Beauty and a Geek: Larry Stylinson

Harry Marcel Edward Styles is in the eleventh grade. And let me tell you, he isn't as popular as you think. Actually, he was quite the introvert type. His nose always being in the books, his hair always neatly slicked back, and his big, 1980's glasses always polished and transparent, Harry wasn't the type of person everyone adored. Of course, there was one person who had secretly admired him. The head of the football (soccer) team, Louis William Tomlinson. Although Louis' feelings for Harry should stay a secret, he takes a huge risk of losing it all. His popularity and his dignity.

Does Louis care more about his feelings for Harry, or his dignity and popularity?


1. Hello, my name is....



"Loser" "Loner" "GAY" "Faggot" rang in my ears as I passed through the hallways o teenage hell, aka high school. You're probably reading this, thinking "Oh my gosh! What horrible things to say!" or "Loser, he deserves it." But, whatever you're thinking doesn't really matter. Nothing they call me is new, anyways. Hi, I'm Harry Marcel Edward Styles, aka the Loser Loner Gay Faggot of the school.


I've been going to Harsview High for three years I believe, now. And those three years haven't been that swell. I haven't made a single friend for longer than a week, unless it was a dare that was made at a party. "I dare you to be friends with Harry for two weeks" is what someone would say. Then, for two weeks I would have a good friend- that later on tells me being my friend was a dare and they hate my guts. Again, nothing new. It's happened a few times, but I just shrug it off. The only person who really didn't bug me was the school jock, Louis William Tomlinson. I may have studied his profile while helping out in the office, so what? He was kind of cute, but there was no way he liked me. Back to him being nice to me. Well, it's not that he's nice to me. He still shuns me like the rest. But he's not rude to me. He's quite different from all the others. Very different, in fact.





"Hey my man, Louis!" "LOUIS LOUIS LOUIS" everyone in the hallway chanted. I smiled and high fived a few people. Believe it or not, a few girls were fangirling at the sight of me. A little much, if you ask me. But, I couldn't help but smile. You're probably reading this, thinking "WOW what a lucky guy!" or "What a superstar! I want his life!" Well, whatever you're thinking, you're probably wrong. My life sucks. Besides the popularity and sports, my life isn't what you think. My grades are low, I have no girlfriend, and to be honest, I don't think I have real friends at all. My only "friends" are from the football team and cheer-leading squad. And trust me, you'd HATE hanging around them. All they do to each other is brag about what they have, whether they're lying or not. "My daddy has a Ferrari" "Well my daddy owns a big music company" "Oh ya? What's it called?" "Uh, um, Music by Gordan" is all the conversation that goes on. The one who "loses" the conversation sits low in their seat and tries again tomorrow. It's ridiculous, they aren't even friends. The talk between my football team at parties or when we hangout is all about girl's bodies. "Did you see Ashley in those tights today?" one would say. Then a fight would break out. "Hey dude don't talk about her like that." the next would say. "Oooo someone has a crush on Ashley. Wimp." then the other would punch, then the other, and so on so forth. This is when I casually walk away. And plus, I don't really think of girls in that way. I mean, a girl is something more than her body right?


Anyways, next topic. I've been going to Harsview High for about three years now. And these three years have been pretty good. I've gone to a party almost every weekend, hosted a party almost every month, and probably kissed about eighteen girls. Call me what you want, but I'm living the life. On the outside. As I said before, my life pretty much sucks. I don't have father, and I'm not getting into detail. My whole life is sports and girls, and well don't tell anyone but....


I think I like a boy. His name is Harry.




A/N: HELLOOOOOOOO!!!! I"M BACK ON MOVELLAS! I hope you guys like this really long chapter lol and BTW if you don't ship larry or don't support gay couples, then please don't read this. I don't want to offend anyone in anyway. :) thank you!

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