Reganing Love

Dahlia is married to George. She have to deal with an husband who’s never home. Even when she wake up! The days pass and she think she shouldn’t marry him, she thinks about getting divorce. But what happen when they are both at home, drunk, and things get heated? What happen when Dahlia learns she’s pregnant? How does George react when he learns it? Especially when he know is own wife want divorce and lost her love for him, because of his fault?


1. Chapter 1 <3

Dahlia p.o.v

I wake up in an empty bed, again. George is never home, never. I’m going to bed, is not there, I’m waking up, is not there either. He told me it was because he have rehearsals, shows, singnings, interviews, etc. most of the time, he’s hanging out with one of the boys. It’s like he just want to ignore me, or something like that.

I suddenly feel dizzy. It’s like I want to throw up, and it’s very weird, because I hadn’t even eat this morning, in fact I just woke up. I rush in the bathroom, hopefully, I am there in time. I throw up, it’s not the first time this week. Maybe it’s just a bug, or something else.

I go in the kitchen to make me an English breakfast. I open the fridge, to grab the bacon, eggs, etc. When I close it, I notice the calendar.

"Great, were the 1st of July. Today, I should wear red and white, it’s Canada’s day" I said outloud.

What??? 1st of July??? It means my period is late of two months. It’s not normal and I can’t even be on menopause, I’m just 23 years old! And I can’t be pregnant,either, the last night I spend with George was when we were both really drunk…. Which is two months ago.


I entered in the club. Shannon and Audrey (JJ’s and Josh’s girlfriends), were by my side. Even if George and I act like strangers now, these two girls are my best friends for life. They know I want to get divorce, and that’s why we are here, tonight. They said I need to celebrate my last year as a married person.

We went to the bar and I ordered tequilas for everyone. After, it was to a of shots. I danced all night, until I saw him. I think he was drunk, definitely drunk. He was talking to some girl. I walked to him. «Walk» is a big word. I fell three times before I reached him and the girl was now, gone.

"Hiiiiiiii" I said

"Heyyyyyyyyyyyy" George said back

(A/n: sorry for the mistakes but they are part of the story)

"What re yo doin hear(here)?" I asked him

"I-I don’t rememba. U?" He said, laughing of what he just said

"Me toooo I don’t remember! It’s so funny!" I said laughing

"Hey! It’s been a long time I’m searching you, George!" Said a guy.

I was hallucinating because the guy was looking like Jack Harries, and Zayn Malik, but with blue eyes. I know that I know him, but I can’t remember who he is. I began to laugh hysterically.

"Who’re you???" Me and Heorge asked the guy

The guy laughed “I’m Josh, and I can see you are both really drunk" Josh said

"Hiiiiii Joshie" George said

"Dahlia, did you come with Audrey and Shannon? Because they are searching you" Josh said

"Who r Adrey and Shanie?" I asked

"Nevemind. You two are going home. I’ll call Audrey when you will be safe" Josh said

"Okayyyyy" I replied unsure of what to say.

He took both mine’s and George’s hands and lead us to his car. He opened the door of the back seats. Me and George sat in the car. We were trying to buckled our seat belt, but after three minutes, Josh did it for us.

During the car ride, I was laughing and George was doing the monkey, that makes me laugh even more.

"We are almost at your place, so I’ll say some warnings. First, I don’t want anybody in the kitchen, there, there’s some cutting and sharp things. Second, I don’t want anybody near the fireplace, you can burn yourself. And I want you to go to bed. I’m only going to leave when you’ll be fast asleep" Josh warned us

"Will fate (fake) we ar fast aleep (asleep). Afer (after), we cane (can) play" George whispered in my ear and I nodded.

We got out of the car and Josh opened the door of our place. He lead us upstairs, to mine and George’s bedroom. I fell on the bed and George too. I pretended to be fast asleep. Fifteen minutes later, I heard footsteps going downstair and a door opening and closing immediately. I opened my eyes. George was already on his feet, he was looking at me.

"Joshie is gone" he said

"What’re we doin?"I asked

"We cane (can) play spane (spin) the bottle" George proposed
“Yeah! It’s a gweat idea! I go get the bottle, in the chicken (kitchen)" I said

"Nooo, Joshie told us we can’t go in the chicken (kitchen)" George said. “We cane (can) play with a pan (pen)"

"Okayy" I said

George took a pen and we sat on the floor.

*Twenty minutes later*

I think there was something in our drink. Because when we are drunk we aren’t suppose to hallucinate animals who can talk,right?

"Cane we play juste the two of us??? They are cheatin. Mister monkey is kissin Mama duck and Robert the elephant is kissin Maya the cat" begged George

"Okayyy, they are cheaters! Mister Monkey is suppose to kiss Mina the mouse, and Robert the elephant is suppose to kiss Elena the horse" I said

"And this game is booorin!!! We didn’t kiss anybody, it was just the animals who were playin" George said

We sobered a bit, but seriously, I think that in this club, they are putting drugs in the drinks. It was the first time I was going there and I think it’s the last too.

Suddenly, George crashed his lips with mine, I began to kiss him. At the beginning, the kiss was rough but it became more and more passionate.

Soon we were on the bed and both naked.

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Asked me a sober George. He was looking at me in the eyes.

"Yes" I said

(You know what happened next)

*The next morning*

I woke up at the sound of the shower. I notice George wasn’t beside me. It certainly him in the shower. I had the most big headache ever. I close my eyes for thirty seconds, or so I thought, because when I open them, George was beside me.

"Good morning!! I’m sorry, I need to go to the studio. I made some cofee, even if its 1pm. Sorry if I woke you up. I really need to go. I’ll be here for 5pm." He kiss my forehead and then he left the room.

"Liar" I muttered. It’s not the fact that he need to go to the studio, I know it’s true. It’s the fact he told me he will be here in four hours. I know him by heart, there will be something at the last minute.

*End of flashback*

I knew he wouldn’t come for 5pm. He pretexted he need to stay to the studio.

I grab the phone and call the first person I thought of.

"Audrey, please, can you go grab me a pregnancy test?" I ask her over the phone.

Yeah, maybe, calling Josh girlfriend is not the best idea I had in my life, but I need someone and she’s my best friend since we are 11.

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