Summer Love

Sage Todd gets shipped off to her grandmothers house for the summer when Sage's dad, Max, gets arrested and put in jail. Sage is just ready for a relaxing summer, dad-free. But it's anything but relaxing when she's put to work at her Grandmother's ice cream shop with the most annoying human on the planet, Collin Carson. He's everything that she's not, care-free and happy.

But soon she's admitting her feelings, and letting her walls fall down. Everything feels perfect. But what happens when her dad breaks out of prison and begs her to run away with him? Family sticks together, right? Or will she stay with Collin, who's always been there for her? Is it just a summer fling? Or is it true love?


1. Chapter One:

It was done, I couldn't believe it. After 9 ½ grueling months of homework, gross school lunches, and evil teachers, it was finally summer. I had made it through my junior year. Everything was perfect.

I should have known that it was too good to be true.

When I reached home after a night out with my friends there were cop cars surrounding my house and two huge guys dragging my dad out of the front door. I ran up to the first cop I came upon.

"What's happening?" I asked. The last time my dad got arrested was for drug dealing. Was he really stupid enough to do that again?

"This man has been caught stealing from the local bank. Are you his daughter?" The police officer asked kindly. I nodded.

"I'm sorry kid but your dad is going be in jail for a while. Do you have any other relatives around?" As soon as he said that I froze.

"My grandma, in Wisconsin." I replied stiffly. Would she even take me in? I haven't seen her since my grandpa's funeral, when I was eight.

"I suggest that you make contact with her soon, before child protective services come." He replied before walking away.

And that's how I ended up at an airport, searching for my grandma, Sally. I had just gotten off of my flight and was now regretting my choice in clothing. You see, I lived in Alaska, where it got to the mid-sixties in the summer and you wore light sweatshirts with capris.

I was about to have heat stroke.

I looked like a bloody mess, huffing and puffing while lugging my large purple suitcase behind me.

"Sage!" Someone yelled to my right, interrupting my inner pity party. I turned to find my grandma and a very attractive boy standing next to her.

I turned around, faking a smile. She ran up to me and placed kisses on my cheeks.

"Grandma." I said happily hugging her. She smelled like strawberries, which made me instantly warm to her.

I love me some strawberries.

She pulled away before turning to the boy.

"This is Collin, Collin Carson." She announced. He held out his hand for mine to take.

"Hey." He said simply. I took his hand and shook it lightly, praying that it wasn't sweaty.

"Nice to meet you." I said softly. He had dark auburn hair and light blue eyes. If all of the guys here were this attractive I would be set.

"Well let's get going!" Sally said cheerfully.

We drove for about forty five minutes before coming to a stop in front of a cute farm house. It was picture perfect, like out of a magazine. It had a cherry red roof, with tan siding. There was a balcony on the second floor. The lawn was perfectly green and the garden was beautiful.

"Wow." I sighed.

"Do you like it sweetie?" Grandma asked me, peering back at me from the front seat. I nodded, speechless.

Collin pulled the truck into the garage and I got out, pulling my suitcase with me.

"I'll show you to your room, and then Collin can help you unpack." Sally said.

"Fine." I replied. Was he really going to help me unpack? I bet my grandma is paying him or something.

The inside of the house looked exactly like the outside, perfect. We walked into the living room, where there was a wooden rocking chair; flat screen TV, and a tan couch. Next to the TV was some stairs, which we went up next.

The stairs came up into a hallway, which was painted a baby blue color. There were five doors. Two on the right, two on the left, and one in the center.

Sally pointed to the two doors on the left.

"My bedroom and bathroom." She said. Then she pointed to the right. "My office and an extra room."

Then we walked to the center door. "This is your room." She said, opening it. Collin walked in first and I followed. There was a queen bed pressed up on the right wall, and the headboard was made of white wood.

There was a purple ruffle comforter on the bed, and white pillows to accent it. The walls were painted just a simple white, and there were light wood floors. There was a big window on the right wall, looking out into the side of the house. There was also a white dresser pressed into the corner.

It was safe to say that my room was awesome.

"I hope you like it!" Sally said smiling.

"It's really pretty." I said politely. She nodded in thanks before walking out, leaving me with Collin, who had been staring at me intently while I admired the room.

"She was afraid that you wouldn't like it." Collin murmured.

"I love it." I said, setting my bag on the bed.

"Your bathroom and closet are over there." Collin said, pointing to the area next to my bed which had two identical wooden doors.

"Thanks." I said softly, unzipping my bag to reveal my crappy clothing selection and my movies. I brought mostly everything I owned, which wasn't much.

But then again, I figured my dad would only be in jail for two months tops, before he persuaded the people to let him out. 

Collin walked over to me and picked up one of my movies while I stuffed my undergarments in a drawer.

"Seriously? You like The Princess Bride too?" Collin asked, sounding like he didn't believe it.

"I can track a falcon on a cloudy day." I replied. He laughed.

"You are awesome!" Collin exclaimed before dumping out the rest of my stuff and putting the suitcase under my bed.

He cracked some jokes before sighing.

"I've got to go." He said suddenly.

"As you wish." I replied smirking. He chuckled.

"Bye, nerd." He said, before striding out of my room.

"Bye, jerk." I replied. I heard him laughing as he went down the stairs.

A/N: New story! Seriously, that's my favorite movie. No joke. I do have some more chapters typed, but I plan on editing them before I post one. The second one is about ready, and I'll probably upload it tonight. 

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