My Boy

This is just a cute little romance about a girl named Caycee and a boy named Josh. They've been in love since they were 6 and its all mushy :) <3


4. Chapter 4

Josh’s POV

Running my hands through my hair, tears streamed down my face as I thought about the fact that I have lost my girlfriend and both of my unborn babies. Doctors came in and out of the waiting room but none of them were Caycee’s. It felt like years before her doctor came in. He was flushed and asked me to follow him into another room. I was waiting for the devastating news.

‘I’m happy to tell you that Caycee is stable but one of the babies didn’t make it, I’m sorry.’ He explained. My head span with the news.

‘I need to see her. Now.’ I said sternly.

He escorted me into a new room and I was met by Caycee crying. She must have heard me come in as she looked up at me, her eyes wide with sadness and despair, tears spilling down her face. She stretched out her arms and I walked over to the bed, wrapping my arms around her protectively.

‘One d… d…didn’t m…make it.’ She spluttered, sobbing.

‘Shh, I know baby, I know.’ I said comfortingly, holding back my own tears.

I held her tightly, rocking her whilst she sobbed. All I was thinking was that we still had one baby. We could still have a family.

‘We still have one.’ I whispered reassuringly.

She looked up at me, hope shining through the hurt in her eyes. ‘I hope it stays that way.’ She replied softly.

5 months later

Sweat dripped off her brow as she pushed through her contractions. I looked at the clock. She’s only been in labour for 20 minutes and the midwife could already see the head. She breathed and then pushed again.

‘One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten.’ I counted.

She exhaled heavily and then looked at me. ‘I love you baby.’ She said, attempting to smile.

‘I love you too.’ I replied, giving her hand an encouraging squeeze.

She closed her eyes and pushed. The room was soon filled with the shrill of a baby crying. Our baby. A tear slipped down my cheek and I took out my camera. I snapped a shot of Caycee holding the baby and smiling up at me.

‘It’s a beautiful baby girl!’ The midwife announced.

Caycee gasped and her eyes filled with fresh tears of joy.

‘Do you have a name?’ She asked.

Me and Caycee looked at each other and then looked at our baby.

‘What do you want to call her?’ I asked Caycee sweetly.

She thought for a moment, just studying her little face.

‘Olivia.’ She announced confidently.

‘Baby Olivia Grace Robinson.’ I said happily. I took another picture of her. This time, she peered up at the camera with big eyes, an inquisitive look on her face. I could’ve sworn she smiled as I took it. I reached my hand down, one finger out and she grasped it with her tiny hand. I smiled down at my gorgeous little daughter. My little miracle.

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