Save Me

What happens to a young high school girl when she uncovers the true identity of her replacement teacher...Will she be in total danger or will she even die for the one she truely disires and loves the most. Lies will be told, Hearts will be tested, lives could be at stake and people she love will be in danger forever.
Save me...


16. Chapter 16

"Bejin" I screamed happily.

"How dare you, how did you get in any way" Stefarn said looking very annoyed.

Bejin didn't answer he just walked over to Stefarn punching him out.

"Bejin help me!" I cried feeling a little afraid.

Bejin turned his head eyeing me and I could see the hurt and pain deep in his eyes.

"Oh my god Tessie baby, what has this cold-hearted beast done to you" Bejin said softly.

I could see the tears stream down his face as he walked towards my naked body.

I could feel the cuts dried and now healing.

Bejin jumped up onto the bed and ripped the chains off my arms than embracing me into his arms.

I sighed happily pulling him out my arm I cupped his cheeks and kissed him.

Bejin kissed me back while he rubbed and up down my back.

My fingers tangled in his messed up hair.

He pulled me away staring into my eyes when he whispered "We need to get out of here before he wakes up".

I nodded jumping off the bed while pulling the sheet off.

I wrapped it around my naked body, and followed Bejin who took my hand.

We ran out of the room and down the stairs and the echo of our pounding feet seem like music to my ears.

We reached the end when Bejin grabbed hold of my waist and at that moment we would teleport somewhere else.

Just as we were almost dissolved into nothing, Bejin was struck in the shoulder and I was pulled into Stefarn who grinned widely at Bejin who was teary eyed and clutching his freshly made wound.

Than without a trace Bejin dissolved into nothing.

I screamed in shock to almost have escaped but I guess happy endings don't happen to those in endless danger.

"Come with me Tessie because I have a little surprise for you" Stefarn said cruelly.

I was scared, I tried to kick and scream but it was useless and my lover would soon be dead.

Stefarn grabbed my hair yanking me to follow, screaming in pain I followed.

Stefarn took me to the the lowest, underground dungeon where I knew I was to be kept prisoner.

He pulled on the chains dangling from the roof and cuffed my hands up.

After doing so Stefarn pulled on a lever which sent me flying into the air.

"Your to be chained till I think you ready to be released back into your room" Stefarn said laughing with my much cruelty.

I looked at him with sad eyes, hoping he would release my weakened body, but he just walked away slamming the metal door shut behind him.

I looked around the tiny room looking for a window or anything, but i only saw bones and rotten bodies lying at the dungeons floor.

I began to cry, wondering if Bejin was going to live.

I was hoping to the high heavens he would survive and rescue me again but for now I only remained as a prisoner and a body to use and abuse.

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