Save Me

What happens to a young high school girl when she uncovers the true identity of her replacement teacher...Will she be in total danger or will she even die for the one she truely disires and loves the most. Lies will be told, Hearts will be tested, lives could be at stake and people she love will be in danger forever.
Save me...


1. Chapter 1

I trudged down the narrow, dirt road that I walked down each day from home and too school.

It was around about four ‘o’clock by the time I finally reached home and each time I travelled down that very road I always ended up exhausted or even sick.

I unlocked the door and slammed it on my way in.

Nobody was home as usual which is how I liked it.

“Geez, thank god that I’m home alone and I’m also glad that I’m away from the wretched, bloody school, that school is such a pain in the butt” I breathed out in annoyance.

I walked up the winding stairs towards my room which would take me a lot of effort.

Finally I reached my room but it felt like my legs were about ready to drop off.

I tried to ignore the pain but unfortunately for me that was useless.

I dropped my bag inside the door and walked to my bed falling onto it with no hesitation.

I closed my eyes and tried not to think about how the day had turned out.

It had been about a month since I started at St Mary-Anne’s catholic college and already I had managed to make one friend and become the laughing stock of the school.

My mum had told me it was just a normal thing but I didn’t think so but at least my dad understood me better, he knew I wasn’t happy and that I felt like I wanted to jump off a cliff.

But I guess being new wasn’t all that bad, the teachers practically treated you like a god but I usually didn’t like the attention.

I opened my eyes and I was suddenly just staring at the plain celling.

I hadn’t felt so bored in all my life.

I sat up and listened for my mum who I heard walk through the front door a minute ago.

I stood up and moved towards the door when dad appeared out of nowhere.

“Ughh dad don’t do that, I mean with the whole sneaking up on me thing” I let out in gasps as I did a weird hand movement.

Dad just chuckled and jerked his head towards the stairs.

I followed him down the stairs and into the living room.

Mum was standing there with her arms folded and tears streaming down her face.

She didn’t look to happy in fact she looked like crap and I knew for certain that the one she was pissed off at was me.

“Uh hello mum um what’s wrong?” I said calmly.

“Well of course you can see I’m very upset Tessie and guess what it’s at you” My mum screamed slightly.

“Oh my g-o huuu far out what did I do this time mum, I swear this time I didn’t do it” I sighed annoyed to the max.

“Tessie Vale I don’t care that the fact that you’re failing year eleven is right, what is going on and if you don’t explain yourself I’m leaving this failing family for good” Mum snicked.

“Huh that stupid threat again, well mum I have been failing due to uh hmmm personal reason which I shall not reveal because of complications” I answered back swiftly.

Mum just looked at me and stormed up to her room.

I looked at my dad and shrugged and walked back up to my room.

As I hit the top of the stairs I saw my mum walking down with a large suit case and back pack.

“Good bye Tessie and Robert have fun with your failing lives and I hope you both die in a hole” my mum screamed as she slammed shut the front door.

I didn’t think this would really happen so I ran the rest of the way to my room.

I slammed the door shut and bounced onto my bed and burst into endless, painful tears.

I didn’t realize that I had been crying for nearly three hours now but I seem to feel lost and alone.

The real reason behind me failing school was due to a relationship my friend had with a teacher at our school.

She and I knew it was illegal and so did the teacher, but he wanted this and so did her and we had to make sure nothing ever happened to expose this secret.

Her dad knew about it and he promised not to tell.

She was seventeen and the teacher only twenty years old and I didn’t think that was a bad year distance.

I mean there is only three years apart and I really thought it was fine.

Although I knew many people wouldn’t accept this as the right thing.

I stared up at the plain celling and wished I had someone like my friend did.

I guess I was jealous, I hadn’t even been kissed on the cheek let alone be pashed but I had heard it was amazing.

I closed my eyes and I eventually feel asleep.

Hi what’s your name?

Mines Bejin,
He-ha nice to meet you I’m, I’m...

I know who you are your name is Tessie, Tessie Vale I believe.

Uh hmm yes that’s my name but how did you know?

Just come with me Tessie and we can get to know each other.

But Bejin I uh okay.

