Summer Love

Sage Todd gets shipped off to her grandmothers house for the summer when Sage's dad, Max, gets arrested and put in jail. Sage is just ready for a relaxing summer, dad-free. But it's anything but relaxing when she's put to work at her Grandmother's ice cream shop with the most annoying human on the planet, Collin Carson. He's everything that she's not, care-free and happy.

But soon she's admitting her feelings, and letting her walls fall down. Everything feels perfect. But what happens when her dad breaks out of prison and begs her to run away with him? Family sticks together, right? Or will she stay with Collin, who's always been there for her? Is it just a summer fling? Or is it true love?


4. Chapter Four:

We pulled into the parking lot of the ice cream shoppe and I hopped out of his truck. I heard peoples voices and was suprised to see some people already walking up to the window. 

"Well, we better go, it looks like it will be a busy day." Collin said, taking long strides to the back door. I slowly followed behind him, still feeling the effects of morning haziness. 

When I made it to the door I saw Collin running around the small room, getting the customers orders and turning on all of the fans. I rested my shoulder against the doorframe, this looks like the beginning of a long day. 


"You have a great day." I said smiling at the little boy in front of the window, eagerly reaching for his m&m ice cream. 

"And that's it!" Collin said throwing his hands up in victory. I giggled as he turned off all of the fans. 

"Now what?" I asked. He gave me a knowing grin. 

"Now, we clean." He said gesturing to the huge mess we made today. There were just about a thousand chocolate chips on the table and a bunch of messed up cones in the trash can. 

"I can take care of the trash if you clean up the table." He offered, stepping towards the trash can. I nodded and he took off with the trash bag in his hand. 

I picked up a few of the chocolate chips, plopping them in my mouth before a lightbulb came on in my head. I eagerly grabbed all of the chocolate chips from the table and quickly hid beside on of the soft serve machines, pressed up against the wall. 

"Sage are you ready to.... Sage?" I could hear the confusion in Collin's tone. I peeked out and saw that his back was turned. I then hopped out like a ninja and smashed the chocolate chips on his head. 

"Sucker!" I yelled, running out. I turned around to see him feeling his head then turning and running after me. 

"I'll get you for this!" He called out. I sped up as I heard his footsteps approaching. 

"Never!" I yelled, running towards the woods. Just as I reached the first tree Collin did a war cry and tackled me onto the ground. My nose crushed into the ground and I yelped. 

"Crap! Are you ok?" Collin asked pulling me up. I touched my hand to my nose and I flinched. When I pulled my hand away I saw blood.

I began to get queasy. I absolutely hate the sight of blood. My face drained of color and I felt my eyes widen. 

"I'm really sorry, Sage." He said, dragging his hand through his chocolate chip filled hair. 

"It's ok." I said, fighting to keep my breathing steady. 

"Come on, lets get you home." He said softly. I stood up and that's when my nose started to gush. Collin swore and pulled off his shirt, pressing it gently against my nose. 

"Hold it there." He said. Then he took my free hand and dragged me to his truck rather quickly. I did my best not to ogle his chest, but hey, who wouldn't? 

"Umm.." I began awkwardly as Collin drove out of the parking lot.

"What?" He asked glancing over at me.

"I'm sorry for smashing chocolate chips on your head." I said quietly, tracing the window sill with my finger. He laughed. 

"I'm sorry for breaking your nose." He said with a grin. I adjusted the t-shirt on my nose and winced when I felt how wet it was.

"Don't worry, we'll be there soon." Collin said when he saw my expression.

"I just really hate blood, that's all." I said, focusing on the dull pain that resided in my nose for the rest of the ride.

As soon as we got out of the car, Sally stepped onto the porch.

"I thought you were taking her to the bonfire!" She called out. I raised my eyebrows in confusion. Collin walked around the car so he was in view.

"Collin broke my nose!" I yelled, pointing at him and fake pouting. I switched hands to hold the shirt up so I could playfully slap him on the arm.

"He what?" Sally cried out laughing. 

"She started it!" Collin yelled back grinning. 

We walked up to the porch where Sally had a wet rag waiting for me. 

"You," Sally said tossing the rag at Collin. "Clean her up." Then after she threw a not so subtle wink my way, she walked back into the house. 

Collin stepped towards me and I removed his t-shirt from my nose. Let's all remember that he's shirtless here. 

He gently dabbed at my nose, with super intense expression. I, awkward as ever, tried to look anywhere except for his face. 

When I saw the chocolate chips still mushed into his dark auburn hair I almost laughed. Collin must of noticed the expression on my face because he stopped dabbing. 

"What?" He whispered. And that was the point were I noticed how close our faces were and how he was getting closer with each passing second. 

"N-nothing." I muttered, my eyes fluttering shut. I felt his breath on my lips and I clenched his shirt in my hands.

A/N Well school starts tomorrow, so here you go! I try to update as soon as I can, but that may not be until next weekend or later. 

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