping his skin slightly.

He rubbed his neck and looked at me and smiled.

Than he muttered something.

I grabbed a hand held mirror and put it up to my face and saw my blood red eyes glowing in the dark. 

I felt scared looking at these unknown eyes.

What had I become? I said to myself quietly.

Bejin must of heard because i than felt his fangs peirce my skin and feel my blood being sucked from my neck.

I couldn't help but moan as the sensation was extremely pleasureable.

Bejin must of closed his eyes or something as i couldn't see any blood, red eyes glowing in the darken room.

Suddenly Bejin pulled away and i heard him groan.

"Bejin my lover whats wrong" I said worring.

"it's your blood, it tastes so, so yummy" He gave me a shy smile.

I didn't know what he thought about me feeling awkward but who cares i love this boy and i wanted to be with him forever.

I nodded and grabbed his face in my palms and put my forehead against his.

I closed my eyes and breathed in his scent through my mouth.

I could still taste his blood but his scent was also very nice.

I opened my eyes to see his deep, blue eyes staring at me.

"What you looking at?" I whispered.

"Your so beautiful, no wait gorgeous" Bejin said enhaling in a deep breath.

"And your soo handsome and sexy" I said giggling slightly.

We held each other for about three minutes before Bejin pulled me into a kiss.

I instantly wrapped my arms around his neck while i kissed him.

This feels so right and i don't want to stop I thought to myself.

Bejin's hands were tracing my jawline and than tracing down my neck.

I knew what he was thinking so while kissing i grabbed his hand and placed it down on my breast.

I could feel Bejin smile while we were kissing and he began to rub on my breast and i couldn't help but moan.

Bejin pulled away from the kiss and began to feel up and down my whole body.

I groaned and knew that maybe i was ready but when Bejin placed his hand on my vagina i felt awkward and pulled his hand away.

"Thank you for letting me know that you were uncomfortable" Bejin said smiling happily to himself.

I nodded and grabbed his shirt and kissed him gently on the cheek.

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