Just another fangirl

Beautiful Emily (17) is just a normal fangirl, she keeps fan pages one Instagram, twitter etc. but then she finds out that her dad has a new job which is good but it means she has to move to London.Away from her friends and start a new school. But luckily for her One Direction are performing in London and to apologise for having to move at such short notice her Dad got her front row seats.Shes always had a huge crush on Louis so when he notices her from the stage and invites her to the after party after the concerts she dies inside for a while.


12. *******authors note********

Hey reader/s, I was just wondering, I anyone actually enjoying this book? Please comment if you are and If you don't please help by commenting on what you think I should improve on,hope you all have enjoyed it but I'm not sure of I should continue to finish this movella if nobody is actually reading this :)x

Love OD_1D (Hannah Tomlinson) xoxoxo

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