Follow me, follow me Tessie come on follow me, Tesssie, Tes-sie…

“Tessie, Tessie darling wake up please, hon” I could hear a familiar voice softly talking in my dream.

I fluttered my eyes and saw my dad looking down at me with sad eyes.

 I knew he was upset about my mum leaving but he was worried that I was going to leave.

“Uh hmm hey dad what’s up” I said sleepily.

“Hey Tessie hon, it’s time for you to get ready for school” My dad said softly.

I sat up and looked at the bedside clock and it was displaying the time which was 8:15am.

I cursed quietly to myself knowing I only had fifteen minutes to get ready for school.

I jumped off my bed and rushed to my cupboard, while my dad walked out of the room, shuting the door behind him.

I pulled out my white blouse and royal blue skirt, chucking them on the bed.

I went to my set of drawers and pulled out a bra and a pair of clean white socks, chucking them onto the bed with the rest of the clothes.

I rushed towards the bed and pulled over my dirty, unclean top off.

I looked in the mirror at my skinnyish yet solid body which was slightly tanned.

I loved the way my body looked, it made me feel completely confident about myself.

But I didn’t have the time to gawk over my body.

I quickly put my bra on.

I forgot to get a singlet I rushed over to the cupboard and pulled out a red and purple striped singlet, pulling it over my bra and body.

I swiftly walked back over to the bed and put my blouse on butting it up.

I pulled the skirt on and made sure it was sitting properly on my waist.

The skirt was short on my body and it exposed a lot of my thighs, but I didn’t really care if I looked like a slut or even a whore.

It made me feel happy to express how free I felt and freedom was precious to me in every way.

I looked in the mirror to check the ending result, all I needed to do was fix my hair up and everything was perfecto.

I rushed into the bathroom and checked my bleached, red hair which was push into one mass of knots galore and that really annoyed me.

I brushed it and made sure all the knots were out before putting in a black ribbon head band in.

I was about to walk out of the bathroom when I remembered my make-up, so I rushed back in there and got my make-up on.

After I had finished beautifying myself I headed down the stairs to grab something to eat for brekkie.

When I paced myself down the stairs and reached the kitchen I noticed my dad had already gotten off to work, so I was alone which meant I had to lock up.

I grabbed an apple and bit into it letting the sweet juices trickle down my throat.

I didn’t really feel like eating but I guess it would be better to consume something than to starve and feel empty.

I grabbed the brown paper bag on the bench which contained my lunch and recess as well as small change.

I closed my eyes and thanked my dad in my mind.

He always packed my lunch stuff and that made me feel all warm inside.

I found my school bag and books and stuffed them into the back pack.

I looked in the mirror hanging in the hallway one last time before I rushed off on my way to school.

When I got to school I went straight to the bathroom knowing this could cost me more time for being late to class but needing to pee and that was something I had to do before my insides exploded.

I quickly relived myself washing my hands than being on the way to class.

I ran all the way to my science class and snuck in but was caught in the end.

“Uh Tessie nice of you to finally drop into class, see me after class young lady I need to talk to you about this issue” the teacher spat out across to me.

Uh yes sir” I answered back annoyed and shyly.

The students glared for only seconds before returning their gazes to the front I sat down in my usual place and listened to the teacher ramble on about the reproductive system.

I felt so tried that I started to yawn when the bell went.

I jerked back awake.

“Tessie Vale thank you for staying behind after class” the teacher said softly.

“Uh sir I had an issue which affected me this morning, which caused me to be so late and I…

I was suddenly short for words when the teacher leaned in and kissed me on the lips.

“Ughh sir ewww I gotta go bye” I said startled.

I rushed out of the room leaving the teacher staring after me.

What had just happened?  I thought to myself endlessly.

I traced my index finger over my lips while I closed my eyes feeling disgusted.

I suddenly jumped when the bell rang for the next class.

I stood up from the table I was at and started to walk to class when I heard a familiar voice.

I turned around and stood too shocked to move.

“I wanted to apologise for what happened to you before, I uh didn’t mean for what happened really didn’t mean” the teacher said annoyed with himself.

 “Uh sir I don’t want to talk about it, it is a little awkward for me” I said quietly.

