Just another fangirl

Beautiful Emily (17) is just a normal fangirl, she keeps fan pages one Instagram, twitter etc. but then she finds out that her dad has a new job which is good but it means she has to move to London.Away from her friends and start a new school. But luckily for her One Direction are performing in London and to apologise for having to move at such short notice her Dad got her front row seats.Shes always had a huge crush on Louis so when he notices her from the stage and invites her to the after party after the concerts she dies inside for a while.


3. The Concert

I enter the arena,it was huge compared to ones I usually go to for concerts.

After watching the other performers finally One Direction were on! 

"AAARRGGHHH!!!!! I LOVE YOU LOUIS!!!" I screamed as loud as I could to try get his attention and cause I was on the FRONT row, HE TURNED ROUND AND BLEW ME A KISS!! I swear I almost fainted.

They were onto the third song and then LOUIS came down from the stage he had about 10 bodyguards surrounding him and THEN he moved over to me!! 

"Hey, are you busy after the show?" Said Louis

"Me?, No, why?"I was getting really exited cause all the boys were looking down at me from the stage

"Well, I'd like to invite you to the after party,so, can you come?"

"OMG yeah, I'd love to come,thanks for inviting me" and then he smiled and went back to the stage. I whipped out my phone and told her what just happened she agreed to let me go cause she knew that if she dident let me go I would never talk to her again. 

They had 2 songs left I was getting so exited! I started jumping and screaming really loud.

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