Summer Love

Sage Todd gets shipped off to her grandmothers house for the summer when Sage's dad, Max, gets arrested and put in jail. Sage is just ready for a relaxing summer, dad-free. But it's anything but relaxing when she's put to work at her Grandmother's ice cream shop with the most annoying human on the planet, Collin Carson. He's everything that she's not, care-free and happy.

But soon she's admitting her feelings, and letting her walls fall down. Everything feels perfect. But what happens when her dad breaks out of prison and begs her to run away with him? Family sticks together, right? Or will she stay with Collin, who's always been there for her? Is it just a summer fling? Or is it true love?


7. Chapter Seven:

Marco never approached me again, but from time to time I could feel his eyes burning into the back of my head. 

"Are you having fun?" Collin whispered into my ear. I smiled and nodded. 

"Everyone's been nice." I lied. 

"Good. I want you to like my friends Sage." He said, leaning back in his chair, away from the fire. 

"Collin, why do you hang around my grandma so much?" The question came out suddenly, I almost said nevermind when he cringed and the smiled wiped off of his face. 

"She's the only one willing to help me." He said stiffly, before standing up and going over to Zander. 

I felt a pang go through my heart. It was obviously a sore subject, and I scared him off. 

Good going Sage. I thought to myself as Elise made her way over to me with a devious smile on her face. 

"Sage!" She sang out loudly. 

"Yes?" I replied, standing up from my chair. 

"Come with me." She said, dragging me away from the fire and into her garage. 

"I have a little surprise for the boys." She began evilly. I smiled. 

"Oh? And what might that be?" I asked, playing along. She grinned and pulled out a plastic bag that had something quite heavy inside of it. 

"Two words Sage; water balloons." I reached into the bag and pulled out two water balloons, that were the size of my hand. 

"Game on." I said, grabbing two more out and sneakily peering out at an oblivious Zander and Collin. Elise giggled excitedly and she motioned for me to follow her around the front of her house, so they wouldn't see us coming. 

"Let's get them." Elise said as we came in view of them. 

"Ready?" I asked, freeing up on of my hands to aim the bulging red ballon at Collin's back. 

"Aim!" She whispered. 

"Fire!" We both yelled, as we launched the water balloons at the targets. 

The boys both turned when we yelled, so instead of hitting their backs, the balloons totally soaked the front of them. 

Elise both turned to each other gaping, shocked at the perfectness of it. 

Elise squealed loudly and threw another water balloon as Zander sprinted towards us. 

It hit him squarely in the chest and Zander let out a war cry. He scooped a screaming Elise into his arms and threw her over his shoulder. He ran into the house and Elise was laughing the whole way. 

When I was focused at Elise I didn't notice Collin sneak up behind me. 

He wrapped his arms around my waist and I gasped. "You're all wet!" I exclaimed, trying to escape from his grasp. I felt the water deep through my sweatshirt and I slapped his arm. 

"Meanie! Now I'm going to be cold!" I pouted. 

"Don't worry, you'll never be cold with me." He said squeezing me tighter. 

My cheeks just about burned off. 

A/N sorry for shortness! I wanted to get something up as soon as possible. 



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