Would You Believe Me If I Said I'm In Love ? * Punk 1D *

"Niall Why did you follow me ?" I asked. "To do this." He said and pushed me against the car. I yelled in pain. "Niall stop !" I said which failed because he started kissing down my jaw line. A small moan left my mouth . Shit. Niall looked and me and smirked. "I Guess I've found it." . He went back to kissing my jaw line when he started biting down on my skin in the middle of my neck. I tried pushing him off which only made him bite harder. I screamed in pain. "Niall .stop. your hurting me !" I said I felt a tear run down my cheek. Niall stopped biting and looked at me with a evil smirk across his face.
"Now You Are Mine." He said and grabbed my phone from my back pocket and started typing his phone rang so now his my number. Great. sarcasm never killed anyone right ? " I'm picking you at 8 wear something sexy." He said and slapped my bum. He put my phone on the hood of my car and walked away. I just stood there in shock of what he did.


10. Chapter 9

"Hey you almost done I have to use the loo !" Sarah said knocking on the door. It was odd of her to say loo she never say's that. I opened the door and she ran in pushing me out. Jeez. I walked into my room grabbing my make up bag and going to Sarah's room because she was doing my make up.

"Wow.. I think I should force you to change like dad would." I told Nat sitting on Sarah's bed. She laughed and did a spin.

"Good ! " She said putting her hands on her hips. Something was up I she never wears dresses ..

"Nat Is there something I should know ?" I asked Raising a eye brow at her.

"What No ?!" She said instantly.

"I know your Lying spill your gut's come on." I told her  patting the spot next to me.

"Ugh okay fine. Well Harry and I have been on and off and I want to show him what he's Missing." She said Confessed I gasped. I didnt know her and Harry were a thing ?

"Yeah and he's been bringing this girl around I think her Name is Taylor something.. And well that skinny bitch is ugly ! He's bringing her tonight and well I'm gonna make his ass jealous." She said crossing her arm's.

"Just don't let him hurt you he isn't worth it Doll." I told her rubbing her back.

"Yeah I know I just really like him You know ?" She said. "Yeah It's okay." I told her and gave her a hug.

"Alright you ready for make up ?" Sarah said walking in the room I nodded and let her do her magic.

~ 10 minutes later ... Yes 10 ! ~

"Niall and the guy's are here." Sarah said Poking her head through the door.

"Okay." I told her and put on the finishing touch...Red lip stick. I was wearing a plain black dress that was fitted and hugged me in the right places. I heard my door open I turned to see Niall. He looked pretty good he was wearing a white button up with black skinny jeans.

"Hey- Woah you look Beautiful Babe." He said looking me up and down. I blushed.

"Thanks you don't look to bad yourself Horan." I told him as he grabbed my hips pulling me toward him. I looked in his eye's and they were dark with lust.

"I think I might have to take that dress of yours off right now." He whispered in my ear sending shiver's down my spin.

"How about we join the others." I smirked at him. He looked in my plain old Jane brown eye's and kiss my lip's softly. I pulled away and he groaned making me giggle.

"Calm yourself Sweetie." I told him with a smirk he chuckled and pulled me down stairs.

"Woah Miranda you look fit." Harry said and the blonde girl next to him slapped his arm.I could tell she was a slut. What the hell is wrong with Harry ?! He had Nat and then he down graded for some tramp he found on the street.

"Yeah I think I might have to steal you away from Niall." Louis Smirked and Niall Gave them glares.

"Shut Up !" Niall said sternly.

"Tramp" She mumbled but I heard her. "Taylor." she said giving me a smirk.

"Miranda." I said giving her a glare.

I couldn't help but notice Nat with Liam she was laughing and touching his arm. I saw Harry look over a couple time's but Nat wouldnt look at him she would continue flirting with Liam. She looked at me and winked I gave her a smile then turned to Niall who was talking to Zayn.

"Shall we go ?" I asked them.

"Yeah we should split up." Sarah said and we all nodded."Umm Nat and Liam With Harry and Taylor." she said winking at Nat.I guess she knew. "And Me Miranda Niall and Zayn and Louis... Is that alright with everyone ?" She asked final.

"Yeah." We all agreed.

"So we go in my car ?" Niall asked, Sarah nodded.  We all got up and headed toward the car's.


We made it to the club but I wasn't familiar with club...

"Come on Princess." Niall  said taking me from my thoughts. We got into the club and it was packed there was people everywhere. Niall wrapped his arm around my waist protectively as we made our way to a open seating area. Everyone came one at a time Niall me and Sarah were the first one's here then Louis and Zayn. It was a while till Natalie and them got here. When they did arrive Nat and Liam were holding hand's along with Harry and Ugh Taylor.

"Wanna dance after we get a drink ?" Natalie ask me I nodded and turned to Sarah who was making googly eye's at Zayn.

"Be careful with him.. And do you want to dance in a bit with me and Nat ?" I asked her she shot out of her gaze and looked at me nodding rapidly I laughed at her. Soon the waitress came and asked us if we wanted a drink we ordered and yeah you know the rest.

"Come on Now !" Nat said pulling me up from my seat Niall tugged on my arm.

"Where are you going ?" He asked.

"To dance ?" I told him he nodded and let go of my hand. I grabbed Sarah and we were about to walk away when Harry yelled.

"What about Taylor ?" He asked I looked at the girl's.

"Who ?" We said together making the boy's expect Harry and Taylor of course laugh. She shot us a glare I shrugged and we left to the dance floor. I think we were there for about half a hour before Nat was now dancing with Liam she looked really happy how come she cant be with Liam if he make's her happy ? I felt someone grab my hips forcing me onto them I knew it wasnt Niall because Niall wasn't Like that. I got out of the person grasp and saw some drunk guy look like he was in his 20's I walked away from him when he grabbed me and forced his lips on my mouth. I tired pushing him off but he would budge soon he was ripped off me.

"Are you okay babe ?" I heard Niall say.

"I'm fine can we leave ?" I asked him he nodded and pulled me from the dance floor. He told Harry something and he nodded. Then Niall and Left with out another word.

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