The Songbook

Trinity Jones is returning back to high school after her week long break. She expected everything to be the same, sitting with her best friend, Brandi, at lunch, being her teachers favorite student, and attending her brothers hockey practices every day. But things changed when a new senior arrived. He was in her brother, Alex's, class. His name was Harry. He was a very attractive boy, but underneath his curls and hockey gear were secrets. Would Trinity be able to figure out what he's hiding?


2. Chapter One

Chapter One: The sound of my alarm clock echoed throughout my room, reminding me that my break was over. I moaned as I threw the alarm clock onto the ground and allowed the batteries to pop out.


I took a quick shower and dried my hair, letting it fall into it's natural,

dirty blond waves. I didn't have the best clothes like all of the other girls, I didn't buy leading brands of makeup, but I made it work.


I quickly poured myself a bowl of cereal and scarfed it down. It was quite

unattractive, and I was happy my older brother wasn't around to take a video of it.


I cleaned up my mess and ran out the door to catch the bus. I'm the last stop to school, so every seat is always taken.


"Hey Trinity!" My best friend Brandi called. She was always the popular one. She has perfect hair, perfect teeth, the perfect body, she has it all. Me on the other hand, I'm the complete opposite. I just got my braces off and I'm not exactly what people would call skinny, but I'm not chunky either. I'm about average for my age.


I made my way over to her and plopped down onto the seat.


"So how was your Thanksgiving?" Brandi asked.


I shrugged, "Filling."


We both laughed as I set my backpack onto the dirty floor of the bus. I searched through the front pocket for my phone, pulling it out and sending a text to my brother. I searched through my contacts for his name; Alex. Once I found it I began dancing my finger over the keyboard.


"Why weren't you home this morning?" I pressed send and received a response

almost right away.


"We had a meeting for hockey. Practice is still on so you're gonna have to stay after school with me." He replied. I groaned and told him okay.


The bus came to a stop and I picked my backpack up off of the floor. I swung the strap over my shoulder and slowly made my way out of the bus.


"I'll save you a seat at lunch." Brandi smiled and gave me a quick hug.


"Sounds good." I thanked her and hugged her back, making my way towards the

double doors leading into the school.


I walked down the crowded hallway and found my locker, twisting the lock to the correct digits needed to open it. The locker popped open, revealing my untouched textbooks and posters of my favorite artists.


I grabbed my math and english books and walked towards the doors of the

classroom. My seat was towards the back, but in the middle of the row. I placed my books down onto my desk and set my backpack down next to my feet, sliding into my chair and tugging the desk towards me.


My teacher, Mrs.Jackson, walked into the room. She was very strict, especially to me. She's always told me that I was the only one she expected to go anywhere in life. I've been in her class through my freshmen and sophomore years, and now I'm continuing to learn with her through my junior year, too.


"Okay, class, what did you forget over break?" She asked. Half of the class

laughed and others raised their hands. I sat motionless, remembering everything she taught me the week before.


"Miss Jones," Mrs.Jackson called on me, "why don't you tell the class what we



I stood up and told the class about the previous lesson. Some rolled their eyes, others paid attention, and a few fell asleep. Once I was done explaining everything, I took my seat and watched Mrs.Jackson smile, showing how pleased she was with me, her "star student."


The bell for lunch finally rang and everyone scurried out of the classroom. I

picked up my backpack and books and walked to my locker, entering the code once again and carelessly throwing my books onto the shelves. I grabbed my lunch money from the corner and stuffed it into my back pocket, along with my phone.


I walked into the lunch room and grabbed a lunch tray, getting in line behind a jock. He turned around a winked at me, looking me up and down and stopping once he reached my chest. I made a disgusted sound and and flicked him off, which only turned him on even more.


We stepped up in line and I placed a water bottle onto my tray. I really wasn't hungry, so I grabbed an apple and quickly paid, making my way over to Brandi and her friends.


"Hey Trinity! How was your break?!" Brandi's friend, Callie, asked.


I hated Callie. She was a total bitch to me. She never did anything rude in

front of Brandi, but when we were alone, the only thing coming out of her mouth was criticism.


