Throw my blades away for you

Alexia(alex) is stunned by the turn of events that happen. Her dad has as a stroke, and a few months later her mom kills herself. She lives with her 20 year old sister Talia who is nver there when she needs her. Alex cuts her wrist, and suicide does disturb the thoughts in her head.Then when she meets a romantic caring boy who gives her a reason to live.


2. My nightmares

I wake up out of breath, sweating with burning lungs. I lie back down on my back my heart beating 100 km per hour. I always have the same haunting nightmare taunting  me every night. I blink several times trying to get the terrifyimg image of my struggling mom collapsing to the ground. I toss and turn for an hour. I'm tired but to horrified to fall back  asleep, too afraid that my nightmare creeping up on me during the night. I have nothing else to do, so as always,  I rome the hallway like a ghost .I shudder as I step out of my room. "Freezing" I whisper. As I walk pass Talia's room, I notice the light is opened. Is she still crying? I want her to know I'm awake too. I pause at her door thinking a moment of what I should say. I settle on saying, I was on my way to the bathroom and I  noticed your light was  opened. Not to much details are she'll suspect I'm lieing. I've become an expert at lieing. I knock  lightly on the brown painted door. We don't have to ask who is it because, we're the only two people in the house. Talia opens the door. Her eyes are red and swollan.Her face is completly pink which makes  her dark brown eyes pop. I might hate her, but she is beautiful. Alot more beautiful than me. "Hey" Talia croaks and acts like everything is "normal" and she hasn't been crying for 8 hours. "I'm sorry" she croaks. I look at her and I probably look confused because she says," I'm sorry, I 'm sorry I haven't been there for you lately " I almost forgive her but I don't because all she does is think  for herself. So I say, " Look Talia, Sorry won't be enough. You act like your the only one that misses them." Surprisingly, tears start blurring my vision. I never cried in front of my sister before. But is she really a  sister? "You think everything is good for me. Well guess what? It isn't. It sucks for me too you know. If you don'y remember but while you were out at a party, I had to watch mom kill herself." Now my tears really start coming down. She slaps me across the face. I take a step back. I look at her and  tears just start pouring down. Talia slams the door in my  face and I hear her run to her bed. Now I really hate her. I want to leave. I just want to leave and die and go somewhere that isn't here. Why am i still here anyways? I run to my room and lay  back down in my bed until my alarm clock rings.

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