Would You Believe Me If I Said I'm In Love ? * Punk 1D *

"Niall Why did you follow me ?" I asked. "To do this." He said and pushed me against the car. I yelled in pain. "Niall stop !" I said which failed because he started kissing down my jaw line. A small moan left my mouth . Shit. Niall looked and me and smirked. "I Guess I've found it." . He went back to kissing my jaw line when he started biting down on my skin in the middle of my neck. I tried pushing him off which only made him bite harder. I screamed in pain. "Niall .stop. your hurting me !" I said I felt a tear run down my cheek. Niall stopped biting and looked at me with a evil smirk across his face.
"Now You Are Mine." He said and grabbed my phone from my back pocket and started typing his phone rang so now his my number. Great. sarcasm never killed anyone right ? " I'm picking you at 8 wear something sexy." He said and slapped my bum. He put my phone on the hood of my car and walked away. I just stood there in shock of what he did.


32. Why Didnt You Tell Me ?!

Miranda's POV:

It was already 12 and I was to tired to wait for Niall anymore ! I put the Tv on mute and laid back in the bed pulling the covers over my head.

Where The Hell Is Niall ?

Niall's POV:

I was holding my shoulder to stop the bleeding while Liam drove to Jack's House.

Jack was our doctor so we wouldnt go to the hospital and have to explain why I got shot.

"You okay Niall ?" Liam asked I nodded. I feel so fucking light head right now....

We pulled up to Jacks and Liam ran to help me out the car. We slowly made our way up his steps and Liam rang the door bell like 6 times and knock.

"Hold The Fuck On !" I'm guessing Jack yelled. The door flew open with a angry looking Jack standing in front of us. He opened his mouth to yell at us when he saw me.

"Holy fuck ! Hurry get in get in !" He said moving out the way. "You know where to take him right ?" Jack said Liam nodded and walked me to the basement of jacks house.

I walked to the operating table and laid back.

"Wanna tell me how this happened ?" Jack asked putting some gloves.

I Sighed.'' It's really simple actually." I said and Jack Raised an eyebrow.


Flash Back..

''This should teach you never ever to touch ANY girl again." I said standing over Max with a gun to his head.

"You so stupid Horan.." He said Spitting blood at me. "She doesn't Love you.. She loves me only.'' He said I frowned and kicked his ribs making him couch up more blood.

"She doesnt love you. Thats why she Left your Sorry Ass." I said gripping the gun tighter.

"She'll leave you to Horan." He said and I shot him right there in the head. I heard someone yell and then BANG ! I felt pain shoot through my shoulder.  I pointed my gun at the figure and shot twice then ran out the alley way to where Liam was waiting.

End Of Flash Back....

"Wow..." He said and pulled out a big needle. "This is gonna hurt for a second but it'll be over before you know it." He said I nodded.


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