Summer Love

Sage Todd gets shipped off to her grandmothers house for the summer when Sage's dad, Max, gets arrested and put in jail. Sage is just ready for a relaxing summer, dad-free. But it's anything but relaxing when she's put to work at her Grandmother's ice cream shop with the most annoying human on the planet, Collin Carson. He's everything that she's not, care-free and happy.

But soon she's admitting her feelings, and letting her walls fall down. Everything feels perfect. But what happens when her dad breaks out of prison and begs her to run away with him? Family sticks together, right? Or will she stay with Collin, who's always been there for her? Is it just a summer fling? Or is it true love?


9. Chapter Nine:

As Sally made dinner, it started to storm. The hard rain neared down against the house, and Collin and I watched in in awe.

"Well there goes all of our hard work." He said glumly.

I nodded sadly. "I hope it doesn't storm too bad." I said, just as a roll of thrunder shook the house.

"Dinner's ready!" Sally called out from the kitchen. Collin and I looked at eachother before racing to the kitchen, pushing eachother out of the way as we went.

"What did you make?" I asked eagerly, trying to peek past her and take a look at the pan that was on the stove.

"Just some spaghetti." She said nonchalantly turning around with a giant plate of pasta, handing it to me. I looked at the plate hungrily, going to sit down at the table.

When I got there my mouth watered. Sitting on the table were perfectly brown rolls and meatballs.

"This is the best dinner ever!" I declared, grabbing a soft roll and taking a huge bite out of it. I sat down at the side of the table that face the rest of the kitchen. Collin sat across from me and Sally sat at the head of the table.

Sally laughed as I took another big bite of my roll. "I'm guessing that my son does not have my mad cooking skills." She winked at me.

"Not even close." I said, reminicing at all of the fast food places that we would go to constantly when I was a little girl.

"It's really good." Collin said, shoveling a bite of spaghetti into his mouth.

"Thank you, it's nice to know that the old lady has still got it." She grinned. For the next few minutes all you could hear was the sound of our forks lightly scraping againist the plate and the occasional crack of thunder.

"So, Collin, I heard from your mother that you have a little crush on someone in town." Sally began abruptly. Collin shifted uncomfortably in his seat. I raised my eyebrows. He had almost kissed me but he has a crush on someone else?

"Is that what she told you?" He eventually said.

"Yes. Tell us about her." Sally said, leaning over her plate and smiling. Collin cleared his throat.

"Well... She's really nice." He said slowly, as if trying to remember. I noticed that he carefully avoided eye contact with me as Sally sighed.

"Are you going to ask her out? Do you talk to her often?" Sally fired off.

"I don't know." He muttered.

"Ahh." She mused, sitting back in her seat with an amused expression. "And Sage, have you taken a liking to any boys here?" She asked innocently, taking a small bite of her meatball.

And that's when her angle with this whole conversation hit me. "No one special." I replied. I saw Collin visibly slump in his chair and I almost started laughing.

"No one special? He must be special for you to like him." She winked at me.

"He's special."

"Who is it? Maybe Collin would know him?" Sally asked. I almost choked on the meatball that was going down my throat.

And suddenly the power went out. I nearly sighed with relief. Collin quickly stood up and looked outside.

"The power line is out." He announced. Sally stood up and looked out the window.

"Oh dear!" She tutted. "Collin you can't drive home in this!" She exclaimed, wildly guestering outside.

"I'm sure it wouldn't be a-" Sally cut him off.

"Go text your mother and tell her that you'll be staying here." Collin sighed resignedly.

"Alright." He gave in, pulling out his phone. Sally walked around the table and grabbed the dirty plates, placing them in the sink. Then she turned to me with a smile.

"I'd like you to sleep down here with Collin," she said sweetly. "Make sure he's comfortable." She winked and then walked up the stairs, calling down a quiet, "Have fun!"

Collin put his phone back into his pocket. "I'm good to go." He said.

"Cool. Sally said that we're sleeping down here." I replied, gesturing to the dark living room. Collin walked over to the kitchen counter and opened a cabinet. He pulled out two flashlights, clicking on one to shine in my eyes.

"Stop!" I squealed, trying to shade my eyes from the bright light. He chuckled at me and tossed me one. By some unseen force, I caught the flashlight.

"Let's go make a fort!" He said suddenly, racing off into the living room. I laughed and walked in after him. He was in front of a big footstool, the top off of it, and throwing out random blankets. I grabbed the first on and draped it over the couch.

When the footstool was empty, Collin dragged it a few feet from the couch and put a blanket on the couch to the footstool.

Not much later the whole living room was covered with various blankets. Collin and I were in the center of it all, making shadow figures on the ceiling.

"Look it's a bunny!" I laughed. Collin scoffed.

"Newbie." He said, brushing my hands off of the flashlight and putting his hands together in a complex knot.

I looked up at the ceiling and gasped. It was an exact replica of a bird, beak and all.

"How'd you do that?" I exclaimed.

"He grasped my hands gently and moved them together at a certain angle. I looked at the ceiling and laughed.

A very sloppy looking bird filled the ceiling. I giggled and moved my fingers around, which made the wings flutter.

Collin watched me intently while I laughed and flew my 'bird' around the room.

I sighed contently as Collin moved my hands over again and made a different shape.

I couldn't stop laughing all night.

My brain told me that it was stupid to so this, to be dragged into the perfect and fun world of Collin Carson.

But my heart told me to have fun, and worry about my dad when the time came.

Which I feared wouldn't be much longer.


Soooo sorry for not updating in forever!! I've been super busy, and almost no time to do anything.

I hope you liked this chapter!

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