He nodded and walked away, I quickly headed to the next class hoping that I wasn’t late yet again.

 Luckily the teacher hadn’t started the class or even come in today.

I took my usual seat and waited.

It was about ten minutes into lesson time when a substitute teacher walked in with the principal.

I looked up from my arms and saw that the teacher was clearly young about twenty-two maybe even.

He had black, mid-length flowing hair that seem to hang loosely around his almond skinned face; also with deep but light green eyes that seem to glow when you looked into them.

This guy almost seemed perfect but I knew the last thing I wanted was to date a teacher.

“Hello students my name is Mr Vincent and I will be your teacher for the rest of this year” Mr Vincent said cheerfully.

“Now I believe you guys last kicked off by starting a new topic for ancient history, so I would like to know from you the students what that topic is, uh how about you there girl with her head in her arms”  Mr Vincent said pleasantly while pointing in my direction.

Everyone turned around and stared at me with annoyed looks I even heard some girls say that I was loser and why did he choose her and not us, I sat up right and cleared my throat “Uh my name is Tessie, Tessie Vale and the topic we started was Ancient China, sir” I said quickly.

“Okay thank you Tessie, okay so we will continue on with Ancient China so please students pull out your pens and books” the teacher said with a smile.

I groaned quietly as I pulled out my books and pencil case.

I saw my friend staring at me in fascination.

What? I mouthed at her.

She smiled and nodded towards the teacher who was busily writing up the work on the whiteboard.

I shook my head and gave her my evil stare; she laughed quietly and continued on with her work.

I put my head down as well and got on with my work.

 I had finished half the work when the bell went unexpectedly, which made me jump in my seat.

I looked around hoping nobody had seen that but nobody was looking at me.

I grabbed my books and pencil case and stuffed them back into my bag.

I stood up and as I headed out the classroom door when I heard someone calling out to me.

I turned around and froze nervously because it was Mr Vincent who called my name but the way he called my name was like it was from my dream last night.

I nodded at the fact I had heard him and walked towards him with slight anxiety.

“Uh Tessie I would like you to know I understand what has happened to your family and I understand how your feeling right now, I had the same thing happen to me when I was about your age, so don’t feel anxious to talk to me about it” Mr Vincent said sadly but lighting up towards the end of the talk.

I nodded and walked out again.

I headed to where Isabelle was waiting for me.

“God took you long enough Tessie” Isabelle said with her hands on her hips.

“I had to see the teacher about and issue with another student” I lied.

“Uh huh I will pretend that I believe you Tessie” Isabelle said with too much sarcasm.

“Whatever, Isabelle you going to see him today?” I asked bored by lack of conversation.

“Uh um yeah I will be seeing him today why did you bring this up?” Isabelle asked cautioning.

“Just wondering that’s all” I said boredly.

“Um okay than” Isabelle said nervously.

I kept thinking for the bell to ring.

Come on bell ring, this is awkward conversation, bell just ring.

The bell eventually rang but it felt like it took ten years just to ring.

I walked off to my next class uninterested and feeling completely bored.

When I got to class this guy pulled me aside and said he wanted to speak to me.

“Uh dude what’s the fuss?” I asked a little annoyed.

You know the new teacher? Yeah well he has a big secret, so I would be careful if I was you” The boy said as he walked off.

I stood staring at the empty space left behind from the boy skipping off like nothing had happened.

I stood there for at least another three minutes before I decided to go to class.

Just as I was about to leave for class Mr Vincent pulled me aside.

“Hey uh Tessie you got a minute or two to spare?” He said worried.

“Huh oh uh yeah sure what’s up?” I asked anxiously.

“I heard what that boy said to you, yes I hold a secret but I’m not about to tell you and believe me you don’t want to know” He said lowing his voice down so I can only hear.

“Okay so what you’re like a demon or something” I said as I forced a laugh.

“Hmm something like that I guess” he said as he smiled.

He walked away after he smiled at me.

What did he mean he has a secret, And what did he mean by saying “Hmm something like that” I thought hard and long as I wondered off to class.

When I got to class it hadn’t started but as soon as I walked in everyone started to whisper endlessly.

I took my seat at the back of the class.

I shrugged off my pack and dropped it to the wooden floor and took my seat.

