Save Me

What happens to a young high school girl when she uncovers the true identity of her replacement teacher...Will she be in total danger or will she even die for the one she truely disires and loves the most. Lies will be told, Hearts will be tested, lives could be at stake and people she love will be in danger forever.
Save me...


12. Chapter 12

I soon feel asleep from exhustion.

I was woken by the sound of a door beening slammed shut.

"Hmmm your such a pretty, young lady" Stefarn snickered.

"Wh-what do you w-want from me" I said trying to sound brave.

"You don't need to be so brave, Miss Vale plus you will do exactly what I say" Stefarn said smiling baring to sets of fangs.

"What, your a vampire" I said releasing my own fangs.

"Hmmm yes I am, why be so surprised Miss Vale.

I could feel a surge of angry run through my weak  body, which seem to give me some strength.

"I surggesting that you leave, or else my words were cut of by Stefarn pinning me against the cold, hard wall.

My head went crashing against the wall making me bite hard on my bottom lip.

I could taste my blood in my mouth, making me feel really scared now.

I felt my arms trembling in Stefarn's tight grip.

"Hmmm I smell blood and thats makes me feel like your blood" Stefran said coldy.

I could see Stefarns eyes change from the dull grey to a deep red colour and that made me tremble with fear even more.

Stefarn tilted his head to the side of my neck and bit into my flesh, making blood spill.

He placed his cool hand on the side of my neck pushing his fangs in further.

The pain hurt, he was an older vampire which meant his fangs were longer and shaper slightly.

I tried to scream but I couldn't I was too scared to even get a growl out.

Suddenly Stefarn pulled out his fangs and looked deep into my eyes, making me feel incredible uncomfortable.

"Hmm your blood tastes increible Tessie" Stefarn said smiling slightly.

I closed my eyes and thought about Bejin ripping Stefarn to shreads, I even thought about Bejin holding me close.

But this still didn't do anything much to calm me down.

Stefarn suddenly lifted my shirt over my head exposing my bra and bare stomach.

I finally got a growl out which made Stefarn pull his hand away from my left breast.

"Get off me now" I snarled at him.

He looked at me and smiled putting his hand back on my breast and whispering in a sickly voice "Hmm I wonder what you would do if i took your bra off and did this".

He grinned giving me a little smile and began to pull my bra off.

I balled my fists up and punched him in the nose, making it crunch slightly.

"Why you little-

I cut him off with another punch to the face, knocking him off the bed and onto the floor.

"Man chain this feral up" Stefarn screamed at the door.

Two body guards walked in with portable chains.

They cuffed both my arms and puting the chains in loops above the bed.

"Thank you lads, Now Miss Vale i shall finish this business tomorrow night as for now I bid you goodnight...Man put her top back on now" Stefarn said walking towards the door.

The two body guards rushed over and fixed my shirt up, than quickly leaving locking the door behind them leaving me all alone again.

I looked out the window, hoping Bejin wasn't far away.

I spat out my left over blood that sat in my mouth onto the floor and sat down on the bed putting my head into my knees.

"Everything will be fine Tessie, everything will work out and soon you will be safe in his arms" I said to myself quietly.

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