Save Me

What happens to a young high school girl when she uncovers the true identity of her replacement teacher...Will she be in total danger or will she even die for the one she truely disires and loves the most. Lies will be told, Hearts will be tested, lives could be at stake and people she love will be in danger forever.
Save me...


22. Chapter 22

We finally landed in the forest.

I moved slowly away from Bejin smelling the fresh air.

The wolves scent wasn't far away, Bejin realised to grabbing my hand and we sprinted away.

We jumped over broken trees, logs and tried through the leaves that crunched beneath out feet.

My feet were scratched and bleeding but I pushed myself to keep on going.

Bejin saw a dagger flying towards me.

Pushing me out of the way he caught the dagger throwing it at Stefarn who flicked away like a fly.

Bejin picked me up off the ground and carried me in his arms.

I had hit my head and spilt it open slightly.

I could feel the blood slightly drip form the cut.

Bejin was slower but he managed to get further away from them.

When suddenly he stopped dead in his tracks.

Stefarn was standing right in front of us, smiling at Bejin with hate.

Next minute I know I'm flying into a tree.

"AGggggggggghhh" I screamed landing on the ground.

"Tessie nooo" Bejin Screamed trying to get to me.

Stefarn grabbed Bejin's shirt throwing him back into a stone.

Bejin's back hit the rock.

I could hear his spine cracking and the rock split into two bits.

I screamed in horror watching my husband to be struggle to get off his hands and knees.

He's back was shaking and he was crying in pain.

I stood up wiping the blood from my face staring at Stefarn growling.

He laughed and motioned for me to come for him.

I stood there focusing my mind on a branch beside him.

Suddenly he screamed as he went flying into the air.

I had used my power to buy us some time.

I ran over to Bejin who stared at me surprised.

I grabbed both arms pulling him up off the ground.

He wobbled a little but was fine after that.

 Before we want to run off again, the branch snapped letting Stefarn fall to the ground.

"You think that would stop me" Stefarn said getting off the ground.

I looked at Bejin who growled again.

Bejin suddenly pounced onto Stefarn tackling him back to the ground.

I remembered the box it was lying by the tree I had be flanged into.

I rushed over picking it up in my hands.

I looked over so far Bejin had won, but suddenly he was thrown off Stefarn as he stood up and brushed his clothes.

Bejin got back up and ran at Stefarn who grabbed him by the mouth.

"Noooo" I screamed running towards Stefarn.

He laughed hitting me across my head sending me into a small log lying on the ground.

Stefarn gripped Bejin's fangs ripping them out of his mouth.

I could hear the skin tearing and the sound of the fangs slightly snapping as well.

The sound of it was sicken but what made me cry was hearing Bejin's painful screams.

I got up still holding the box, and ran to Bejin who was holding his mouth and screaming.

I placed my hand over his bloody mouth and closed my eyes, using my power to heal his mouth but I couldn't my strength was weaken due to a wound in my side.

I was bleeding heavily too now.

I suddenly felt light headed and dizzy.

I closed my eyes trying to heal myself but I was too weak.

Stefarn pushed me out of the way grabbing Bejin and lifting him slightly in his tight grip.

"I finally have you right where I want you...for twenty years I held this grudge for you killing my brother" Stefarn yelled in Bejin's face.

Bejin stared at him before staring at me saying quietly "Goodbye Tessie, I love You so much and remember of me always".

"Nooo, get your hands of him" I screamed at Stefarn, standing up.

I ran towards the both of them, but suddenly fell.

One of the wolves had grabbed hold of my foot.

It bite down hard on my foot sending pain right up my leg.

I screamed but kicked the wolf in the head pulling myself from under his stomach.

But I was too late Stefarn had killed my beloved Bejin, who laid on the ground with his eyes gouged out from his head.

That was the only way to kill a vampire, it's what controlled their first and fangs.

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