I'm in love,I'm not suppose to be but I am. I go to seatford royal dance school,one of the best there is but should I choose love or talent?


1. Move

I shuffled my suitecase along the hard ground to the new house i will be living in.My dad has got me into the best dance school there is,to bad my mum isn't here to see me.

She fell pregnant with me unexpectedly and had me then she went back to fight in the war.She was killed when I was about 3,she still lives in me,I can feel her when i dance.

The door clicked open and i stepped inside.My heels clipped onto the wooden floor,I stood there in silence gazing around at the house,It's amazing.

"Do you like it"my dad asked.

"Yes!" i said falling into his arms.

Then things got ugly,dads new girlfriend walked in,I don't see what he see's in he.

"Ahh yes yes lovely lovely blah,blah,blah." she said linking her arm into my ad pushing me away.

"Hannah" he said peering over to her,"could you exuse us for a minute."

Hannah walked out not looking back but i could see her big nose in the air.

"Amy,I need you to promise me in this school you concentrate on dance,not boys and things like that" he said pleading with me.

I sighed "Ok I promise."

I've never been to a proper school before I've always had a tutor,I wonder what it's like there,Im going to find out tomorrow .

"Amy"Hannah shouted in her croaky voice "Go up to your room".

I ran up the stairs and looked at the rooms they were all the same,how will I know which ones which? Slowly i turned the nob on the room I thought was mine,I coughed as the dust clogged my throat. Cautiously I stepped past all the cupboards and bags filled to the brim with rubbish.At the back i discovered some carefully decorated draws.I slid them open my hand shaking.To my surprise I found pictures of my mum and dad looking happy together.Dad doesn't like talking about mum,now I see why they were the perfect couple they loved each other.Finally I slid open the last draw and found a beautiful purple dress embroidered with the words Darling then on the label was tightly squeezed

To my princess Happy birthday love your love.

I close my eyes and imagine my mums wide smile as she unravelled this fabulous dress,I know I would love it.

 I came out of the room and shut the door firmly to find Hannah on the landing looking for me.

"Oh there you are dear"she said faking a smile.

"I forgot to show you were your room is"she said flashing the fake smile.

She opened a door near the stairs and ushered me in.I looked around,this is terrible.It's pink I hate pink.The bed is rock hard and the cupboards are stiff.

"Yoj better get some rest now"Hannah said pulling a duvet out of the cupboard.

I snuggled into it and tried to have a good nights sleep.


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