Just another fangirl

Beautiful Emily (17) is just a normal fangirl, she keeps fan pages one Instagram, twitter etc. but then she finds out that her dad has a new job which is good but it means she has to move to London.Away from her friends and start a new school. But luckily for her One Direction are performing in London and to apologise for having to move at such short notice her Dad got her front row seats.Shes always had a huge crush on Louis so when he notices her from the stage and invites her to the after party after the concerts she dies inside for a while.


4. Lets go and party

I dident know where to go after the concert so I just kinda sat down in my seat and had a think of where to go

"heyy!!" I heard a loud voice shout, it was Louis, he was still with his gang of bodyguards

"heyy,errm,I was just wondering,where do I go for this party?"I asked nicely 

"come follow me, we'll have to move quite quickly cause a few fans have noticed me already"

i turned round to see a few people charging full speed towards us.he lifted my by my waist up onto the stage and we ran off while the bodyguards stayed to fight off the fans.

"so, I dident quite ask your name?" Hi eyes were sparkling, he is gorgeous.

"My names Emily" he still had hold of my hand I felt myself blushing red in the cheeks 

we went in a minibus, all the boys were there too, was I dreaming?,they all wolf whistled when they say that Louis was holding my hand, I blushed again.

"who's this bird then?"asked Harry I think I was about to collapse OMG HARRY STYLE JUST CALLED ME A BIRD AARRHH

"this is Emily an Shes my date for tonight's after party"said Louis OMG IM LOUIS' DATE AND HE SAID IT HIMSELF!!!

he put his arm around me and everyone whistled again

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