"It was nice. How was yours?" I asked, sitting down next to Brandi. Callie

shrugged and turned to the other three girls sitting at the table.


"So what are you doing after school? Maybe we could hang!"  Brandi's excitement was a little too over the top.


I shook my head, "I have to go to hockey practice."


She rolled her eyes, "Seriously? Why don't you just walk home? Or, here's an

idea, get a car!"


I shook my head again, "My mother can't afford the gas for the one car we have, and after what happened last time I walked home alone, there's no way my mother will let that happen again."


She nodded, understanding every word I said. My mother were as strict as my math teacher, I have to stay with Alex.


I finished all of my afternoon classes and walked back to my locker after the

final bell. I always meet Alex there. I saw him walking down the hall, his

backpack draped over one shoulder, hockey gear draped over another.


 I smiled and gave him a hug, "Are you ready for hockey?"


"When am I not?" He smiled and put an arm over my shoulder. My brother and I

have always been close. Ever since I could walk, we rarely left each others



Once we entered the rink, I went up to the 23rd row of bleachers, like usual. 23 was Alex's hockey number. I took out my phone and checked my twitter, instagram, and tumblr.


The players skated onto the ice, I recognized all of them. Alex had introduced me to every single one of his team mates. There was one player at the end though. I've never seen him before. His mop of curls snuck out from underneath his hockey helmet. His number was 1, and his features were hard to get a glimpse at through all of his hockey gear.


 All of the players skated to the center of the ice and took their helmets off. He was last. He shook his head, sending his curls flying in all different directions. I didn't see his face until he looked up at the coach. He had amazing eyes, and his lips were full and plump. He must've been new, because I've never seen him before. He was a senior since he was on my brothers team.


"Ok, everyone, this is Harry." The coach introduced him to everyone. Harry held his hand up and waved. My brother messed up his curls as he put his helmet back on.


The players took their positions. My brother was captain, so he was starting

off. Harry looked ready. He was arched over, his stick placed properly in front of him. The ref blew the whistle, and the players began fighting for the puck.


Harry was on the opposite team of my brother, and he was playing hard. It amazed me how good he was. He moved with so much speed, he wad a blur at times. His stick was always in front of him, always ready to take whatever was coming at him. He was checking people left and right, always two steps ahead of every other player, other than my brother.


My brother already scored 2 goals in the first period, and Harry had scored one. The sweat coming off of them dripped down their faces. I've never seen Alex play this hard. Harry was a tough competitor.


In the middle of the third period, the score was tied, 3-3. Both teams played as hard as they could. The period came to an end, and overtime was the only option. They started in the center of the ice again, my brother against Harry. This should be interesting.


I watched as the coach dropped the puck. I was so used to Alex getting it, but Harry's stick made contact with the disk first. I moved up to the first row of bleachers and intently watched both teams fight for the winning goal. Harry stole the puck from Alex, skating around every human obstacle that was in his way. He swung the stick up and threw it back down, hitting the puck with such force it broke through the net.


His team cheered and skated over to him, patting his helmet and jumping on his gear.


"You surprised me, Styles. You've got skill." Alex said as he patted his back. No one's team has ever one against Alex's in practice. Ever.


I hardly noticed how excited I was. My hands were pressed up to the glass of the arena. Alex noticed and gave me a confused look. I've never been this interested in hockey before.


The coach dismissed the players and they all went into the locker rooms to

shower. I climbed up the steps to the 23rd row again and grabbed my things,

packing them into my backpack. Hockey practice was normally the time I'd get my homework done, but not one problem was solved in math, and not one word was written for english. I was grateful that I didn't have much, and could probably finish it in twenty minutes at home.


The players walked out of the locker room and into the bleachers, heading

towards the exit.


"Hey Trinity!" A few waved, others have me fist bumps and asked me how I liked the game.


My brother came out last, Harry at his side. I tried to listen to their

conversation, but all of the others voices were muffled with theirs.


They made their way over to me, stopping once they reached me.


