My Boy

This is just a cute little romance about a girl named Caycee and a boy named Josh. They've been in love since they were 6 and its all mushy :) <3


6. Chapter 6

9 months later

‘So here we are again!’ Josh announced as we walked into the hospital.

‘Yeah, I guess so!’ I replied, enthusiasm clouding my voice.

He spoke to the receptionist and then a midwife came down and took us to a birthing room.

‘I’m Mary, I’ll be your midwife for today.’ She said, smiling at us both.

‘Hey.’ I breathed, a painful contraction just ending.

‘So, is it a little boy or a little girl?’ She asked curiously.

‘He’s a boy.’ I smiled, resting a hand on my bulging abdomen.

‘Awhh. Do you have a name for him yet?’ She questioned.

‘Ryan Thomas Robinson.’ I said proudly.

‘That’s a cute name.’ She replied, smiling widely.

‘I’ve just got to check how dilated you are.’ She said.

I nodded and lay on the bed.

‘You’re 9 centimetres dilated!’ She announced.

1 hour later

I held Ryan gently in my arms, admiring his perfect features. Josh had gone to my parents to collect Olivia. He walked in the door holding her.

‘We have our two babies.’ I whispered happily.

‘Yes we do.’ He replied, kissing my forehead softly.

I looked at Ryan, then at Olivia and finally at Josh. My perfect little family.

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