Beauty and a Geek: Larry Stylinson

Harry Marcel Edward Styles is in the eleventh grade. And let me tell you, he isn't as popular as you think. Actually, he was quite the introvert type. His nose always being in the books, his hair always neatly slicked back, and his big, 1980's glasses always polished and transparent, Harry wasn't the type of person everyone adored. Of course, there was one person who had secretly admired him. The head of the football (soccer) team, Louis William Tomlinson. Although Louis' feelings for Harry should stay a secret, he takes a huge risk of losing it all. His popularity and his dignity.

Does Louis care more about his feelings for Harry, or his dignity and popularity?


2. Lunch



It was lunch, and like always I was sitting alone at a tiny table in the corner of the cafeteria. Typing away at my essay. The cafeteria was quiet, but not too quiet. That's because, of course, louis and his posse haven't walked in yet. "LOUIS LOUIS LOUIS LOUIS" "WOO LOUIS" The cafeteria roared. Spoke too soon. Louis and the rest of the team walked past me, one of them nudging into me on purpose. "Hey! Whatcha doing? Oh wait I don't-" one of the players said. He took a look at my essay and paused for a moment. "Hey guys! Come check out what this kid is typing!" he chuckled. For sure I was to get teased about what I was writing. No, worse. I would probably get a slap in the face. Anyways, the whole team began to run to my table, so I quickly saved it and shoved the laptop in my bag. I tried to make a run for it, but all that resulted in was being cornered. "What's the essay about" one of the guys said, taking a step forward. "Since when do any of you care about school?" I mumbled. "What did you say, big guy?" another one of them said.



I was big, actually. Tall wise. 6'2 to be exact. Them on the other hand, were about my size or shorter, but MUCH stronger. One was about to swing his fist, when Louis squeezed through his team. "Hey, uh, guys. Ashley's wearing tights again today.... she's in the workout room." Louis said, horribly acting. It was cute, though. The other boys howled and ran faster than they would at a tournament. Louis stuck out his hand for me. I grabbed it and yanked myself up. "I'm Louis." He said with a smile. "I know." I said. Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. "I mean, ugh, hi. Erm, I'm H-har-" "Harry. I know." he said.




Stupid. Stupid stupid stupid. " I mean, uh. Oh forget it." I said. He chuckled. "Louis," he paused. When he said my name, it was different. Sweet, soft. It had a good ring to it, I guess? "Yea...." I answered, playing with my fingers and looking down. "Why d-did you help m-me...." he stammered. The way he stutters was pretty cute. Wait, what? "I guess I'm just tired of them teasing everyone. Really, its pointless." I said, rubbing the back of my neck. "Well, t-thank you." Harry said, blushing like crazy.


"So what were you typing?" I asked, curious actually. "My essay." He never seemed to make eye contact with me. "About...?" He hesitated. "E-equali- wait. Why should I tell you? You're going to tell the team. " he said, worry in his voice. "Look buddy, I practically saved your ass out there and you still think I'm like them?" I said. He finally budged. "Equality and Gay Marriage...." he answered, very quickly. "That's amazing. My um, never mind." I said. He looked at me. "What's yours about?" I was really hoping he wouldn't ask, but I guess I trusted him. "Abusive and Dead-Beat Dads...." I answered even quicker. His jaw dropped. "Wow.. that's c-cool." he stammered. I blushed.


We chatted for practically the whole lunch period. We really got to know each other. "Hey Louis, can I tell you something?" I cocked one of my eyebrows, signaling him to go ahead. "Ever since the start of high school, I really-" "BRRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGGG" the bell rang. "Crap, I gotta go. See you Lou!" He waved and ran off. Lou. I like that.



A/N: HEY GUYS! Okay so I hope you liked this chapter! I'll try to update every day or every other day. And BTW, sometimes there might be swearing in the Fan Fiction, so I hope no one is offended...:) 


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