I love a Nerd!

Jaymee is the most popular girl in the school and Marcel is the nerd. They get partenerd up in Math which is Jaymee's worst subject. When Marcel turns up at her house he look s different then usual. Her bestfriend Alyssa dares her to ask him out. Does she end up falling in love?


5. Late Night Cuddle

I went to get the door and saw this:

"Marcel?" "Yeah who else would it be?" "You look different" " No shit hotty" "Okay? Why aren't you like this at school?" "My mom" "O you should stay here to night and go to school with me tomorrow like this" "I don't know about this" "Why you look great" "You do too why don't you wear you glasses to school" "I'm afraid" "Of what?" "Getting teased" "You won't I promise" he said hugging me. I texted Alyssa of me and Marcel

A=Holy shit you should date him!!

J=Thinkin about it.


J=FINE.... love ya girl BTW it's not because you dared me;)

A=Love ya too;)

"Hey Marcel?" "Yea babe" "You wanna stay here and we can talk and stuff." "Yea I'll stay for you" "Wanna watch a movie?" "Yea" he said pulling out the scariest movie I have. We started the movie and I ended up cuddling up to him. "You look tired Jame" My eyes teared up cause thats what my dad called me. "Jaymee are you okay did I hurt you" "No it's just that my dad always used to call me that" "Oh I'm sorry" "It's ok lets go to bed" "I wanna dance" "OK?" We go up to my room and we turn on slow music.We dance close together. I look up at hiim he looks at me then we lean in first our noses touch then our lips sparks fly everywhere and I don't know why. "Sorry Marcel I'm so sorry" " Don't be Jaymee I liked it" "Me too" I said blushing. "Let's go to bed Jaymee" "ok" we cuddled and fell asleep.

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