"Hey Trinity, this is Harry. He's a new senior in my class." Alex introduced me to him. Harry looked up, and I could finally get a good look at him. His curls were still dripping with water from his shower. His eyes were the perfect shade of green, and his lips were bright pink. He gave me a small smile and shook my hand.


"Nice to meet you." He grinned.


I nodded, "You, too."


He slowly let go of my hand, letting his drop to his side. I turned around and placed my backpack onto my back, taking my phone out of my pocket. Harry seemed like a nice guy.


"Harry's gonna come over for a little bit. He wanted to learn some of my

techniques, but, to be honest with you, I want to learn some of yours." Alex

began talking to me, but turned to face Harry at the end. Harry nodded his head and followed Alex out the door.


The walk from school to my house was only about 10 minutes, but it felt so much longer. Normally Alex and I would talk about our day, but him and Harry wouldn't shut up about how good the other was at their favorite sport.


I rolled my eyes as we entered my house. My mom was in the kitchen, cooking

something for dinner. I gave her a hug and pecked her cheek with my lips.


"How was school? Did you get your homework done at hockey practice?" She asked.


I shook my head, "No. The game was actually really entertaining today."


She raised her head, revealing the shocked look on her face, "You actually paid attention to your brothers game?"


I nodded my head and shrugged, "Harry's a good player. He beat him."


My mother's jaw practically dropped to the floor, "The new kid beat your



I nodded again, "He's really good."


"He must be."


I walked out of the kitchen and brought my backpack up to my room. I set it on the floor and sat down at my desk, finishing my homework in less than ten

minutes. I'd normally go and help Alex's with his, but Harry's over. I actually didn't know what to do for once.


I walked down the hall to my brother's room, standing just outside of his closed door. I tried listening to what they were talking about. It was hockey at first, but then Harry brought up my name.


"So how old is Trinity?" Harry asked.


"She'll be 17 in two weeks." Alex replied.


They continued to talk about me. I was caught off guard when Harry swung the

bedroom door open and walked into me. I stumbled backwards and fell to the

ground, him falling on top of me.


"I-I'm sorry I just needed to tell Alex something sorry for getting in your way and-"


Harry cut me off, "Don't be sorry about it." He smiled as he climbed off of me and held out a hand to help me up. Alex appeared behind Harry and looked at me weird.


"What just happened?" Alex asked.


"Trinity fell. I was just helping her up." Harry explained. Alex looked at me, his facial expression asking if it was the truth.


"Yeah, that's exactly what happened. I just tripped over my own feet, that's

all." I said and gave him a reassuring look. He looked suspicious at first, but walked back into his bedroom.


I expected Harry to do the same, but he followed me down the hall to my room.


"Isn't Alex gonna be looking for you?" I asked.


"Nah, I told him I was using the bathroom." He replied.


I turned around and looked at him. He took a few steps closer to me as I backed away.


"So why did you pick number one?" I asked him, referring to the number on the

back of his hockey jersey.


"It's my birthday. February first." He stepped closer to me, his body inches

away from mine. He was about a foot taller than me, almost as tall as Alex. I

was only 5'2. His face was looking down at mine, a small smirk appearing on his lips.


"Oh. That'" I said and backed away again, only to hit the end of my

bed. Harry, once again, got even closer to me. His hands made their way up to my waist.


"You're very pretty." He announced as his hands slid down my back.


"Thanks." I began to feel uncomfortable and tried to get out of his grasp, but his grip only tightened.


He leaned forward and placed his lips against mine. I tried pulling away, but he held me in place. It was easy for him, considering that he was two times my size.


The kiss continued until we were both out of breath. I gasped for air, smelling the minty breath coming out of his mouth. I didn't know if I liked the kiss or not. Harry was a very, very attractive person, and he seemed sweet in the beginning, but what's he really like?


Harry smiled and walked out of my bedroom, leaving me breathless and confused. I sat on my bed and laid back onto my pillow, thinking about everything that happened today. My life totally flipped upside down once Harry joined the school.


I couldn't find any of the answers to the questions my mind was asking. It was exhausting me. I got up to close my bedroom door, took of my shoes, and fell asleep.

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