A tall skinny girl who looked to be one of the wannabes turned around and got my attention by saying something that wasn’t even true.

“Hey yeah you are you and Mr Vincent together?” she said jealously.

 “What no why in god’s hell would you even say hmmn no just don’t talk to me you freak” Is said crossly.

“Whatever loser, at least I’m not crushing on a teacher” she said like she was dumb.

I was about to swear at her when suddenly we had heard the fire bell go off.

I didn’t know if it was a drill or not but I didn’t care.

I stood up and grabbed my pack and slung it onto my shoulders and swiftly walked out of the class room to the evacuated area.

I didn’t realize where I was going but I seem to be trapped by real fire.

I swivelled on my heals looking in every direction for an escape but I was trapped and alone.

I started to panic as the fire came closer to my body.

I could feel the heat hit me like a ton of bricks and I could feel sweat forming on my forehead, arms and my legs.

“This is it, this is how I’m gonna die” I screamed.

My breathing became heavy and I could feel the smoke fill my lungs which made me feel light headed and slightly nauseous.

I suddenly felt like collapsing but I tried to resist the urge to drop.

I forced my hand up to my forehead, I quickly wiped the sweat dripping from my head.

I suddenly started to chock on the smoke and I hated this feeling my whole body felt weak and I continued to fight against the urge.

I placed both hands around my neck not sure of how long I had left.

The blazing fire was close and I could feel it close to my skin.

I screamed in horror when a flame hit my left leg.

I sharp stabbing pain shot through my leg and I screamed in pain.

Suddenly I heard a voice screaming out my name, I tried to call out to them but my will power and strength was gone and I let the flames consume my body.

“Tessie, Tessie no” the familiar voice screamed.

The voice suddenly crossed my mind.
It was my teacher Mr Vincent who cried out my name, but why?

I could see his face now and he seemed shocked and scared.

He suddenly leapt over the fire into the middle of the blazing fire to me.

He picked me up and leapt out of the fire and took me to the highest building in the school.

I screamed in pain as he placed me lightly down on the ground.

I closed my eyes and bit down hard on my chapped lips, I could taste my blood inside my mouth and I winched when Mr Vincent placed his warm palms down on my torso.

“Ughh sir what are you doing?” I said softly.

“I going to heal you so you feel no pain no more” he said showing no emotion in his voice and taking his palms off my torso.

“What you’re gonna heal me?” I said trembling.

“Yes Tessie, uh Tessie I have to tell you something but I’m afraid it could be dangerous to your life” he said scared.

“Now close your eyes and relax please Tessie” He said softly.

I closed my eyes and relaxed my breathing.

He placed his warm, tender hands on my torso again and closed his eyes.

All I could feel was a surge of energy jolting through my body.

It was soothing and I felt my body regaining strength again.

After the surge of energy there was a slight pain but that subsided when Mr Vincent moved his palms from my torso.

I opened my eyes and saw him smiling down at me.

I sat up slowly and looked around.

“Tessie you do realize what I am about to tell you will kinda, sort-ta be life threating and I didn’t mean for this to happen and I never mind” He said all sad.

“Okay sir I want to know and well my life is boring and wrecked any way” I said concerned.

“Okay well I’m not twenty-six, I’m actually eighteen and I have supernatural powers.

The name for my kind is...vampires we help those in need and well we assume the identity of someone else or whatever identity we will create” He said quietly like someone was listening.

“I don’t believe you when you say your eighteen but I believe the supernatural powers, I will only believe you if you prove it” I said quickly.

“Okay I will show you but please don’t scream because it looks a little funky” He said with a smile.

He grabbed his skin and started to ripe it from his perfect face, I felt sick and I covered my eyes to stop me from hurling.

“Okay you can look now Tessie” He said softly.

I slowly dropped my hands from my face.

He was so unbelievably good looking.

He had shortish long black hair, with deep blue eyes that i seemed to get lost in as well as lightly tanned and he what had a nice body.

I was stunned I couldn’t say anything and I think he knew.

“Yeah I guess your speechless umm another thing Tessie when I saw you I kinda fell for you and the rule for my kind is that well we have to stick together for all of eternity” he said shyly.

