Throw my blades away for you

Alexia(alex) is stunned by the turn of events that happen. Her dad has as a stroke, and a few months later her mom kills herself. She lives with her 20 year old sister Talia who is nver there when she needs her. Alex cuts her wrist, and suicide does disturb the thoughts in her head.Then when she meets a romantic caring boy who gives her a reason to live.


3. An irregular day at work

I work at Starbucks. I start at 8:00, but I tell Talia I start at 7:00. I need one hour out of the house, lieing is the only way to get it. I get up and make my way towards my closet. It's a mess, and I never feel like cleaning up. I put on black leggings  with a plain blue tshirt. I love the confort of t shirts. I glance at the full lenght mirriror, and what's staring back at me isn't very pleasent. My raven black hair is sticking up at all angles. I look hideous, with my pale round face. I  will never love myself. I will never love my crooked teeth, or my unwanted body. Nowone will ever love me. I tiptoe downstairs even though I know Talia isn't sleeping, I don't want to make a big exit. I take an apple and head out the door. As I go out , the heat hits me right in the face. I'm wearing black leggings which isn't very smart but it's better  then exsposing my legs. I open the door to my car, (which isn't very spectacular) I can barely breath. "Hoo" I say to myself. I drive to the mall and park. 7:20. My phone vibrates just as I retreat my keys. Twitter. Not at text. Who would want to text me right? Apparently One direction is here in Montreal. I knew they were coming but I wasn't sure when. I wish I was going. Talia would never let me go. Too much money would be wasted. "I'm responsible for whatever happens to you" I mock. Yeah totally, lots of things has happended already. I get up and enter the mall. I wish i could buy  something. I enter a store called sirens. Wow. I look around and stop at a t shirt tha says: I'm not weird I"m limited edition. I laugh. Would Talia really notice if I bought something? No i could do what I want. I'm an adulte. So, I take a medium and go try it on. All the girls here are skinny and curvy. I don't feel like I belong in this store. I try it on anyway. I look into the mirriro. It fits perfectly. I decide to buy it. I buy it and  leave. I feel a bit guiltty but I reassure myself by saying I deserve it. I still have 15 minutes before 8:00. Usually the malls opens at 9:00  but this mall was special according to my boss Mauris. I just end up going to to Starbucks, it's on the other side of the mall anyways. I get there at 7:55. I notice there's a big crowd of people. Whatever. The crowd leaves around 8:00, some security guards had to tear them away from someone. As usual the people start coming quicker aroung 8:30. A boy with curly brown locks wearing sun glasses comes to order. Can  it be?No. Well maybe. "Hi, what would you like?" I ask. He smirks at me which makes me shiver. "A latte please." He asks with a deep british accent. Oh my gosh. It can't be for  sure. People started taking pictures. This can't be him. I make the latte quickly and  when I return even more people are taking pictures. " So.. I hear the band One direction is here tonight? You going to see them?" His voice is making my heart beat harder. This can't be him.But it's not for sure. I almost forget to answer his question, " Uh no. I wish I could," I say. I change the subject by saying, "Your name?" I grab the sharpie ready to write. "Harry" I write Harry trying not to faint. My hands shaking. It's him. Harry Styles. Standing right in front of me. Can this be? "3 dollars" I say trying to keep my voice as steady as possible. He hands me a 5 dollar bill. Under it is one  ticket to the Bell Center to see One direction.

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