Beauty and a Geek: Larry Stylinson

Harry Marcel Edward Styles is in the eleventh grade. And let me tell you, he isn't as popular as you think. Actually, he was quite the introvert type. His nose always being in the books, his hair always neatly slicked back, and his big, 1980's glasses always polished and transparent, Harry wasn't the type of person everyone adored. Of course, there was one person who had secretly admired him. The head of the football (soccer) team, Louis William Tomlinson. Although Louis' feelings for Harry should stay a secret, he takes a huge risk of losing it all. His popularity and his dignity.

Does Louis care more about his feelings for Harry, or his dignity and popularity?


3. I wish I was....



"Daisy and Phoebe, you two are clearing the table tonight." My mum said. Charlotte and Felicite ran off to their room before mum could ask them to do the dishes. "Louis?" she said, cocking her eyebrow. I rolled my eyes and got up, throwing out the toothpick I was fiddling with in my mouth. "Thank you." she smirked, giving me a kiss on the forehead. She ran off to her room, preparing for bed. Mum worked very hard so she could put food on the table and a roof over our head. We all agreed to help her out at dinner time.........


After everything was washed and cleaned up, we all went to our rooms. I was listening to music as I flipped through the pages of our school yearbook. "H. Shanburg, H. Srindo, H. Styles. Here." I ran my thumb across the small yearbook picture. "Whatcha doin'?" My annoying 1/4 younger sisters Daisy said. "Get out Daisy!" I whisper-yelled. "LOTTIE LOUIS HAS A CRUSH ON SOMEONE!" she yelled. Lottie sprinted to my room. "On who?" she gasped. "Is it Ashley? Lucy?" "No and no. Get out!" I yelled. frustrated. Sometimes I wish my sisters were on another planet. I shoved the yearbook back onto my empty shelf, with no awards. I bet Harry has ton.


Sometimes, I wish I was Harry.





"Thanks mum." I said, giving my her a kiss on the cheek. As s single parent, I think she's done a great job raising me. Well, minus the nerd part. That was all me, I guess. Anyways, I went off to my room and started flipping through the school yearbook. "L. Thompson, L. Thinsreg, L. Tomlinson. Here." I used one of my long fingers to push up my huge-lensed glasses. I looked closer to admire the boy's crystal blue eyes, and brown quiff. "What are you doing Harry?" My mum said. She startled me, and I nearly jumped eight feet into the air. I quickly flipped to the academic section of the yearbook. "Uh I was uh looking at the Honor Roll students from last year. Heh, um they didn't forget my name this time!" I lied. My mother smiled a fake smile and went off to her bedroom. I shut the yearbook closed, and shoved it back on the shelf, Sometimes I wish I had more privacy.


Sometimes, I wish I was Louis.


A/N: Hey Guys! I know this chapter isn't the greatest, but I hope you've learned a bit about the boys' lives in this one. Ciao!



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