“Um, um uh hmmm well this isn’t a surprise to me I guess” I said confused.

“Tessie i…I love you” He said as he placed his hand on mine.

I didn’t move my hand because deep down I wanted this and I didn’t want to resist the urge to fight this feeling.

“So uh if you’re not Mr Vincent than who are you?” I asked lightly.

 “Uh yeah woops my name is Bejin Mace” he said laughing.

“Cool name” I said happily.

“Tessie I just want you to know that as my duty I must protect you from any demons or mystical creatures that will come after me and now you too” He said worried as he tightened the grip on my hand.

“Bejin I promise to be careful and safe know matter what happens to us” I said not knowing what I had gotten myself into.

I moved closer to him and for some reason I hugged him closely.

I could feel his hands wrap around my body.

I moved away and he leaned in and kissed me.

I placed my hand on his cheek and wrapped the other one around his torso.

I could feel his hands go up under my shirt and caress up and down my spine.

I wanted more so I pressed myself more into him and I could feel him slip his tongue into my mouth.

He tasted like salt, bananas and fairy floss and I liked that.

He suddenly pulled me away violently.

“Ughh” I screamed in pain as I grabbed hold of my arm.       

I could feel tears streaming down my eyes.

“I’m sorry I heard something supernatural like a…a I don’t know” He said softly.

He hugged me close to him when we suddenly started to dissolve into nothing.

I was to shocked I nearly let go when Bejin suddenly grabbed hold of me.

I tried to speak but was unable to do so like I pleased.

We than landed somewhere I didn’t recognized.

I looked around and we seemed to be in a forest of some sort.

I tried to stand but my legs didn’t want to move.

“Ughh” I screamed again.

“Sorry I should have told you that I could do this um yeah it will affect humans differently than my kind” he said laughing lightly.

“Oh okay than so what do I do just stay like this while you skip off happily” I said angrily.

He nodded and I kept thinking that this was a little dream I was in and that I would soon wake up but that never happened.

“Hmm I guess I should just lay here like a loser” I said loudly to myself.

I wrapped my arms around my shriving body and closed my eyes.

I suddenly felt a sharp stabbing pain on my arm.

“Arggggghh mmmff” I stifled a cry and opened my eyes.

When I opened my eyes there was a tall, skinny man with a long hooked nose who stared down at me with red eyes blazing like fire.

“And uh who the hell are you supposed to be?” I said unkindly to the man or whatever he was.

“My name is Ohtep and I’m Bejin’s guardian Angel and well father if you will please…uh you  must be miss Tessie Vale so nice of you to drop in” Ohtep said quite cruelly.

“I uh didn’t know I was coming here and uh it’s nice to meet you to” I said coldly.

Ohtep bent down to whisper something in my ear.

“Hmm I don’t like rude little girls and I didn’t expect my son to fall for such a dirty little girl such as yourself.

Oh and another thing I will kill you without him knowing if you ever tried to break his heart understand girl” he said bitting back just as coldly.

“Crystal and likewise to yourself, Ohtep” I said with a smirk on my face.

“You little bi

“Father how dare you treat the girl I love without any respect, shame on you” Bejin said furiously.

Bejin came across to me and picked me up swiftly with one arm.

“Son be careful with this girl she’s poison” I heard Ohtep say quietly.

Bejin nodded his head in protest but continued to walk me to his home.

All three of us finally reached the front door of their mansion.

I looked up the walls of this mighty building and was shocked to see that it wasn’t dark or even gloomy; it was actually full of colours.

It seemed very warming and for some reason I felt safer than before.

We emerge through the wooden, glazed doors and continued on till we stopped at a door up stairs.

“This is our room Tessie” He said suddenly shy.

“Our room” I said shaking my wrist.

“Uh yeah um I thought that we would sleep in separated rooms” I said awkwardly.

“Hmmm in order for me to protect you I think it would be great if you stayed with me and I promise I won’t do anything inappropriate because I know you’re young and all…” he trailed off when I suddenly collapsed.

“Crap, Tessie” he cried nervously.

He held me tightly hoping I would wake up but when I didn’t he lift me up with his telekinesis power; holding both hands up while I floated in the air towards the bed.

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