Save Me

What happens to a young high school girl when she uncovers the true identity of her replacement teacher...Will she be in total danger or will she even die for the one she truely disires and loves the most. Lies will be told, Hearts will be tested, lives could be at stake and people she love will be in danger forever.
Save me...


18. Chapter 18

We settled down on the bed that was gathered in dust, in the room closest to the river.

The sound was peaceful and very relaxing.

I grabbed the t-shirt Bejin held out to me.

I wrapped it around my naked body doing up the buttons and standing up letting the shirt fall down my legs.

I walked over to the window and gazed out to the forests that stood out in front of me.

I sighed happily when I felt Bejin's arms wrap protectively around my waist.

"I'm so glad your safe in my arms again" Bejin said kissing my neck lightly.

We stayed there in silence just listing to the river nearby.

When we suddenly heard howling coming from the river nearby.

I heard Bejin curse under his breath, knowing that we were found again.

"Bejin what is it" I asked feeling a scream building in my throat.

"We are in danger again, Stefarn has wolfs and I forgot that he did" Bejin said closing his eyes.

I knew he was upset but i grabbed his hnd and pulled him to the back door.

"We may as well keep running Bejin, before we settle down again" I whispered quietly.

He nodded and the next thing I knew we were running for our lives again.

We were both panting very heavily after running for two hours straight.

It was midnight, the moon was full and shining bright into the forest below.

We both stopped at a tree gasping for air.

The wolves still chasing us refused to give up.

Bejin gave a look and was by my side and lifting me up into the tree above us.

"Shh we need to be quiet" he whispered against my ear.

I felt Bejin's hand go around my mouth knowing I would scream.

I closed my eyes and held Bejin's other hand tightly.

I kept saying in my head don't find us, don't find us.

The wolves sniffed at the ground and than turned around and went back the way they had came from.

I closed my eyes sighing happily.

Bejin grabbed me by the waist, kissing me softly on the head.

I turned my head around to face him.

He smiled bringing me in closer for a kiss but before our lips meet he said softly playing with my long hair "I promise they will not get us, or you for that matter because i don't want to lose you again".

I smiled pulling his soft lips onto mine while his slowly went down my naked body.

I started to shiver slightly when a cool breeze blew by.

Bejin pulled his coat off his shoulders and placed it gently onto my freezing body.

"Lets go now, were going to teleport back to our safe house" Bejin said wrapping his arms around my waist.

I smiled while wrapping my arms around his neck kissing him gently on the cheek.

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