I love a Nerd!

Jaymee is the most popular girl in the school and Marcel is the nerd. They get partenerd up in Math which is Jaymee's worst subject. When Marcel turns up at her house he look s different then usual. Her bestfriend Alyssa dares her to ask him out. Does she end up falling in love?


4. The Project

Jaymee's POV

"Today class we are getting parteners for this weeks Math assignment" Mr.Lame said. "Can we pick our parteners?" I asked "Not this time Jaymee.. Sorry.. Your parteners are Alyssa and Mariena, Alasandra and Jakob, Mason and Spencer-Ann, and Jaymee and Marcel" he announced. " WHAT!! I can't be parteners with him he's a loser!" "Jaymee stop or you'll have detention" "My uncle won't do anything but fire you" Marcel walked over to me "Are we studying at my house or yours tonight?" "Obviously mine!" "Wat time?" "4:30 and don't be late we'll study until 11:00 and thats it cause your mommy might get worried" "Okay" "Now get away from me you loser!!"


5 Hours later at my house

I have a half an hour until Marcel is here, I look like a freak I have to were my classes and I have my short shorts on with a crop top and my slippers. I look like this

Yay he's here.....NOT!

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