Summer Love

Sage Todd gets shipped off to her grandmothers house for the summer when Sage's dad, Max, gets arrested and put in jail. Sage is just ready for a relaxing summer, dad-free. But it's anything but relaxing when she's put to work at her Grandmother's ice cream shop with the most annoying human on the planet, Collin Carson. He's everything that she's not, care-free and happy.

But soon she's admitting her feelings, and letting her walls fall down. Everything feels perfect. But what happens when her dad breaks out of prison and begs her to run away with him? Family sticks together, right? Or will she stay with Collin, who's always been there for her? Is it just a summer fling? Or is it true love?


2. Chapter Two:

"Sage!" Someone called out from the hallway. I lifted my sleep fogged head and made a little groaning sound.

"What?" I shouted, not caring if I sounded snappy.

"Time to wake up!" My grandma sung out. She was just like my dad. It hurt to think about it. 

I rolled over and sighed. I shut my eyes for a few more seconds before I got out of my bed and walked into the bathroom, where I washed my face, brushed my teeth , then brushed my snarly black hair. 

I threw it into a messy bun and I put on a blue v-neck shirt with a white tank top and my only pair of jean shorts. 

I walked downstairs to the kitchen and I was overwhelmed by the smell of bacon. The kitchen was perfect like the rest of the house, with stainless steel appliances and granite countertops.

"I made you breakfast!" Sally said happily. I grinned at the sight of pancakes and bacon on the table. 

I happily went over and began piling stuff on my plate. Sally cleared her throat. 

"I got you a job!" She suddenly said. My eyebrows rose. 

"Where?" I asked, choking a whole piece of bacon down. 

"My ice cream shoppe!" She said proudly. My eyes widened. She's going to have me work at an ice cream shoppe? All the ice cream will be gone by the end of the week. 


"That's awesome!" I said enthusiastically. She perked up at my answer. 

"Collin can show you everything today!" She said, picking up her empty plate and taking it to the sink.

I munched loudly on my pancakes and nodded. What was with this guy? I would definitely have to ask about him later. 

Sadly, the food disappeared and Collin showed up, demanding that we leave right then. He said something about, 'We open in ten minutes.' 

All I know, is I was being dragged outside and the rising sun was burning my eyes. 

"My eyes! My eyes!" I yelled, trying to free my encased hand to cover my eyes. 

"Oh, so you're a vampire?" Collin asked laughing. I muttered incoherently about the sun being too bright for this time in the morning until we reached his car and I was shoved into his truck.

I sat there with my head in my hands until we reached our destination. I took a peek between my fingers when the truck stopped and I was greeted by the cutest building I think I've ever seen. 

But I probably shouldn't have expected less, seeing my grandma's house. The siding was a pale pink color with a white trim around the top. The wood around the ordering windows was white and the counters underneath the windows were also white. 

There was also a pink and white polka dot board that was in the middle of the two windows, that was the ordering menu. 

To me it looked like a giant Easter Egg. 

I love Easter.

I got out of the truck and followed Collin around to the back of the shoppe. He held the door open for me and I stepped into the building. 

The loud whirl of the machines startled me, and I cringed. Collin noticed and said, "Don't worry, you'll get used to it."

I nodded and walked a few more steps inside. On the right it was candy galore, with shelving units that were about level with my chin. Underneath was the freezer with all the scooper ice cream. 

On the right there were were several machines, and a few feet behind the window there was a metal table stocked with whipped cream, waffle bowls, cones, fudge, and cups. 

"Nyla and Kira will be here in a few minutes to open up an-" I cut off Collin.

"Why do you open up so early?" I asked. 

Collin rolled his eyes. "It's eleven, Sage." 

"It's still morning!" I exclaimed. He sighed, shaking his head. 

"You are too much." He muttered, walking over to the metal table and grabbing a cup. He motioned for me to follow him to the mysterious machines.

"These are the soft serve machines. You just tap what kind you want, then pull the lever." Collin demonstrated by tapping 01 on the combination pad. There was a paper guide next to it for all of the flavors possible. 

Collin pulled down the lever and vanilla ice cream came out of the machine and filled up the cup. Once it was full he let go of the lever and took the cup over to the wall of candy. 

"What's your favorite candy?" Collin asked. 

"M&M's." I replied, eyeing them in the upper corner. He grabbed the jar and sprinkled a few on top of the ice cream. Collin grabbed a spoon from the table. He handed the ice cream to me and I smiled. 

"Thanks!" I said, eagerly digging in. 

"No! She will be with Damon." I heard a muffled voice from behind the door.

"Stephan is way better!" I heard before two girls appeared in the doorway. One of the girls was noticeably smaller than the other and she had really tan skin and brown hair, the other one was pale and tall with bright red hair. 

"Hey girls. This is Sage, she will be working with me Saturdays, Mondays, and Wednesdays." Collin said. 

"Hey Sage! I'm Nyla!" The shorter one said perkily. 

"And I'm Kira." The other one said, eyeing me down. 

"Hey." I said smiling. 

"Well we're just going to hang around here so Sage can see what it'll be like." Collin said while I took another bite out of my ice cream. 

And we did exactly that, despite Kira's constant complaining that I was in her way. Nyla was nice though, she told me that Kira had people issues ever since her ex best friend stabbed her in the back. 

"Well it's closing time, Sage. I'll take you home." Collin announced.

"Bye!" Nyla said smiling. I waved to her and looked at Kira, beginning to raise my hand when she snarled,

"Just because you're Mrs.Todd's granddaughter, I will not give you special treatment." 

I rose my eyebrows and was about to reply when Collin pulled me out. He lead me to the truck and we both got in. 

"Don't take it personal, she doesn't like anybody. The only reason she finally learned to like Nyla is because she's stuck with her three days a week." Collin said glancing over at me with sympathetic eyes. 

I frowned and looked out the window. "It'll be fine." 

It was quiet for the rest of the ride. 

"Well here we are." Collin said, unenthusiastically. I looked at him confused. 

"I'm just annoyed that Kira wasn't nice to you." He admitted, weaving his fingers through his dark auburn hair.

I shrugged. "What's done is done."

"She just doesn't like nerds." Collin said said winking at me. I stuck out my tongue at him while getting out of the car. 

"I'll see you tomorrow!" I called out as he drove away. I walked into the house where Sally was waiting for me at the door.

"So did you like it?" She asked as soon as I shut the door. I smiled.

"Yeah, it was really cool. Collin seems nice." I replied. Sally nodded then I yawned. 

"I'm pretty tired, I think I'll go to bed." I said. 

"Night honey." She said as I walked up the stairs. I walked into my room, taking off my v-neck as I entered in there. I was about to go into the bathroom when I heard a strange ringing from my bag. 

I walked over to it and looked inside the pocket where the sound came from. I put my hand in the pocket and pulled out a black flip phone. 

I flipped it open and pressed it up to my ear. 


"Hello Sage." An unfamiliar voice filled the line. 

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