Save Me

What happens to a young high school girl when she uncovers the true identity of her replacement teacher...Will she be in total danger or will she even die for the one she truely disires and loves the most. Lies will be told, Hearts will be tested, lives could be at stake and people she love will be in danger forever.
Save me...


15. Chapter 15

Mermories made never seem to fade or disappear in my mind, but the love I have for Bejin was stronger than ever.

My faith was slowly slipping but my love brought it back up, I needed to escape for Bejin and my life was not ever going to be complete without his strength and will power that I held.

I will escape even if it costed my life!

I opened my eyes and saw Stefarn walking in alone.

I let a low growl out in hope that he would stop and turn around and leave but that never worked.

"I have warned you Stefarn, leave me to rot here" I said closing my eyes again.

"And why would I do that when I hold unfinshed business with you" Stefarn shot right back at me.

I opened my eyes again and glared at this monster who stood before me.

He lifted his leg and jumped onto the bed where I was.

He lifted his hand and placed it on my cheek.

I turned my head but he forced me to look deep into eyes.

"I will make sure you give in Tessie Vale even if i have to kill you!" Stefarn shouted in my face.

I felt a loud growl coming from my lips.

I saw Stefarn pull his hand away and shocked was placed in his face, but soon faded and he was grinning widely.

I glared at him with blood, red eyes that shone in the darken room.

"Leave me alone" I whispered angrily.

"Why would I do that Tessie, plus i'm having fun.

Stefarn walked up to me and ripped my shirt off with his teeth.

Than with his cold hands he ripped off my bra, which cut into my back ripping some of the skin out of place.

"Aggggggghhh" I screamed in pain, feeling the tears forming in my eyes.

Stefan just laughed at he began to feel my breast.

"Hmm I see why Bejin loved your body so much, your tits are soo lush" Stefarn said sucking on one of them.
I tried to scream but it felt my throat was being squeezed shut and that made me feel very afraid.

He than kneeled at my pants and ripped them off my body leaving only my knickers being exposed.

"Noo" I cried trying to defeat the tears rushing down my face.

He looked up into my face and smiled.

He ripped my kinckers off scratching the skin with his sharp claws.

I cried in pain again, feeling the blood spill from my left leg.

I closed my eyes and imaged Bejin's face, hoping that this was a endless dream.

But not even that could relax me.

Stefarn dug his sharp, claws into my bare legs spilling more and more blood.

I felt the tears still coming streaming down my already wet face.

"please stop now" I whispered, feeling very weak.

"Does that mean your giving in now Tessie" Stefarn said proudly.


I was suddenly cut off by a fimilar voice.

I looked around Stefarn's head and saw Bejin standing there, blood covering him and his eyes held revenge and hate which made me feel very afraid.

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